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  1. Right there is no indication in the mission they really still there. It happens all the time to the frustration of many when searching and up don’t know if someone missed a room or the acolyte is gone. Sometimes they r and sometimes people extract thinking it is. Should be some kind of tell. It wouldn’t be difficult to do something about this. Happens every year and not always are u staring at the list when one pops up lol so I don’t know when it’s about to leave then u spawn unknowingly it’s gone already and u are wasting your time scouring every room for something that isn’t even there.. It really isn’t hard to come up with something. I know I’m not alone in feeling this way.
  2. I hear the reasoning behind getting rid of misery was because the drop table was diluted. I don’t see why anyone would complain of getting another possibility or opportunity to get these mods no matter what the chance it’s better then no chance at all. Also there should be some indication like whispering or message that tells you that acolyte has left the tile. Kind of stinks running around looking for an acolyte that isn’t even on the tile however I have to look at hub or u won’t know it is gone.
  3. I wish with all my heart this mode will come out. Finally some pvp lol. I want to see the stalker in my profile for mastery. And collect stalker mods can you imagine. Man the possibilities.
  4. The ranks should go as long as someone wants to go. Not like 15 credits is a whole lot and 40000 standing gets u 4 ranks and 10000 kuva so infinite level isn’t exactly going to break the game or anything. Just give us some more to do if we want. When maxed is reached it gets annoying that we still get the missions and we cannot even do them. Limiting farming like that kind of stinks. It’s like saying you cannot do this alert because you have done too many.
  5. Someday I hope an artist will make an equinox angel and devil. Please someone with some artistic talent. Oh and a khora spider skin which turns her 4 into webs and venari into a orb spider. U could b lazy and use the the articula spider model if u have to lol.
  6. Had my lich steal 2 of my rivens few days ago in consecutive sorties. I had to wait to get capacity which I lowered to 117 out of my 120 capacity. Recovered my liches stolen rifle rivens all to find only one in my inventory and a 118 out of 120 capacity. So beware and don’t let this happen to you until this gets fixed. Ticket sent but no reply yet.
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