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  1. On the third hit of Atlas's landslide if you hold the key instead of launching the target flying, he'll do a serie of fast punches, increasing the damage slightly on each punch. Atlas will keep punching as long you hold the key, more energy will be used to balance and the last punch will send the target flying. See? I told you it will be cool
  2. Arent people complaining that his damage is too low?
  3. I know all of this, all my three amps are gilded, void damage does NOT have any bonus damage against any type of armor, thats what im saying, its suposed to be the strongest type of damage, is the oposite, if you're not facing a eidolon shield, you're gonna have a bad time
  4. I was talking about any other faction that is not a eidolon shield, operator does almost no damage compared to the warframe's arsenal
  5. In the lore void damage is suposed to be that ultimate damage, ignoring all types of armor that only the tenno can use. In game void damage is only good against eidolon shields and to reset sentient defenses. Buff void damage to be as powerful as it is in the lore, turning the operators into a glass cannon, i need more operator action but is dissapointing that lack of damage
  6. Or use kuva slivers to lock a particular stats on the riven for extra kuva cost
  7. after a while you'll pile up tons of these without any other use besides trading for a random riven, give this resource more use, one per riven roll is more than enough
  8. Credits are the least reward we're looking for on Taveuni, more kuva, is all we want there, is the whole reason to go there
  9. This was made on purpose so you spent on boosters
  10. The rear part of the armor is "floating" above the kubrow's butt
  11. No, they're the night and day cicle, we shouldnt fight it, i was thinking on a different kind of infested boss, a giant one to make more fun
  12. I hope they release the "new" necramech model with the area's boss
  13. why only one type got released? What happened to the other type? It got canceled? Talking about Necramechs, we will be able to equip arch melee weapons on it?
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