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  1. So after being on my 4th of 5th, not sure, Lich I realized they aren't very unique. I understand the idea was like the SOM (Shadow of Mordor) but clearly different however, each lich sounds roughly the same. Each time you get a grandma like lich, its always the same kind of "oh I must kill you and grrr" kind of thing while the grandpa liches are cracking jokes. I feel like there needs to be different voice lines as well as more unique like features. I mean some of their armor is pretty cool looking but then when you have to look at their face and its not all that attractive, it quickly becomes dull. FOr each lich you "make" have some varitey. More dialogue, different voices instead of a simple pitch change, that and I think the lich system would be improved. Other than that, if you kick a Lich off a planet, aka beat all his/her mission nods, they should not be allowed to reclaim said planet. Finally, a no brainer, kind of suggestion which would be more weapons, including side arms. These are my thoughts on the current Kuva Lich system, please add your addition input on how to improve upon the lich system to make each lich a bit more unique.
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