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  1. Any plans on improving railjack avionics capacity? Even with the best avionic reactor, we still can't fill all of the slots (battle, tactical and integrated combined) Are we ever going to see Squad link in action again or is this system scrapped?
  2. I think you should return the Arcane helmets, and maybe buff/rework some of them. I think they fit perfectly to the Nora's offerings.
  3. I asked the support a week ago, but they still haven't got back to me, that is why i asked here
  4. Hi, I have a question about donating decorations/resources to the clan dojo. I've recently started a project in my dojo - a museum kind of thing. I want it to involve stuff that you can get only one time per account (Steel Path Trophies, Nihil's Oubliette etc.). So, I want to start a second account where i would try to get these stuff.My question is: Is it allowed to donate decorations to my dojo (where my main account is) from my alt account? I know it is against ToS to have two accounts owned by one person interact with each other, but i don't know if it involves donating to the clan vault w
  5. EDIT: The bug has been fixed Yesterday, I was lucky enaugh to recive two of the blueprints for the new K-Drive parts. After I returned to my orbiter, those parts were not in my foundry, yet they were in my inventory. And because those parts are not in the foundry, they can't be crafted as of yet. I am adding some photos for the evidence. Gristlebuck and Steeba in inventory Gristlebuck and Steeba not in foundry
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