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  1. Thank you for working hard to fix the issues that came up with this update. I for one understand that we all want the same thing, and you are diligently working on correcting the issues. Thank you DE staff, for all of the hard work you have, and will continue to put into this game that we love.
  2. Something to note about the keyboard/mouse issue, Its a really strange situation, because one of the ports works (bottom port on the back of the xbox series x) but the top one doesn't. For instance I plug the keyboard into the working port and it works fine, if i plug the mouse into it, it works fine, but the other doesn't. I also play another game on this console with Mouse/keyboard and they both work properly there. regardless of which ports im using.
  3. The game seems to be loading now which is great. However my Keyboard is not functioning in game, Mouse works fine, but keyboard doesn't work at all.
  4. It would be really nice if we could get some of these arcane helmets that have very very little population on consoles. Hell make them one of teshins weekly offerings for 1000 steel essence or something crazy, but just having them would be amazing.
  5. While the trophy points needed being reduced is cool, the glaring problem is that the shop prices are not being reduced. Console clearly can get less points, the shop prices should reflect this as well.
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