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  1. oh god xd so sad, not nearly enough to make someone touch rj :/ DE's grind island mentality is just so bad :( ... if it wouldnt be for tennogen, deluxe skins and the helminth system i would have left a long time ago :/ those missions take way to long, the drop CHANCE is way to low... it wont hurt you to put it on 100% i promise......... listening to all those yes-men does... still hoping for the auto-leave-squad-option...... can't stand ending up in a ship you cant to anything and beeing forced to do another mission if you dont leave in time or went to the toilet after a mission.....
  2. Title after playing for way to long, this is just one of the micro things that can turn someone toxic after the 100.000th time sprint mode gets turned of for random reasons like using danse macabre, sol gate or holding tailwind, vial rush, deactivating prowl, of course sandstorm, undertow, awgis storm, pulverize, starting a mission and other reasons i cant think of that are not abilities nothing huge or important. ik some of you will laught at how minor this is..... also this would one extra button that serves no real purose right now and can be mapped for something more usefull
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