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  1. These defending operatives have always have useless ai however this morning was a new low where dumb operative kept getting stuck in the heat turret where noone can revive him because the sliding heat turret knock you away from revive. Causing mission failure.Why can he not at least follow someone and not be so dumb. Prior to that he stood in front of the invulnerable turret trying to kill it dying 6 times.
  2. Yes that Is why I'm suggesting double resources and credits to be longer there are things to so in the orb vallis while the event is up that makes the event useful for us who have already done the fractures like toroid farming. I'm not talking about redoing the fractures but at least it has meaning for us is what I'm getting at. Most people dont even know the event gives us these bonuses on the orb vallis because the progress bar goes to out of control too quickly. I think some of you are misunderstood my original post based on this quote Yes some rewards would b a bad idea to maybe slow the progress bar
  3. I have sealed close 2 three hundred fractures. To have have me do more in order to get a resource double imo is just a waste of time and not very fun and would be better off using the time to farm things like toroids. Also a resource booster for each individual would ruin squad play trying to find others who have the same progress. I'm asking for a change that would be much easier to code and fix since they are busy enough and what many do not understand alot smaller then u think. It doesnt need to be complicated.my point exactly...replayability. people use the credit double for profit taker which is a great credit farm and an option other then index if u r good at it. Resource is just another huge farming bonus which was over in a jiffy. Even double resources during fractures would allow some toroid farming replayability. It is antisocial if you are. I meet plenty of people who come on when I have my mic active.
  4. The thermia fractures event is one event I actually love logging in for because of the double resources and credits the beginning of the event has. These days I dont have much to do on my account. However this event is worth it to me but the problem is the double resources leaves the event way too quickly. I understand it is because the fractures are not being done by the community so we lose the bonus but it literally lasts hrs now which pretty much made me just log off. I really believe slowing this progress bar would be beneficial to the event and the game as a whole. I was planning on helping some players with that grind and as soon as we grouped up it was gone and caused everyone to be disappointed rather then excited. I really hope this progress bar can be slowed to make the event a little more exciting for players including my streams instead of just another lack luster event with lack of replayability when you have completed your 100 fractures. Thanks for listening and hopefully I receive some support for this idea.
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