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  1. damn xaku speedrun from F to A tier since release, and i freaking love it thank you DE
  2. can we please get our ressources back for making marked for death to something else???? So... much... Bile...
  3. Please can you remove or buff the void proc.... its so awful ._.
  4. Its faster and you dont need to remember at what skill position you currently are. What cycling skills activate on holding? I feel like there is one. But if there is, it should be changed to what other cycling skills do.
  5. sorry, but the void proc is still a buff for enemies.... you can't do headshots ._. maybe use the scourges throwing mode debuff as the void proc? basically void proc but on heads, so it is actually something you could want.....
  6. Wouldn't it be less tedious to hold a skill to open up a gearwheel with cycling skills by holding the skill button?? (or maybe let us keymap abilities 5 and 6 instead) i mean instead of tapping to cycle and hold to activate, and and more often than not, accidentally cycle again instead of using the skill..... shorri bad english
  7. I hope nerfed abilities at least have a lower energy cost
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