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  1. Was unsure exactly where to post this and wanted to post much earlier however now I know this bug exists regarding certain enemy codex scans. I purposely sought out to find and scan 3 enemy types all of the Corpus Juno enemy type. The Juno Sap, SLO, and Nul Non eximus enemies are all with a question mark in my codex. I found all three in a survival and can confirm they are indeed all green and even tried to rescan these 3 enemy types in which they did not add them to my current codex. Also the Taro engineer is the only engineer spawning even on the wrong tiles where the other engineer variant
  2. I would be suprised if that happened. Seems like with new consoles cert takes much longer now. We can only hope.
  3. I really hope they fixed pilot from moving the ship while charging forward artillery which I may have missed in notes. Super annoying to have to tell him to do something else everytime when playing solo.
  4. Thanks for this, without a doubt this ability is the one that needs the most work. I cannot stand the way it works considering I use the shadows first ability to grab the enemies there is no reason why I need to travel a mile just to heal and fall off the map? I know it’s early and frames like Xaku were bad at first and then made hundred times better later. Hopefully Sev can be made much improved as well considering his investment in forma is pretty crazy. Considering I have 10 so far I would hope him to be a fancier valkyr except the fact my valkyr is atleast invulnerable and much more cheape
  5. I really wish Sevagoths consume didn’t lunge forward so much. Or at least allow a self cast or hold to maybe shorten the distance because right now it gets frustrating to the point I don’t like him where I fly off a map when I just need to consume an enemy right in front of me. Very easy to fly off map or unnecessarily get stuck in maps like Eris tiles. Please allow us to hold button and go just couple meters please. I know people like using to travel so this way it wouldn’t rid anyone of using it that way.
  6. One bug that drives me nuts is when using Omni back to railjack and u get magnet proc u cannot see objective or health for the rest of mission. Had to abandon objective because I could not see what to do. This electrical failure made it into my next mission as well. Because of this I could not tell my pilot(crew) to stop piloting during the point we need to shoot weak spots with forward artillery and he would pilot away while charging the gun. This lasted all the way even I. Dojo. Also have failed missions for no reason. Even rewatched clips where we were done and all of a sudden mission fail
  7. On PS5 I have been doing the caches on corpus railjack and many times I am not receiving the identified item reward from ice mines etc. getting very hard to farm these items when no reward is given
  8. I remember when I first started scanning in warframe and saw the mastery symbol thinking it gave u a point or two depending on difficulty. I thought trying to find scans was fun and wish mastery was a thing for scans. Some of the codex is broken often so that can be discouraging. Hopefully upkeep gets better someday and it will be worth doing more so with mastery.
  9. I suggest using amesha to slow enemies down not hard to scan, I use the mod for melee kills sometimes but melee sux even with amesha. Bombard eximus really wasn’t too hard with my Loki. Carrier charger and eximus wasn’t bad with a friend, and yes we had a nekros for that extra scan with the shadow. Jugulus eximus I still have never seen. The survivors are way too high for that many scans.
  10. Has anyone ever got all 3 scans of the vapos ships yet? I was only able to get 1 of the 3 and the two vapos dropships and eximus are still unscannable as far as I know but haven’t tried in a long while.
  11. Now I do not have mouse and keyboard like many other Tenno on ps4 do not. When we hover over the last invasion planet on Phobos it does not show the mission. I know this UI is me at for pc and believe that could be causing an isssue. I know sliders are a pain to use on console since the are so small but still last invasion window should not just show sometimes.(edit) clarification this is the main invasion window not the actual planet node)
  12. Is there any plans to making the raid an actual endgame in which it would have many parts including arsenal checkpoints in which we might need to switch a build for example to get past a parkour section where we could make a build using some of those unused parkour mods to get by the section. Then maybe a defense then boss encounter, followed by using our railjack to get to next section Which could be a survival section followed by a boss fight for example. I think difficult content like this could bring back many veteran friends I have lost and also give new players something to strive for as
  13. To say console players are the ones who acted a fool on railjack is laughable. That patch was broken and I do remember all the broken railjack videos on YouTube from pc players and console alike. Deimos was also released in a better state then the newly coded game mode of railjack and console players were fine. Don’t blame console players. Also we have different bugs that pc also doesn’t have to worry about unless all console went to keyboard mouse configurations. That is a funny scapegoat to generalize like that. Sure there maybe more six year olds whining on console at times, but these quote
  14. Really like rework however I was hoping for additional buff w scaling damage on tornadoes themselves. One thing I hated playing w zephyrs is floating enemies not dying. Sure u shoot them to add damage but I was hoping her to be useful on endurance runs as well.
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