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  1. No, the ability is useless, the time it take to spawn and use i already bullet jump the same distance, the hitbox is too small and you cant control, you cant only go forward, even you try to use to troll you cant because is useless
  2. Is not even useful, i'll trade for a sustain ability anytime
  3. Freedom to adjust: -Angle -Position (within the area) -Size (at limits) -Rotations More customizations is never enough. -Please and tank you ❤️
  4. I hope the atleast work on this in the next devstream
  5. The randomness of the riven is too harsh, the farm is frustrating and infuriating, theses rivens are suposed to even out less used weapons to the most used one, but to get that you need tremedous amounts of kuva (if you dont have luck) to get a average roll and thats not fun and a enjoyable thing to do in this game, i don't want to waste my time on this system, but i HAVE to if i want to make weapon viable to the "end game" content so heres my suggestion to make this system less painful: -Allow us to "lock" only the negative stats of the riven with a cost of extra kuva, getting a good negative is just as hard as getting a good positive stat, negating worst possible stats such as -damage -crit chance or -status chance, will not make a part of me die inside when i get a good positive stats but with a terrible negative. -Reducing the price of the roll to 2.000 kuva, after the 10th roll, 3600 kuva per roll is just too much, is like asking for 100$ for a lever pull in the slot machine. -or- -Make an "arbitration" type of mission for kuva, lorewise endo is suposed to be rarer than kuva and yet you get more endo through missions than kuva, after i started doing arbitrartions more consistently i get all my mods maxed out and i have more than 120k of endo just sitting in my ship, i dont need more endo but i always need more kuva because rivens are a kuva eating machine Just to clarify i do not care about the riven market, its not suposed to affect the aspects of a system like this, the market will change and adapt like it always does
  6. Come on DE, fix this poor design choice
  7. others than a competitive shooter?
  8. i know right, is terrible
  9. That'll will be way more complicate to program instead of manual targets
  10. RE4 was the first to create this aim camera angle tho
  11. If it goes by itself it'll remain the same as it is, random and unreliable
  12. I know his body is amazing, but sacrifices are necessary so we can see where we're aiming
  13. See this? how i cant see because the crosshair is too close to my character? Just copy the aiming camera angle from RE4, you get more vision and and your character doesnt occupy 50% of the screen Or atleast let us change the chamera angle
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