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  1. Passive: Broken Warframe is highly dependent on the Operator for stability and optimum performance. [1] ?????: ???????? [2] Gimmick: Summon a machine that emits ultrasonic frequencies to attract enemies and reduce their aim accuracy. (30 energy) [3] Mimic: Scan an enemy and take its appearance, or hold to fuse its parts into Broken Warframe. (Tab cast energy 25 initial + 2 s-1. Hold cast energy 100) [4] Implant: Infect a target with a radioactive larva that slowly converts its body mass into explosive material. (50 Energy)
  2. This happens only to config slots purchased with platinum, not the default 3 slots. How to reproduce: Buy an extra config slot for a warframe. Fill it with mods and arcanes. Use a forma to change a polarity. Watch your mod config (on bought slots) reset to nothing.
  3. This happened to me at least 3 times. How to reproduce: Go into a mission as Titania while having a pet equipped with at least 2 other players. Enter razorwing. Have the host leave the mission to cause a migration. You will lose the pet if you are not the new host.
  4. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Sentients made using Nekros's "Shadow of the Dead" create hostile vomvalysts that hack the railjack. VISUAL: (Did not get a chance to take a screenshot) REPRODUCTION: Take Nekros to a "Scarlet Spear" railjack mission and kill sentients. Then summon them using "Shadow of the Dead" ability while inside the railjack and watch them go to (Side guns, forge, ...) and create a hostile vomvalyst that will disable that part of railjack untill killed. EXPECTED RESULT: Units created using Nekros's "Shadow of the Dead" should work for the tenno, not against them. OBSERVED RESULT: Sentients made by Nekros still keep parts of their hostile AI behavior. REPRODUCTION RATE: I have seen it once so far. I was in the railjack's forge and one of the sentients I created went to its front part, held its position for around 3 seconds, and then it spawned an enemy vomvalyst.
  5. Thank you. Finally fixed after 2 years!
  6. What will happen to Hildryn passive if every warframe will have shield gating? How will (Slash and Toxin) work on enemies that have both armor and shields, like in the index?
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