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  1. Just doing some rounds of index for the nightwave challenge. At 34/50 points on the third round I get black screen followed by a total crash. Browser comes up with out of memory error. Crashes of Warframe are extremely rare for me, timing seems like it could be some trolling or just very bad luck.
  2. I've played this game mode a few times when hosting bugs removed my HUD. Can confirm it increases difficulty, especially in Railjack when you can't see the hull breach that's going to end the mission or how long you have to fix it.
  3. Would love something like a persistent Atlas of Worlds from Path of Exile for our Railjacks to visit. Or a whole galaxy like Elite only flavoured for Warframe. Something explorable.
  4. Intermission has been a bit boring this time, and sucked to get duplicate rewards, but Nora said a few things I haven't heard before..
  5. Bug report threads should actually be bug report threads.
  6. All 25p. Tonkor 26rad Brakk 27rad Drakgoon 27heat
  7. Just bought a quartakk from OP in game. Just want to extend additional thanks for the sale of these, some people asking 300+pl for fodder level weapons, nice to deal with someone reasonable and non-greedy.
  8. Soloing has been fine so far through Earth and Saturn, only waiting on intrinsics for Veil. Don't even need gunners as 90% of the fighters crash by themselves, and crew ships are straightforward especially with arch sling. Extra objectives easy once the map is cleared.
  9. Yeah, a few of the quests and most of what you do in Warframe is gated by time or cost (or just time as a lot of the cost needs time to pay). For comparison the newest quest to build your ship costs something like 6 million credits. Once you start getting credit boosters from sorties and are more familiar with the index you'll have no problem raising credits quickly. The wiki has some good general tips on making credits quickly.
  10. After switching to the omni during a mission lost the hud so no hull breach/fire indicators, no countdown, no progress indicator, no hull/shield display. A new definition of difficulty.
  11. Been doing the slow but steady solo route, and the battle/tactics avionics have dropped on every mission I've failed 😧
  12. It's true, when boarding a crew ship there's a crate to my left and a gun-toting grineer to the right. I always shoot the crate first.
  13. [DE]bug might be the new mantra. That said, despite the bugs new mode seems fun.
  14. Gah just created a new thread missed this one. Same problem.
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