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  1. That is why the cosmetics I suggest as well as umbra forma bp etc are a thing to grind for. The example of arcanes being endgame isn’t much of a thought out design. Also tradeable so don’t even need to grind for those. When designed correctly it can and will keep people going for it. All rewards are traps lol so are video games. Arcanes are a bad example of an endgame reward. New progression system, oh I can’t wait to see new players as well as old do that on top of what we did with focus. The grind is really only grind if the activity is terrible. With railjack a new raid could be a
  2. Endgame can when done correctly can be a great thing for players to try to get to as a goal. Sorry low levels but endgame means u need a certain level to do it. Everything is so accessible it frustrates new players And veterans alike when they do content that they really are not ready for that is why a real endgame is the goal or endgame. Also there really is no content to strive for as a goal. Warframe is too much collecting too much fodder gear for no purpose unless u needed that level, but at least if we had your level really matter and the need to collect the frames and have good leveled m
  3. My problem with it is it could be much better. That an also some scans like the ships on the Jupiter map still are unscannable and some scannable items or npc’s like syndicate specters and fortuna guys are still not in it after years. Plus should provide a little mastery. Also raid scans are also still in it.
  4. U kidding at least 15k that’s a god roll lol
  5. The helminth system is great for dispensary which really allows to use other frames if need be. Protea was never tough for me with solo Mesa. Voidrig with a dispensary frame is awesome.
  6. Should get some mastery imo. It does have the mastery logo when u complete scans. Always nice to get that extra scan with nekros shadows after kill.
  7. Yes that is similar to console but the bonus is always displayed but never giving an actual bonus reward. I’ve done like over a hundred rounds and I still haven’t received all the mods in the endless cuz the bonuses are never rewarded. I would do them more if they actually fixed this which I cannot believe has not been done yet.
  8. I used to use CS more when self dmg was a thing cuz it worked great for me and quick magus elevate operator shift would heal me quick enough if I really was low on health. Now it doesn’t feel as useful and it was quite the investment. As for a secondary one it would be better then nothing for a lot of my weapons
  9. Really then I wasn’t tripping out when I heard u can do that. If it isn’t effective they should make it effective and reward players who play well. Sometimes the stagger just isn’t your fault like when a Specter or npc(tumblers, shadows, dfense targets etc) jump in your way. When I get on I gotta try this and pay attention to energy color. You would hope then a cautious shot and this mechanic would get rid of it completely which would be nice and actually fun to use some of my old ruined weapons from this.
  10. I know people that are pretty new who love her. I did show how to use and build her correctly. Anyway if u like the music note ephemera idea let this thread reflect it so maybe we can get this thing in game.
  11. Lol I was thinking it mat just didn’t say out load. I could never hate her but I definitely feel it in this thread her dislike. I just disagree. As far as the turtle a capitol Yes in fact a prime turtle accessory. Anyway this thread was meant to be about the idea of a music note ephemera that DE just has to do. Most of my ideas I keep to myself however I need to see colored notes going to music played. Also when not with Octavia it could jam out to games music.
  12. Yes I heard Scott say it and it wasn’t too long ago. Octavia is a mess but incomprehensible buffs, guess u don’t play her much. As for me she is a god or should I say goddess in any camping survival and can be built for only stationary missions which is just too bad. That is kind of the issue tho. Her mallet does better stationary which wasn’t thought out about her ball moving around giving less of a damage buff. She is strong, however her four only works for anyone in a stationary area, that is why a self cast where u hold button down would be a quick help for her kit. Her 3 can be finicky de
  13. Good guess however strophe is too new.
  14. I do but it feels less effective since the changes of the self stagger. I think it should be better with such a huge investment. Rare Rank 10 mod Plus u probably need to forma few if not a couple times plus get weapon exilus adapter as well. It should add some kind of button press mechanic to get out of stagger to make it more worth while. Does anyone else remember the devs or community manager speaking of this mechanic?
  15. U do dancing emotes for buffs lol. Jk I was trying to think of a quick fix rework because I know this type of stuff requires man hours and resources and though it is not common knowledge Digital Extremes are very small company. Surprised they can do what they already do. Kind of wish they were able to hire.
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