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  1. Well I am rank 6 now on xbox, been struggling myself as there is never anyone on to help with those interception, defence, archwing missions and a few bosses are tedious A couple of players in a random were really nice when I clicked on the earth boss mission and an interception mission, even asked me where I would like to go nice, but my controller was doing its repeat disconnect thing so i thanked them and left. Thing is, there just isnt that much available at low ranks, I still cant max mods out or gain capacity. Its easy to take it all for granted after playing so long on another platform.
  2. Left joystick, pressing that makes you sprint. You can also use the right arrow cursor to select prowl, then the right upper trigger to activate. While in prowl tap that same right upper trigger to de-activate. Still learning the xbox ways here myself.
  3. I did the Nintendo switch, but never got into it. Mainly PC. Recently started a fresh xbox account and to be honest I have quite enjoyed playing a couple of the quests and working through the star chart. So much I bought the beginner pack, then Saryn n Valkyr prime pack, then the Jade skin pack. Things that I find frustrating on xbox, basically I can go a day playing public and be lucky to bump into a handful of players. Interception isnt happening fast. Mods. Well I have just about everything I want on PC, on xbox after a week im still struggling due to a lack of mods and endo. Rank 5, and only just got steel fibre last night. But its quite nice having two seperate accounts on two different platforms.
  4. Well here I am a little later at rank 5 and on Jupiter doing syndicate and relics too. I play public, i go to my settings each day and keep testing my NAT till its open, no limits etc, UK player, 450mb connection and such. Regardless of it being NA or EU, still hardly ever encounter other players. Is the xbox just less popular? Or are there possible settings I am missing. Barely seeing a handful each day.
  5. Its a wonder they bother with consoles, pub games are more solo, seen less than a dozen players on NA yesterday and no players on EU. Thats in open squad pub games with an open NAT. From earth to Jupiter. The few players I met were in pub games and survival. Nothing like PC.
  6. Personally I dont remember any issue getting that BP or with the quest. May try and remind myself to look on the pc and see my BP situation.
  7. I played beta, left around 2013/14 i guess. Returned Sept 2018. Played the game to death, surpassed my lads MR, built a dojo, completed all the gzme had to offer, got bored by the time Orb Vallis was released. I play token games and really struggle to get enthralled, even in 2018 I felt it was all too familiar. As an attempt to re-invigorate I started a new acc on xbox, even spent money. Then got fed up because regardless of it being EU or NA with a 450+ mb connection on open Nat, there is just barely anyone playing. From start to jupiter, met around a couple of dozen players. That includes noob from 0 to 4 on the star chart to syndicate missions, relics, cetus and orb bounties. Disappointing to be honest.
  8. With Inaros I used to simply hit 1 to open an enemy up to finishers then simply while facing the affected enemy press the button to mellee that enemy. No spamming or spin to win just tap one sand in their eyes finisher and a bit of health back. Inaros was my most played frame, I actually have two with slightly different forma builds. The mechanic has only changed for me since the last patch. Not been back on pc since I noticed that to be honest, having started a fresh xbox account.
  9. Loved Frost early on in game. Way more useful than Rhino was for me. Though Rhino is good
  10. There is now an interact key? Never used to be, hence me wondering what changed. That was on pc. So I now need to know how to interact on pc to get those finishers back, and learn them.on xbox too now.
  11. As per title, I was super stoked when I received a 75% discount on Xbox, only to fall hard when I found out with Xbox its from in game, IE warframe n weapons etc. Not plat or prime vault or such. Now I played a lot on PC, but only recently started on Xbox, couple of days and at MR4. But would like opinions on what gives tge best value on xbox with 75% off. My fave WF is Inaros. Remember doing that grind on PC with Frost and it taking time at MR5. Pretty limited in what I have and what my kit can do at this moment. All pub games are solo in xbox regardless of no limit on ping EU or NA. Cant even crowd control a level 1 Cetus bounty.
  12. Not sure, but since the melee rework I haven't noticed being able to spam 1 and use finishers to regain health with Inaros. In fact, i'm sure I died once.
  13. Lex prime is my choice along with paracesis? Or a plague zaw polearm. Mainly the ignis covers farming mobs and containers and such. Like a big mop.
  14. I just started playing on Xbox, played pc in beta, returned to an old wiped account at the end of Sept 2018. Been quite enjoying the newness of the game again. Re doing the star chart with excal and flawed mods.
  15. My region was set as Europe, changing to North America improved matters. My 16yr old lad actually came down last night and asked what region I was on followed with dont play on Europe, no one plays there!
  16. I have seen around around a dozen others now since getting to Mars, Venus and Mercury. Will check my region on xbox, may I ask how I go about seeing what region I am on?
  17. Curious, mainly as I have just started playing xbox Warframe, though very badly, not used an xbox controller for years and my right hand isnt the most responsive after a couple of injuries. But I digress, so I have only just started, using Excal, completed the Vor introductory quest and Venus junction, done a few missions as available on star chart. I have it open to public play. But I have never seen another player, granted I am mastery rank 1 on the low level missions, but they are barren of players. Just seems so strange after the pc?
  18. I just play. Not seen any Liches or whatever they are. Know very little, have little interest. Currently no idea what im doing since so many changes to mods n such. Lots of useless stuff now. Im still trying to work out any point in Inaros's 1 ability as I aint getting finishers.
  19. Just dont bother with conversations if they make you feel unhappy. Just play warframe at your own pace and comfort level. Judge no one and ignore those who judge you!
  20. So is this a mode that can be avoided, not up to date with whats being discussed here.
  21. Was building the Lanka myself. Most of my dojo research is done, just not looked, may have a look later but hoping DE will have it all fixed before hand.
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