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  1. Hello, Warframe community! I come to you all today to share a concept for a story in my series that I've been thinking about ever since completing Call of the Tempestarii. It's a space pirate arc called Dead Pirates Tell No Tales, based off of Call of the Tempestarii. It's an alternative version of the quest where my main characters, Stickman, Jewel, Skye, Skystar, and Yinu all work together to help out the Tempestarii complete it's final rescue mission through the void. But Vala gets in the way and has different ideas for our heroes, and wants revenge against the Tempestarii for killing her s
  2. Perfect, I'd love to hear Sleeping in the Cold Below without turning up my music slider.
  3. To those who haven't played COTT, the latest quest, I HIGHLY suggest playing it. To those that have, I have a suggestion for utilizing the Tempestarii. Y'know, something has gotten me thinking since completing Call of the Tempestarii. Why not be able to construct a beacon to call upon the Tempestarii in Railjack missions, and even be able to pilot it and use it's abilities? Granted it'll need a bit of a cooldown (5 minutes is plenty for a cd), or have it as a Battle Avionic? The Tempestarii is a Rescue Railjack, correct? Wouldn't it make sense to call upon it's powers to help you in battle?
  4. It's amazing they care about Conclave at all lol
  5. First of all, I found this by complete accident. Basically, I brought my necramech, yes, my OWN necramech, into my clan dojo by accident by piloting it when it (the railjack) was docked and fast travelled to the dry dock within the dojo in my Necramech. I can even use my abilities and shoot and everything. But then it got me thinking: Why not we have Dojo missions? Ones where we can really test our Necramechs's limits? Basically, we'd start out at the Dry Dock, where our RJ is, deploy our necramechs (or whatever form of combat you want like your own Warframe or whatever) and defend our own doj
  6. First thing's first, thank you for finally dropping the command intrinsic. Loving it. Doing wonders for the ol' Stickman HQ. Second, can we have a way where we can slap sigils onto our crew members (that includes liches)? I'd love to personalize them a tiny bit more with the Lift Together Sigil. Overall, y'all did great in delivering this intrinsic. Nicely done!
  7. Not really. I'm just predicting what will happen if they do the rest of The New War.
  8. Speaking of the unique entrance animation to each of the Tau System animations, here's how I'm thinking the animation will go: You arrive to the node, from the inside of your railjack, you head to your archwing slingshot, and shoot out of it to the node. Cy then equips you with your archwing and then you fly to the node. After arriving, you disengage and land at the entrance to the mission. Depending on the mission type, Cy will quote on what mission you are in, along with your Operator having new quotes based on the sentients, and also referencing Natah and Lotus in some of them.
  9. Don't count on that, at least in terms of grind. The grind will kinda be easier than both Scarlet Spear and Orphix Venom combined, allowing us to get most of the stuff within either 2 or 4 days. But it's DE's call, not mine. We'll see what happens if DE decides to go with my idea.
  10. (Spoilers for those that haven't done The New War quests up to the 3rd cinematic, go do them, they're pretty good!) Alright, so, we know that Ballas was in the process of being turned into a sentient at the end of the Chimera Prologue. We know that Erra is the brother of Natah, once a figure we looked up to now a enemy. However, something strikes me as odd. What are the rest of the quests that we'll be looking forward to? I know we'll have to fight and defeat Erra, and try to convert Natah back into Lotus. Keyword TRY. (I for one want our space mom back.) Now, Here's what I'm predicting for
  11. I'd like to bring good news, one of the command intrinsic unlocks that I saw in the video is that you CAN give commands to your crew. You just gotta invest in the command intrinsic.
  12. Not really. They're coming with the Command Intrinsic. I heard that in the Dev Workshop vid.
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