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  1. drop a shield restore instead? https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Squad_Shield_Restore
  2. Ah. For whatever reason I thought that mod could be used on any of them.
  3. Not necessarily disingenuous. Most companies don't want to let the outside world know their cost habits either. I can promise you. In game tool tips cost a lot more than doing a wiki page/update or letting some streamer create content for hits.
  4. Oh... That is what her butt is supposed to be. I always wondered. Its not the animation that is the issue, it is the actual wall crawling.
  5. Given how the prime version looks, band music. Maybe 76 Trombones from Music Man. edit: doh... necro thread. Well... wasn't a prime back then.
  6. Tarantulas from Transformers BeastWars is probably decently more on point to a warframe thinking. https://tfwiki.net/wiki/Tarantulas_(BW) The problem with a spider is their movement. What can they do that would be difficult to do in game? Wall crawling would be the big one. We can cling but not climb. Tunneling is another but they could always just modify Hydroids ability. (think trap door spiders) Beyond that... should all be withing the realm of the game to do. Cocoon, suck juice/blood, interesting leaping, extra legged looks (look at Titania wings and such.), st
  7. Welcome back to Warframe, Nick.
  8. Which breed of kavat, gender, and loadout? My smeeta was most certainly taking out derelict kavats AFTER they had been scanned/become visible.
  9. *toddler looks at the empty sippy cup* It's empty.... FILLL IT!!!!111!!!!!
  10. If you want this fix, more information is needed. And yes, I'm guilty of not providing enough as well. Granted... it really should be going into the bug report the OP put in. "Kavat dies a lot". That is a great opening statement, a title for an issue. But it holds nothing of real good substance to try to determine what is going on. What Planet and Mission were you doing? (Yes, both. Invasion, syndicate, void, nightmares... all of this is important.) What was the pet (type, species) in question? What was the pet doing/acting? What is the pet loadout during the i
  11. Something else I noticed last night in a duo last night Party Leader : has Carrier Prime. player 2: has smeeta kavat. We were just working on dailies, so no real lissue keeping it alive but.... the Kavat ignored player two and was acting as if I was its owner following me around, not player 2. Side question: has any one played as Khora to see if her special kavat is having issues also?
  12. Ask 20 players of what ever game they are playing and you'll get 20 different answers. Don't expect any form of real consensus from ANY gaming community. Heck, you've got folk in Animal Crossing... a freaking game on Nintendo Switch geared for all ages that are trying to block people of certain ethnicity from using certain hair styles. This sort of non consensus is NORMAL. Welcome to having free will and choice.
  13. Fished last night on plains. got murkrays to get the rare fish. All as expected other than I think the "refraction index" changed a bit back so I am still learning how to better offset. Also got a few mortus on a whim. No dyes needed for those. edit: Granted we are making the assumption you have a "proper" fishing spear active for it.
  14. I'm dumb enough to give the OP one last analogy. Think of your warframe as a car/automobile. "Flow" would be the size of your gas/petrol tank. What does that make your engine? Well now as there are many ways to make engines fuel "efficient" that still doesn't make all engines equal does it? So "Duration" would be your engine's design for miles per gallon/kilometers per liter you get. You can try arguing with your typical response,but I'll just point out 4 cylinder, 6 cylinder, 8 cylinder, V vs. I vs. rotery... etc. None of that comes close to touching "efficiency" now does i
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