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  1. So, something popped up in my mind today while attending TennoLive. What if, after we complete The New War, we get Kahl and Veso as crew members? And their unique ability is that we can actually play as them within the Railjack, or at the very least, through special On Call beacons. You can modify them to your liking, give them weapons that better suit them, and even customize their armor. You can't customize their face though. It would be a unique playing experience for everyone, and you can play through normal or railjack missions through the eyes of a corpus crewman or grineer soldier. It'd be nice!

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  2. 1 minute ago, OverlordNuggets said:

    I know this may be far fetched, but I'd love to suggest the ability to personalize/customize your converted kuva liches or maybe allow players to equip kuva liches as a companion from the companion tab in the arsenal, it might be pretty interesting, letting us get more attached to our grineer friends that we once hated.


    THIS. I'd love to see this.

  3. 4 hours ago, (XBOX)NuclearSquiddy said:

    How about we get actual gamemodes added to corpus rj and then more improvements to it and grineer rj. Then we'll see if infested rj will work


    I dunno, I think everything's fine as is as it stands. Sure it could use some tweaking, like some scaling with Orphix, but again, I think they're fine. All they kinda truly need IMHO is at least some flavor to it, I guess.

  4. 7 hours ago, Aldain said:

    Failing that there's an old and forgotten item that is often forgotten that could be used as a tool to circumvent using Necramechs.

    Anyone remember the Antiserum Injector? Give that craftable charges at the forge that can be used to negate the drawbacks of being on a super-infested ship.

    ...I feel like I'm the only non-raider who will remember that item exists.

    Ah yes, those. Those can be put to use in either Assimilate or Cure, allowing your missions to be easier.

  5. 3 minutes ago, DrivaMain said:

    Perhaps a middle ground can be reached while keeping Necramechs relevant in the game mode. You can enter with your Warframe, but it will be severely weakened by the toxic gas. All of the warframe stats will be cut in half. It will at least keep those "I hate necramechs" crowd somewhat happy and can experience the new content.

    Yeah, that can be arranged for all the tiers of Barrage, or even a bit in Tempestarii Rescue aboard the Tempestarii, just without the Necramech requirement for the Gas Railjack effect.

  6. 3 hours ago, (PSN)robotwars7 said:

    actually pretty good ideas overall! well done!

    - for the common enemies, I imagine The Infested would have their own free-floating infestation (as seen in recent artwork) in space that could be home to unique fighter units, which could leave toxic trails as they fly by, and perhaps be equipped with slashing tentacle-like appendages, so instead of them firing projectiles at you, they could try to get close and a sort of hit and run attack on your hull.

    - the Crewships could be giant infested tumours, with their own hive in the center as their "reactor", and emitting toxic gases and projectiles towards your railjack. the Ramsleds would definitely make sense as large spore-like constructs with spikes/hooks on them so they can dig into your hull and allow infested aboard.

    - a new side objective, where you have to assist a stranded group of civillians who are holding back the infestation, but are close to being overwhelmed, and in return for helping them, they'll share some of their salvage with you (along with whatever unique drops)

    - I would LOVE another Jordas Golem fight, but this time we use our railjack: it can involve using the Forward artillery to blast holes and weak points into the golem, and then follow up with regular guns and ordnance; maybe also have a mechanic that involves getting inside the golem to take out some of it's vital systems, a bit like in the old JV raid.

    1. Thank you! There's still more to be said here as I got a LOT on my mind about this topic.

    2. Yes, that's what I was thinking for all the mission types, especially Tempestarii Rescue. Think of them like swarms, if you will.

    3. Exactly what I was thinking for Cure and Tempestarii Rescue. You'd have to swap back and forth between your own railjack and the Tempestarii (Only if you don't have a Sevagoth on your team) and take them out on both sides in the Tempestarii Rescue mission type. It'll keep ya busy!

    4. Yeah, that can be exclusive to Cure and Assimilate. There will still be loot dungeons though for you to explore in the Infested Proximias, that ain't out of the question.

