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  1. A lot of players requested numerous times to make the Celestia Syandana more relevant to players who won't enjoy Conclave? For example making the flames permanent or adding a way for PvE to light it up would be very appreciated. Will Chroma be able to use his wings and take flight as a replacement for his 4th ability in the future?
  2. that syandana would make me play conclave at all in the first place, not more but it doesn't, so everyone who thought this syandana looks awesome turned 180 on it
  3. you know, if the celestia syandana energy effect would be permanent I'd play conclave it sucks otherwise
  4. I like how you completely ignore countless requests from players who want the same as me just like DE...
  5. at leats those syandanas are not tied to conclave, they don't even look good enough to be worth imo I now see people complaining about the other syandana's upkeep which is funny, that upkeep mechanic maybe had a nice intention but now it's just delusion Why would you like it but not conclave?
  6. that's what players think who like conclave, you could also say that it's meant to show how bad a gamemode has to be to make people not play it at all just because of that maintenance mechanic it doesn't make sense, to keep it that way but let's not care about the majority, instead please a tiny portion of the community
  7. I want this syandana to change like many others, not conclave it looks way too good to be wasted like this imo what's the downside of it being permanent, I don't get it
  8. I don't think adding a cap to the bonus strength from her new passive is necessary unless it's affected by bonus strength/range. World on fire is a Line of sight ability now? That's worse than before. Just remove the overheating from World on Fire (at least the aura shrink).
  9. it's that easy huh? challenges are not that easy especially when players are having trouble finding a lobby to begin with sounds like fun more than dedication, yeah
  10. there is no reasonable downside of the change that im proposing, especially since "nobody" cares about conclave enough to make you feel acomplished the gamemode is dead because 99% of players hate or don't even know what it is people see a syandana they like and would grind for it people find out there's a crappy daily mechanic to keep it lit for some mysterious reason they decide to not farm it at all and the gamemode stays dead If you'd want to farm this syandana from 0 it would actually take you 12 days at the very least 12 days if you actually max out your daily standing every day as a MR 27 if that's not dedication, I don't know what is
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