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  1. Dark Mane? A Polar bear can swim up to 100 miles without resting
  2. Cant farm this for the life of me, need to advance in my syndicate! Also really thankful for you doing this! AlienTetris Bo Prime Handle
  3. Some people believe Beta Testing was amazing and such a magical time, no. You think this game has some bad bugs now? Think about it when it first came out for Closed Beta testers. This game was a mess, rightfully so. I can almost promise you that everyone who had an account in Closed Beta not only helped find bugs, but tested them as well(Mainly because you needed to visit the website to even ask for a key). Then this takes us to "why do certain people get exclusive items?" This is a silly question over all, honestly. For example, I got the Braton Vandal and the Lato Vandal for testing. These items don't affect gameplay at all. They arnt the end game Soma you think they are, they are purely cosmetic, for people who HELPED test beta. I have always wanted a Scarf or something for Closed Beta testing, but i felt greedy asking. Now i'm a Master Founder. Am i upset that i got $60 a week after this offer was available? Yes, at myself, because i missed my spot on the star map, Lato Prime, and the Grandmaster Badge. I also missed out on tons of mods that are going for 700+ plat because i took a 7 month break because i needed one. Thats MY fault, not DE. You cant expect any game to not have exclusive items.
  4. I've followed this thread for a while, guess its my turn.. Hi i'm Seth,16,Co-Owner of Master Race. (The hand is a tool of deception, #loki)
  5. I hope for the sake of everyones hype, it gets delayed. Kappa
  6. dont worry, im 15. not to many young gamers, glad to find one!
  7. he's just making a nice gesture towards someone, or or or... wait.. no no no noooooo.. why did i start to think about it!?
  8. Well dont touch me, i dont want one surgically placed on my face...</3
  9. Are you my mummy? (doctor who reference)
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