    5. That would be kinda like the infested lich finale, where they've learned to assimilate an entire capital ship, and they use it to try and take you out, you can't board, and you're forced to use unusual tactics, like using your Railjack's Forward Artillery to take out the blisters, then, with a certain gunnery intrinsic, switch to Ghost Charges and use the Tempestarii Projection to take out the heart (If you have the Tempestarii's Wraith upgrade for your Forward artillery, you can still use your Dome Charges if you don't!), weakening it enough for you to use your Archwing to head to the heart and either convert or vanquish it.

  7. 3 hours ago, DrivaMain said:

    I don’t know if the “warframe purist” crowd is going to be on board on that idea. Remember Orphix and how vocal they are? They just keep on whining about how they are “forced” to use necramechs.

    ...They can do other missions too, they're not just restricted to Barrage, y'know.

  8. 14 minutes ago, (PSN)jaggerwanderer said:

    I prefer if the Jordas becomes the crewship type. Rather than having ramsleds, have the Infested launch tumors that attach to the railjack then disable the systems. The longer the tumors are attached to the outside of the railjack, the more cripple it becmes. From no more piloting, to can't shoot guns, draining shields/health, even go so far as to preventing railjack repair. Catasphrotic failure... to bad. Destory the ram tumors on the outside of the railjack first.

    That would probably be exclusive to either Assimilate or Tempestarii Rescue.

  9. Ey y'all, I added some new stuff. It's still not done as there's more I want to talk about regarding this, but take a gander! I got stuff for elitist, new, and veteran players akin to like.

  10. 2 hours ago, xcrimsonlegendx said:

    Judging by what they said on the dev stream about infested railjack, they're trying not to do the infested takeover theme and going for a pure infestation one.

    Akin to Deimos. Gotcha.

  11. Just now, RazerXPrime said:

    Ok... and then they fly them and shoot at you? I mean. I'm specifically talking about the Railjack part of the mission. Otherwise it's just another node on a planet with a new mission type if it doesn't bring anything to Railjack itself.

    Oh! Right, yes, they take over the fighters and have them shoot at the railjack. They also make ramsleds out of infested cartilage and launch them at your railjack. I have info on that when I update this post, so it should make more sense when I add more sections into the how's and why's and what's.

  12. Alright, so, we got Grineer proximias, and we have Corpus proximias. But what about Infested proximias? They gotta come sooner or later, right? Here's my take on what the Infested Proximas would look like, where they're gonna be located, so on and so forth. We were given a teaser about an infested planetoid earlier, right? So, time to start speculating!

    The Locations

    Now, when it comes to infested, there's not a lot of places for the infested to call home in... uhh... the planet department. However, there are a few key locations that we can look at. For example...

    Mercury Proximia

    When starting in the Infested path for Railjack, we need to start from the beginning. Infested was introduced in mercury in Once Awake, so it makes sense for Mercury to house the beginner infested Proximia. Here, you'll be able to take on missions located in the orbit of the grineer/infested controlled planet, Mercury. Give it to where they hurt, tenno!

    Deimos Proximia

    Now, obviously the infested moon known as Deimos has to be the next level up in Infested Railjack. Here, you'll be able to get special transmissions from the Entrati family, and even some support from time to time from them, and this is where you'll be introduced to Squad Link through some special missions, like the infested lich finale when the Infested Liches finally come. Here is where you'll really need your Tactical Intrinsic 5, which allows you to deploy your necramech, as there is some specific missions where you'll only be able to use your Necramech. More on that in the new missions section.

    Eris Proximia

    And here we come to the advanced part, Eris. Eris is known for missions known as the infested missions; Infested Salvage, and Hive. Here is where your railjack skills will really be put to the test against the infested. In the background will be that infested planetoid we saw as a concept art during one of the Tennocons. This is the updated Eris. Here you'll be taking on much badder infested enemies as you work to complete your goal within the node.

