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  1. The approach for all factions is the same, rip and tear, until it is done.
  2. I imagine that due to Umbra's inner turmoil and suffering his benign Tenno master keeps him on ice between missions, where he can enjoy the peace of a dreamless sleep.
  3. Nice read, and a lot of it looks good. One thing I would add though, is that the factions are balanced around more than just the raw numbers. Grineer have the advantage of tankiness as their faction thing, while Corpus have nullifiers and insane crowd controllers knocking you all over the place. Hard to factor these into the calculations but they do go toward explaining the imbalance in EHP.
  4. Bounty to enter the secure area in Enrichment Labs. After hacking the door to the secure area (far one with laser trips on the floor), on entering operator mode will fall through the floor onto a ledge. Can no longer exit operator mode and moving in any direction causes an endless fall. Eudico told me I looked like an amateur which was hardly fair. Has happened twice in a row so assume it is reproducible.
  5. They could just act as nullifiers for any invisibility.
  6. Due to broken mission markers many missions work this way.
  7. With heart, faith and steel. In the end there can be only one.
  8. I like the reward system in Gwent, you earn reward points for quests and ranking things, with a multitude of different reward books of connected nodes on which to spend your points, you get a reward for each node bought as well as a bonus reward for completing all nodes in a book. It has permanent reward books always available and seasonal/event rewards coming and going. Little bit of lore thrown in as you complete nodes too. You can pick which books to work on, and seasonal stuff remembers points you've already spent so when it comes around again you pick up where you left off. Another pa
  9. Suggested thread title change: Umbra Forma is impossible to obtain if you don't play the game
  10. That's a possibility, though there was no animation, just standing staring at the door as if they were thinking of how much to charge for the work :) Also, the point remains that having a reachable catastrophic breach or an ice door they should probably choose the breach, though on the other hand perhaps the AI is elite enough to leave the breach until the last moment to prolong invulnerability!
  11. Happening to me all the time after the update, not quite as bad, but down from 60 to 15-40 even in Orbiter. EDIT: This turned out to be a my PC problem, now fixed. Hope y'all get yours sorted!
  12. Just an AI observation. There was a breach in the centre room of the railjack (where the ramp down to forge is). My engineer was in the floor exit/pilot area. One of the two doors had an ice effect on it, the other door was fine. The breach was just on the other side of the iced door. The AI just stood at the iced door, no pathfinding through the other door.
  13. I think the quest will involve unearthing rare relics from the Orikin era, with the intent to exchange for platinum in shady relays in the depths of the system. Once secured, this platinum can be used to entice out contacts in the black market who will certainly have the tech we require.
  14. From login could tell something was wrong, the daily reward screen was lagging! Performance in the orbiter dropped from steady 60fps to a choppy 20-40. Went into a Veil Proxima mission, performance remained bad. Cyclops array kept firing after being disabled, and couldn't complete the mission because the crew ships just vanished. Other games seem okay so I'm assuming this is the hotfix, but could be me. EDIT: After some troubleshooting it seems I have an integrated graphics card that suddenly decided to wake up and take over gaming duty, hence the startling FPS drop, sorry to make
  15. Thought it was bad when I got it from random Manic drops, but wow, they've managed to bring it to a whole new level.
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