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  1. Warframe 2? Excalibur Prime for everyone!!
  2. So new stuff is only interesting to you if other people can't get it, and if they can it's dull? That's... questionable.
  3. What you described aren't unresolved issues so much as the game. It's like... "So I've been playing this racing game, but every now and then I get tired of cars and driving and going fast." It's a farming horde shooter. Repetitive grinding against RNG is kinda the core concept.
  4. I see you (a) did not read my whole post and (b) are trying to compare proper names to standard nouns, or apples to oranges. So congratulations on being one of "those people" twice over.
  5. That's just a standard noun, not a proper name. Of course you could make the argument this isn't a proper noun, since your standard warframe isn't sapient and it would be more akin to naming a strain of plant than a person. Of course then you run into nouns translating, after all; steel, stehlen, acier, acero. So at this point it wouldn't matter what the Germans say, because the name could be translated to anything, and pronounced however they want. And of course, even with proper names you end up with some not being the same across languages and cultures. After all, the Germans don't call Germany that. To them, they are the Deutsche who live in Deutschland. And to much of the world it's Allemagne or some variation thereof. So why nitpick over how Germans would pronounce "Gauss" when no one is even willing to let them decide what they call themselves or their country? Past that, discoveries aren't typically named by their discoverer. They usually suggest a name, but that rarely works out. Places have generally been decided by map makers. Scientific discoveries by peer review journals. Inventions by the marketing people selling them to the public. Which really, just goes even further to showing the fluidity of names and naming, and furthers the notion of Gauss being whatever DE wants. They could spell it Buttcrack and pronounce it Juice and it would be just as valid. Their call.
  6. Yeah, no. The store items are priced they way they are for a reason, and those prices are fixed. If you want more you pay/grind more. That's how the world works. With things like rivens and Prime parts this would actually make things worse. More plat would result in those items costing more since more plat doesn't diminish their value, and that value is relative to the supply of plat. Which means that if you want to see plat prices for trade items lower, you don't increase the amount of plat, you increase the amount of items. You need drop rates to increase, and plat per dollar to stay the same. This results in supply of items to increase to meet or come closer to meeting demand. Lowering scarcity decreases value, thus increasing your purchasing power and shifting the market away from the seller and toward the buyer. Basic supply and demand stuff here.
  7. David Bowie was born David Jones. He got his stage name from the American frontiersman Jim Bowie. Bowie is pronounced boo-EE, boo like a ghost says. David, and his many fans, have tended to pronounce it Bow-EE, bow like a bowtie. David had never heard the name spoken aloud before, just read about Jim and seen it in print. Now, do we need to tell Ziggy Stardust fans they need to start saying David Booie? Nope, everyone just needs to deal with it and accept that people can change pronunciations of names, even when taken from another source. That's a thing. How a name is pronounced is up to the person choosing and bestowing the name, not its source. Otherwise we have a whole lot of wrong ones out there. Every Chuck was named after some guy named Charles, which is a French name, and the French pronounce "ch" like "sh". Is it Prince Sharles now? Shuck Norris? Shuck E. Cheese? No, probably not. So Gauss is whatever DE say it is.
  8. Pretty sure it's an upcoming frame that paralyzes people. So a Gaub stopper if you will...
  9. For the record: Power creep actually has nothing to do with the relation of player power versus content difficulty. It actually refers to the power of rewards versus like rewards, and the resulting obsolescence of the lower tier fare. For players, the release of new, more powerful weapons making older weapons pointless to use would be an example of power creep. Rivens, which have made players more powerful, would not be an example. Quite the opposite actually, since rivens are designed to make previously obsolete items more powerful to compensate (YMMV) and thus, despite increasing player power, actually combats power creep (in theory at least). For content it would be releasing a new mode/level/raid/expansion with better loot that makes previous content unrewarding by comparison. This funnels players into this one drop of content, and makes the rest of the game obsolete due to lesser rewards. Most games do this with raids, increasing reward drop rates dramatically and giving exclusive, better gear drops from those raids, making all other content basically pointless to play if you can manage the raids. And of course, since devs tend to funnel better content into newer raids it furthers that creep, making older raids obsolete as well, and thus relegating "end game" to one singular piece of content. That's actually what power creep refers to.
  10. So what you're saying is... some German people pronounced their names wrong? That's okay, happens to the best of us. Even David Bowie didn't know how to pronounce his own name. And you have to expect it from the Germans. They don't even know how to pronounce "Germany". They're really not even close. "Doychland"? Yeah, more like Duh-doychland! It's Germany. Ger-man-ee. It's your own country, get it right for God's sake!
  11. This is what I care about. Would love to have the game mobile on my Switch, but there's no way I'm starting over.
  12. It's also a boatload of plat. And lengthy boosters. Prime Access and Unvaultings are great... unless you're just after the Prime stuff.
  13. Thing is, it can also be very little thanks to those plat coupons available on PC. Those don't exist on consoles. There you get one-use coupons for items directly from the store. And they don't work on Tennogen. Or bundles. Basically they work on stuff you probably don't want to buy, which you'd be better off crafting, which are only a few bucks anyway. It's really not great regardless of platform.
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