    The New Missions

    Now, with the Infested Railjack comes new missions. With these missions comes great rewards, as well as new weapons for your railjack. Let's hop right into the first one, shall we?

    In this mission, you must work your way to a infested ship that has outgrown to the point to where it's starting to become a problem in that region. Your mission is to find and pop the blisters using your railjack in order to gain access to the heart of the beast. Once the blisters has been taken out, your mission truly begins as you delve deep into the heart of the problem: The infested ship. Now, in this ship, the infested has produced a toxin so bad, your Warframe just can't handle it. So, you must rely on your necramech in order to take out the source of the problem within the region. You summon it, and off you go to take care of the problem. Now, the infested won't be easy on you as you make your way down to the heart, so come packin' with some good necramech mods, as well as a good amp build too. (This mechanic is only exclusive to the Barrage missions in the Eris proximia. You won't need your necramech for the Deimos and Mercury Barrage missions. The necramechs are recommended for the Barrage missions, but you aren't required to summon them for the Mercury and Deimos Proximia versions.)


    Now, taking some inspiration from Star trek online here, your mission is to synthesize a cure for a rogue grineer/corpus group, as they have been exposed to the spores of the infested, using your Forge area. This one requires a bit of teamwork, as infested enemies will be barraging you from all sides as you work to find a cure. For this one, you must let ramsled teams board you, as some infested ramsled teams have some sample spores for you to synthesize in your forge. Once you synthesize your cure, you must now head for the ship itself to deliver the cure. Once inside, you must find the group and give them the cure. But that's not all, you must also escort them out.


    Now here's where your Parazon can be put to good use, aside from it being used in kuva lich/Sisters of Parvos hounds finishers, hacking, and Jackal takedowns. In this new endless mission, Cy uploads a sort of "Antidote" into your parazon. This antidote will allow you to convert infested and revert them back to their normal state, so basically before they were infested. Each 2 pods restored for your grineer/corpus temporary allies will allow you to have them fight alongside you for a bit, akin to a Rescue mission, and the new Cure mission. However, unlike the Cure mission, you're required to directly board the ship instead of having the ramsleds board you. This is to help with the flow of the Assimilate missions, making them shorter, or longer, depending on how many rounds you want to go for Assimilate.

    Tempestarii Rescue

    Another new endless mode exclusive to the infested proximias is Tempestarii Rescue. In this endless mode, you're strictly restricted to space. No crewships to board, no objective ships to board, only you, your crew (Player or AI), and, as the title suggests, the Tempestarii. In this one, you must defend the Tempestarii as it zips in and out of the void in the infested space, collecting life pods from the near-infested wreckage. You can also board the tempestarii here and repair it from the inside, and also take out ramsleds in the Tempestarii, but if you have Engineering 10, or assign a crewmate to the mission-specific Tempestarii Repair command, or in the case of the ramsleds aboard the Tempestarii, Sevagoth, you don't really have to board the Tempestarii to repair it. This is where you can earn the Tempestarii's weapons, and more. Recommended to use in tandem with Void Storms for better effect! And no, this one's not exclusive to void storms. Help the tempestarii all you want, tenno! The ghost rescue ship awaits your help! The tougher the proximia, the tougher the infested enemies will be against the Tempestarii, and that includes the Veil too! Call of the Tempestarii is required to do this mission type. And, who knows? You may get a transmission or two from a certain void-sent captain, maybe they're the one behind the forces attacking the Tempestarii in these missions... Only you can piece together the puzzle, Tenno!

    New Railjack Weapons and stats

    Of course we can't leave out new weapons to come with new Railjack status effects, now can we? Coming with a void variant for the Tempestarii weapons to call your own comes new weapons for your own railjack and new status effects to watch out for. Let's dive into them, shall we?

