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  1. Okay so, I have been stuck in rank 2 of Fortuna's version of the Quills for months. Seeing as Atmos Systems are needed to rank up and the only way to get them is from Profit Taker missions. I have ran them more than enough and then some, just trying to get Atmos Systems to rank up. HOWEVER, any and all rewards I get, is everything but those systems. If I cannot have them drop after months of going up against that "raid" boss. then at this point make them buyable from the market for platinum. I'm not doing profit taker anymore, the drop chance regardless if it has been buffed in terms of d
  2. With 2020 not being an amazing year, I felt it necessary to express my thanks. Of all the games I play and the communities with in them, Warframe is honestly my favorite. You guys communicate with us, and help to resolve bugs as fast as they appear. The community of players tend to enjoy some part or parts of the game or the game as a whole. Alot of communities on my other games have either deteriorated into toxic/trolling cesspools or change into a ridiculously high skill wall for no reason. It's hard to find a game with a good community and developers to boot. Part of me feels like a whole l
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