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  1. Nice news they Fixed Toroids in Temple of Profit in Orb Vallis🤣🤦‍♂️ " Toroid Changes & Fixes: Increased drop rate from 1.1% to 2%. Fixed Toroids not dropping from non-Raknoid enemies at Spaceport, Research Base, and Temple of Profit in Orb Vallis. "
  2. Please check this: 1. Speed-up Exploiter Orb and check "Shocking Step" drop works 2. Autologin+Restart is now possible by 2FA (even hidden dev mode) 3. Air Support at NightWave and its reputation
  3. 1.Speed-up Exploiter Orb - its not popular, most lagging and need PC resources and take 13+minutes need decrease to ~6-8minutes maximum speed-up timers 4 vents to 3 Coolant Canisters hits 4/8/12 to 4/6/8 Increase ephemera rates to 20% 2. And check "Shocking Step" drop works. I play about 80 times and have 3 frozen and 0 shoking ephermera 3. Today servers also lagging and add to mission additional 3-6 minutes stretched on all stages
  4. The charges are quite interesting and rarely used. For example, I often save players with them on spy-sortie Liset Air Support = LaS "Studying", daily using LaS (x2): use self LaS on any mission use self LaS on alarm on SPY use self LaS on alarm to disable lockdown//alarm Weekly, using LaS: on Spy use Three(3) LaS from different players (here no friends or all 4 players need) Save "teammate" on Spy (not self) Turn off the alarm//lockdown twice on One mission Additional: Help players go through spy-sorties, which often players fail= Give 100 reputation at successful completion Spy-sortie with random players using "Liset -Air Support". So gamers can play Spy-Sortie repeatedly and have more Exp 🙂
  5. Iam supporting any developers works, but if they do it and game rise, but not what about...oh 1 year pass
  6. мод [узкий ствол] отображается не кликабельным: [* ствол]
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