    New Effect: Phase Shift (Void)

    Now, don't think you're safe from the Tempestarii's own weapons too. Think of this as friendly fire exclusive to the Tempestarii Rescue, but only if it's (The Tempestarii) been inflicted with a Friendly Fire status effect. For this effect, you are temporarily placed out of the plane of existence, and you cannot call to your crew for help until you repair the void rift. However, if you have a Limbo, or his prime variant, then you'll be able to fix it no problem using Banish. Or if you have a Xaku on your team or ARE Xaku, you can use their Deny ability to fix that void plane leaking into your railjack. If you don't, better start repairing, Tenno, as you cannot call to your crew for help! Keep an eye out for this as a sampling in Call of the Tempestarii when you're trying to evade the ghost ship! Be wise about who you bring!

    New Effect: Hull Corrosion (Corrosive)

    Corrosive can dish out some heavy damage to enemy armor in ground areas. But have you ever wondered what it can do to your railjack? The same effect, actually! With this new status effect, keep an eye out on how much damage you're being dealt to here. Corrosive is a nasty thing, and you certainly don't want it on your Railjack.

    New Effect: Sickness (Viral)

    This one's exclusive to your crew ai. Think your crewmates can't get sick? Think again! With this status effect applied, your crew ai will underperform, and you must apply a antidote from your Parazon (Not stabby stabby, don't worry!) to heal them. The effect of this depends on the job their doing. For Pilot, they will slow down almost to a snail's pace. For Engineering, they'll repair at a slower pace. For gunner, their damage goes down to almost... 50%. For defender, it's basically the same as if you were applied with Viral, their health drops to almost nothing, depending on the stacks it has. The stacks do not apply to anyone manning a gunner or pilot seat, but they do apply to those defending or repairing. Also Cephalon Cy will visibly start coughing too, but that's just cosmetic.

    New Status Effect: Hallucination Gas (Gas)

    Don't breathe in the air when this is around, Tenno! This status effect will cause your vision to become blurry and start... seeing things. Things that aren't there. Are they real? Are they fake? One thing's for sure, you may want to keep a life support capsule nearby when this is applied. This one is repairable, but it may kinda mess with your vision a bit. It'll also damage you too, just like how Gas works on normal enemies.

    New Effect: Lavos's Library (Special)

    The infested has taken into account of Lavos and his teachings, and have utilized a special weapon to kick your butt with it! Be wary of this status effect, as it's not only one status effect... It's all of them in one! Don't worry though, you'll only have to deal with one repair node with your Omni-tool. You'll know what it is when you see it. Also, don't worry about Void, as it is not applied in the Lavos's Library effect. Again, that one's exclusive to the Tempestarii.

    New Weapon Set: Tempestarii Arsenal

    Ever wanted to shoot those homing missiles as guns? Or open void pockets to suck your enemies in? Well, now you can! Exclusive to the Tempestarii Rescue drop table, you will be able to get the Tempestarii's arsenal to use against your enemies. These weapons have the Void status effect applied to them, on the count of them being in the void, of course. However, don't use them against the Tempestarii itself, or you just may get a nasty surprise, Tenno!

    New Forward Artillery upgrade: Tempestarii's Wraith

    This one is new to the Tempestarii Rescue drop table as well. With this new forward artillery upgrade, turn your dome charges into ghost charges! With the might of the Tempestarii on your side, one Ghost Charge will allow you to launch a projection of the Tempestarii at your enemies, sending them crying back home, having punch through! Very useful against the Corpus indeed! But be wary of your Ghost Charge usage, as each subsequent use will diminish the projection's damage, so think wisely on how you use it, Tenno. That also includes the Artillery Cheap Shot mod too. Both the Dome and Ghost charges have their effects, think about what to bring for the railjack mission, Tenno, as every decision counts for both!

    New Weapon Set: Infested Arsenal

    Coming with the new statuses comes new weapons, of course! We only got one toxic-like weapon, how about a whole arsenal of them! I'll let DE decide on what to include for Infested Arsenal, but each one will come with a effect similar to the new status effects listed above.

    New Infested Railjack Skin: Festering Railjack Skin

    Ever wanted your railjack to have that infected look? Well now you can! With this skin, make your enemies feel fear as you drive by in this skin. Or just make them puke. Their choice.

