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  1. 3rd one pissed the wife and I off. First time trying to do it, the game glitched and continued to stick us in a teleport loc. No line of sight, multiple doors between us and them, and no matter where we were on map, always teleported back. Unless for some reason we kept being shoved through the map... That run just really felt glitch screwed. I mean heck.. one time, I got half way across the map, a good 30 seconds of running, jumping, etc. and then suddenly teleported rght back to that same f'ing spot. Took a day break and tried it again. No problems. I got teleported just once. Don't think she got ported at all that time.
  2. Then I would suggest to start a new thread as your op sets the tone and expectation. Of which the damage is already done and as you see from most of the posters, they refuse to look at it from different angles, only their own limited perspective vs. a lot of player types and system design.
  3. Meh, just bullet jump your way through it. Oh right, you'll jump right past it and not see them. *shrugs* can't please everyone.
  4. Should Nightwaves have exclusive weapons? Any reason they shouldn't? If it is all the factor of rewarding the active player base, so be it. How hard do you think the grind should be? However hard DE thinks it should be so long as it is proven the intended method works. (aka no coding defects.) How powerful do you think it should be? as powerful as DE thinks it should be in regards to game balance. Most times is nothing more than status symbol of accomplishment vs. some uber weapon. Has this or will this impact the community in anyway? Sure it will impact the community. I'm certain you remember all the cries about people not being able to sit down and farm on a whim. Do you like them? How about this. I don't dis like them and find it cute. Do you think they are a good idea? I don't think it is a bad idea. while I am all for balanaced play and equal chances, this isn't something that is going to become a "must have" as it were. Should the weapon become that, then the weapon design was flawed. (My opinion) Should they stay exclusive? Oh, you mean vs parts tradeable.... Meh, I'm fine with having them tradable honestly. RNG bites the big one, and the way the tables are weighted, it really bites.
  5. Yes there is a "Challenge." I fail to see a requirement to do it. I also fail to see how having sorties as part of Nightwave once in a while still means that "most" aka greater than 50% of all players are doing sorties. Now truly, that statement as well as mine is pure speculation with only DE able to really mine the data to determine. However, I highly doubt that of the active players that most are doing sorties. Now if you want to make your opinion that the vocal minority that are forum posters, that most of them are doing sorties? That I'd be more inclined to agree with.
  6. .... And each Tenno has Ordis.... No wonder Ordis is having such a hard time keeping it together. He's fragmented worse than Hexadecimal.
  7. You are now touting your opinion as fact of what people run and how they run showing how closed minded you have become. Not going to argue that Sorties are the best spot for Rivens because two reasons. 1. I don't know. 2. I don't care.
  8. Yeap. Forget the fact that some people have joint issues, motion sickness issues, assume everyone MUST play like them, etc. Such a welcoming community that get touted about. Meh, more like standard fair really.
  9. No hyperbole at all actually. Yes, 6 days because I don't bother running things for speed as if I have to shove as much as possible in as little time as possible. Unlike some I'm not trying to get my rocks off with 5 jabs unlike some people. (There is your hyperbole. Happy? Yeah, didn't think so.) No, membrane. They wear out faster. And you know, some of the DE folks probably are. But at the same time, there are probably more that are just annoyed with community members not respecting the opinions and issues that others players face.
  10. You realize most people don't do sorties? Also... you need to learn how animated GIFs actually work. 10 in 1 second is a game impossibility. Me, I play roughly 30-60 minutes a day. I could maybe hit that bulletjump mark in 6 days.. maybe? It is pain in the ass for your average player using a keyboard. Maybe it is much easier with a controller, I don't know. I know grinding out the favor for the Kids on Venus is a pain (literal given the hand cramps) The only thing this "mission" does is help the end of life of hardware come sooner for most goal oriented people.
  11. Considering how difficult she is to earn in game, that is probably an accurate statement.
  12. Yes. It was part of the first wave of it. I got 2/3 done. Real life took over and didn't complete it. Next wave started. Completed all of them which pulled "Do 3 forma" out of reserve into active. 2/3 complete right were I left it. Forming never counted. *shrugs* Was able to do missions and got the full set of stuff offered by Intermission, but as you know.... Game issues just suck.
  13. Providing it works. Last nightwave (intermission) The "Do 3 forma" got pulled out of "Reserve". The forming I did at that point never counted.
  14. Well.... founders might rejoice? But you'd know where to find all the DE staff then. See many Tenno staring into the bar windows.... "Daddy?..."
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