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  1. I have no answer only a guess. It is another time sink delay created by DE that never got adjusted.
  2. 1. Should an automated one be created, it will create a lot of power creap because more powerful stuff will be more readily available. 2. you'll piss off the riven mafia.
  3. New content I I didn't know. Came into a high level mission and forgot to load swap first. Cat puking, so survival timed out. (didn't swap to solo first so couldn't pause.) Game glictchs meant it couldn't be finished.
  4. we don't know what sort of "radiation" the dark is. So unless that is determined to have the same properties as say "magic". Isn't going to do much of anything. Or... maybe give him a case of the munchies?
  5. You probably want to stay put till this current administration is kicked out.
  6. Emm.... You are aware of forma, mods, ranking up mods, etc, yes? Considering I mostly solo, I'm trying to think of corpus issues... and the only thing I can think of is Orb Vallis bounties going nuts, and teleporters that are broken because they need only intent, not LOS. But I've not had those same issues. We may need an explanation of your play style.
  7. If sups is A) kept out of yellow sun, B) isn't going to kill. (and staying in the DC..) Other wise, he'd have 4 tenno wasted about 4 seconds flattened if he wanted. You are WAY under estimating Superman. For that matter, most all of his clones and relatives could also wipe the floor with us. No.. One of the best comparisons would probably be villan Metalo or.... Steel. He supposedly could actually summon his suit to him later one so is probalby more true to the Tenno, and he like using a hammer.
  8. Red Text just now. "A network partner has identified a problem effecting Europe and Asia and is working to resolve the problem ASAP."
  9. In USA, but I play solo. Not having issues.
  10. Corpus are the easist to head shot as they don't have additional armor covering the head like Grineer.
  11. Didn't work for me in an archwing or standard aim gliding. Rifle Riven Mod, Get 3 headshot kills in a single aim glide. I'm betting the underline is why it doesn't. This is one riven challenge that should just go away in my opinion. But that is me. When you have to cheese something and pray on luck of setup when these things take up valuble space in your gear.. bleh. That just screams lazy, "screw you/lets see how they like this" design.
  12. So... you'd just shoot the Eidolon in the head and it worked? I'm assuming just run around see it and pop it?
  13. .... well.... maybe.. I don't know. Just spit balling here... A. Do nothing but play him for hours on end. B. Just maybe it will only display frames you actually have, so delete all other frames? (Note, Not trying to troll as I don't know how DE's code is done, so I do NOT advise this one.)
  14. I didn't have any issues with it at all. My wife... hates them. So we just trade rivens when it is like this. As they aren't... Unveiled. (is that the right term? I really don't do much other than those Lotus alerts for rivens) it isn't like we know we are missing out on something really useful for us. So far the only one I personally absolutely hate is the 3 headshots while airborn one. But that is just me.
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