    New Infested Railjack Skin: Infected Tempestarii Railjack Skin

    Ever wondered what the Tempestarii would look like if not only it got void-touched, but also got taken over by the Infested? Well, once again, now you can! With this skin, make the Tempestarii you call your own even more fearful as infectious blisters adorn the railjack. May or may not cause sickness upon sight.

    There's more to come for this post, but this is what I got so far! Lemme know what you think!

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  13. 3 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

    Call of the Tempestarii: TennoGen: Hotfix 30.2.2


    Railjack Changes & Fixes:

    • Removed Cephalon Cy Research from Clans and moved Blueprint to the in-game Market for Credits.

    This is good. Thank you. This'll make it easier for those who do not have clans to get their railjacks more better.

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  14. Hello, tenno! Something came to my mind today from my clan. What if, as we start building specific frames, Cy or Ordis would give their input on the specific frame being built? For example...

    For Yareli (The frame that was revealed today (And I absolutely love her design)), Cy would say: "Water. A substance your Warframe named Hydroid uses to tow his enemies to the deep, while Yareli uses to cut through her foes... almost like a water bender. The daughter of the sea will be arisen from the water soon, crew." while Ordis will say: "Operator, have you heard about the daughter of the sea, Yareli? She uses water, just like Hydroid, to devastate her foes! Will you command the tempest with her?"

    For Sevagoth, Cy would say: "The Tempestarii's Captain is being rebuilt. Reap your enemies with Sevagoth, crew." while Ordis would say: "Operator! The Tempestarii yearns for it's captain once more (Since we technically have the Tempestarii now with the skin)! Rebuilding Sevagoth will put the Tempestarii's crew back in action! Are you ready to take on the void storms and command the Tempestarii once more?"

    Or for Lavos, Ordis would say: "Are you interested in the art of transmutation, operator? Lavos is being built to teach you that art!", while Cy would say: "Transmutation. A foul art that was once feared by the orokin. Lavos adapts it, embraces it. Lavos and his arts will be yours to command soon, crew."

    Or even for Xaku, Cy would say: "A frame. Once broken, now put back together with your help. The void master Xaku is being rebuilt to command, crew." while Ordis would say: "Hmm. Interesting. A frame made up of different pieces from the old war, Operator. Do you think re-piecing Xaku would put them at peace?"

    Or how about Protea? For her, The Business would actually chime in for this one. He would say: "Outworlder. You're building Protea, Parvos's time warframe bodyguard. She's quite the supportive type with her tools. Quite a beauty, isn't it, Outworlder? She can rewind time with ease, allowing her to do battles all over again. Do her proud, Outworlder."

    Simply put, each time you build a specific frame, both Cy and Ordis (And even The Business for some frames!) will have their own themed input on the frame being built.

  15. Hello, Warframe community! I come to you all today to share a concept for a story in my series that I've been thinking about ever since completing Call of the Tempestarii. It's a space pirate arc called Dead Pirates Tell No Tales, based off of Call of the Tempestarii. It's an alternative version of the quest where my main characters, Stickman, Jewel, Skye, Skystar, and Yinu all work together to help out the Tempestarii complete it's final rescue mission through the void. But Vala gets in the way and has different ideas for our heroes, and wants revenge against the Tempestarii for killing her sisters aboard the Lucrecia Platform. It may seem like it's the same story flow as Call of the Tempestarii, but I assure you, there's more to this arc than what the quest has to offer, as the story I have planned up offers so much more than just the short story that DE gave us. Not to say that it's bad, i'm just saying I got more planned, including a void storm fight onboard Vala's ship against me and her, as well as also a scene of Yinu, the child prodigy from No Straight Roads, giving Sevagoth's Shadow a drawing of her and the shadow, knowing how much he suffered being trapped in the void all those years. It'll be one heck of a ride, and I can't wait to share it all with you too.

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