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  1. Is melee with gear items going to be refixed. Heavies too as well as cetus animals in codex?
  2. Basically have tried everything and no luck finding a single ship. Idk anymore maybe syndicates or lockdowns in a specific spot so ridic how rare they. Too bad cuz they sound cool.
  3. Huh wonder if u guys were in lockdown like alert level might matter. Wonder what tile?
  4. I did survival with no luck two 1hr and a half runs. I dont think u mean vapos condor dropship. IO doesn't dropship stuff anymore and IO is the defense not the survival
  5. Ok they definitely do not come in defense lol..also 6 more ropalyst fights nothing
  6. Really did 80 waves of d and ropalyst a bunch of times. Haven't seen yet looking all day.
  7. Has anyone ever seen a vapos condor dropship or vapos aquila? Guess IO doesnt have them anymore. I just need those 3 as well as the vapos prod crewnan Eximus which I have no idea where to find.
  8. U should probably fix the post so it doesn't have contradicting info. It still says The Jovian Concord will b in cert this week.
  9. This means console will have zip to do for awhile.
  10. U guys should extend it. U guys have overloaded servers or something. My friends and I can't even play and it's not our internets
  11. What’s with the limbo bug where other frames have ammo trailing and u cannot pickup nor pickup energy cells in excavation. Use to die to fix but can’t in arbitration.
  12. Consoles have big disadvantage sirrnce we don’t have k drives yet and u know that a k drive sub will win
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