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  1. So far the only thing that's bothered me is that some of the Orphix spawn in at funny angles, making it harder to hit the blue orb than it should be. They should all be standing fully upright, like how the Condrix were during Scarlet Spear.
  2. Bug 1 TYPE: Leveling DESCRIPTION: Used the new Prisma Dual Decurions with my Mech, it leveled up during the mission, however upon returning to the orbiter after completion, those levels were gone. EXPECTED RESULT: For levels to earn during mission to stay. OBSERVED RESULT: levels were lost upon returning after mission complete. Bug 2 TYPE: Arsenal DESCRIPTION: The ability to change the appearance of the weapon attached to the Mech has disappeared. Only equip and update options present. EXPECTED RESULT: Have the option to change the mech weapon appe
  3. Hello I've noticed that since the second stage of entering the isolation vault got halved to 90 seconds instead of 3 minutes, that Loid/Otak go straight into the last wave of infested talk from the initial keep toxicity down talk. To me this makes this stage sound a bit silly. Maybe moving the last wave chat from 1 minute remaining to 30 seconds remaining will at least give a small break in Loid/Otak's dialogue.
  4. This has also happened to me. Also, is it me or have two of the isolation vault layouts been merged together? Not sure if that is what would be causing the bug.
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