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  1. Day or night? The only time I"ve had that issue, and no where near caves, when it was done at night. Also, as dumb as it is, you need to let the troops jump ship before blowing their ship up. If you kill too much too quickly, it will fail even though there is NOTHING trying to take it over. The method for the take over is flawed and they've never changed how it works.
  2. Or let them, but make the riven have a "riven" polarity. People for the most part have to pick and choose with umbral, so make them pick and choose wisely for riven polarity. And never freaking release a riven polarity forma.
  3. Really? Apparently the person is utterly freaking clueless about asian cultures and gaming.
  4. honestly, most all of the fish are like that when blue worm has control. So you can't spear anything hardly. really irritates me as the only way to get eyeballs is when blue worm has control which given when I play is never.
  5. 7 days left of the boost and it is no longer being applied. Not sure if it is because I got a daily affinity booster during this event (it is no longer showing. in the list.) Or if it because of that combined with some Cephlon Simerious boost that gave a few hours of affinity boost. The last two days I was "told" I was granted some affinity boost by player ____ when I turned in the hunt.
  6. Seems as if there are multipule forms of this bug honestly. Happened to me when I was fishing but speared a resource on demos. One of those things that grows on the ground, not a ganglion.
  7. That implies that the resource actually drops also. This isn't like raid grinding... oh wait. Given the drop rate of it, it might as well be.
  8. Look at current day world governments. In our best interest, think of the environment. And then think about what is really happening. Selfish, what is best for me right now, attitude is what rules. Not What is good for me 20-50 years down the way. Pay now or pay a heck of a lot more later. It is always about short sighted "ME NOW."
  9. Admit it. You just want to summon the mech for a "death from above" attack. I mean if they did that landing to rock without an issue...
  10. If you consider the environments... Only Cetus fish should go into the tank. You really shouldn't have "coolant" fish in with "H2O" fish. Create a new "orbitor" skin as it were, that showed off more of the floor as "fishing"/coolant flow, much like the Helmleith room where we saw Orb Valish fish on the orbiter originally. That leaves the last fish from demos. simple. You have them swimming... errr... flying around, but only in the Helmlith room. Maybe you could unlock a larger room to better support more flying fish? This way you can have them all but in their "proper" en
  11. Take it up with the lawyers who made the contracts and requirements that DE has to follow. I have no answers. Legal and Beancounters think in different ways than players and developers. Saddly, developers are on the bottom of the monetary decision making and the ability to make changes on systems that you don't own often comes at a cost.
  12. Consoles have to go by the rules put forth by MS, Sony, and Nintendo. There may be nothing DE can actually do. I for one do not know what legal contracts for DE with these companies are. PC is the only place where they have near full control. But OP I don't feel bad for you at all. I missed it also. Oh well, its just a game.
  13. Op... 3 years is not a break. You left. There is nothing wrong with leaving. Remember that.
  14. It may be what you are used to. However, that said, you CAN still get people who will abuse and take over the system like they currently are. I personally am neither for nor against an AH. But mind you, with an easy AH, mods/materials that help player characters get more powerful WILL cause a player power creep. I've seen this happen in games before that didn't start with an AH. At the same time, I'm a farking space ninja, why shouldn't I feel freaking powerful? Answer: a very vocal minority whining about lack of challenge for themselves and demanding all bases of what is power/is n
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