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  1. TYPE: Visual bug DESCRIPTION: Wisp reservoir flowers are no longer displaying colors correctly VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Set all colors to what you want EXPECTED RESULT: primary color should match the outside of the flower, secondary should match the inside etc. here's a post of how motes originally shared palette colors: OBSERVED RESULT: colors do not match at all, there should be no white as I set my colors to all black for this
  2. TYPE: In-Game, User Interface DESCRIPTION: The damage on railjack weapons are increasing every time tabs are changed from upgrades to armaments in the railjack dry dock menu VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Look at a weapon in the armaments tab and take note of the damage, click over to the upgrades tab and then back to the armaments tab and look at the damage again EXPECTED RESULT: Damage number stays the same OBSERVED RESULT: Damage number increases every time REPRODUCTION RATE: 100% reproduction rate when changing tabs to upgrades and then back to arma
  3. Just noticed this is still happening so bumping for visability. This is exceptionally bad for me and presumably other colorblind people because I use the high contrast UI themes and the native red/brown color that the UI swaps to when using necramech is almost invisible making aiming difficult. I assume that this would be an issue for other people with vision issues as well, so hopefully it gets hotfixed quickly! Steps for reproduction: 1. change the custom UI to anything aside from default 2. get in necramech and look at the UI
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