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  1. as shallow and subjective as that answer is its the best I could think up, the stuff DE has been putting out has just not been fun. warframe started to feel more like a second job to me and my friends so we all just took a break. Popped back in for liches/railjack that was/is garbage, popped back in for scarlet spear, more garbage. Game stinks with all the trash piling up, best for me option for me is wait and see if DE can air it out. I've done more or less all there is to do in warframe; these new updates don't offer me anything fun to play with, they're exciting when announced and very disappointing to experience.
  2. What is this game to you? what started as a very pretty mess of a game with tons of potential has slowly, over my 7 years of playing due to sunken cost fallacy, turned into a very pretty grindy mess. Each year getting worse with promises and lies like: "we wanted to respect our players time" "we don't want to increase the grind" to appease the community when DE goes right around and does the exact opposite while they continue to throw S#&$ at a wall, hoping a turd will stick. It'd be nice if DE would throw something else, aim better and clean up the S#&$ that didn't stick. it really sucks watching all this happen when the art team is just knocking it out of the park constantly and the game play/story/missions can't even come close to that level. I haven't had any faith in DE as a dev team to realize any of the potential warframe has for a long time now; fortuna, liches and empyrean all solidified that for me. I can only guess as what DE's problems are, but they are not and will not be addressed. so to sum up my feelings of what is this game to me. Warframe is a very wide puddle of stagnant gasoline slowly draining into a gutter. No depth is ever really added to it, just more splashes of gas here and there, making small islands. Warframe is a puddle of a game.
  3. oh I went and traded for my magnus arcanes, I have enough torids to hit max rank and beyond with vox, its the systems grind that makes me want to drink a gallon of bleach. Good point with profit taker though, less armor would help that boss fight feel less like drilling into my own skull with a dull bit. I'm optimistic about the coming changes, that said DE still has a lot more work to do if they truly want to start setting up some consistency and respecting my time as a player/customer.
  4. i wonder if the magnus arcanes are going to be in the reward table for scarlet spear cuz otherwise I'll have to grind out vox solaris some more, I don't know if my soul can take that.
  5. valkyrs not on the list, so hes not the only one (not that she needs an armor buff)
  6. going to be interesting seeing how shotguns play once all of this is live. I want more of these mainlines.
  7. railjack 2.0! the railjack 1.0 you saw last tennocon!
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