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  1. Have an instanced version available as long as you have the nightwave challenge. Once the challenge is complete the instance disappears.
  2. Yes to OP, plus indicator of arcane levels when trading rep with Quills/Little Duck.
  3. I agreed with the OP's conclusion, then this post made me realise the Tenno have a strong resemblance to, or rather appear to be a blend of, all the other factions.
  4. The reward table system is a slot machine, and those particular rewards are what is known as booby prizes.
  5. This is the best advice I think. At the end of each isolation vault there's an optional objective to open the vault, do this and In the room at the end are many containers with all types of resources.
  6. Aha, I thought only the element was dependent. It did seem odd, good to know thanks!
  7. Had 4 ephemera out of 15 sisters, unfortunately all identical.
  8. Could be either or both really, cheaper temp effects or very costly and permanent effects. With all focus schools maxed you'll be earning focus forever in Warframe, so the ability to keep spending favours the effects being temporary as a focus sink. Upgrading from legendary master ranks also a good possibility, maybe with legendary ranks unlocking the abilities that can then be bought with focus. Essentially this could be a 'True Master' school like the other focus schools, with the abilities relating to the Font. You're probably right about all the buffs being too much, though perhaps a trade-off would be possible where you can have more types of buffs but at lower % levels or time.
  9. Makes sense for the limit to reset when taking a new bounty, regardless of whether that's in Cetus or on the plains. Saying that, it doesn't make sense why there is a limit in the first place.
  10. Sometimes out of date GPU drivers can cause a performance drop between versions, if your version is older than the assumed version.
  11. How about allowing Focus to be spent when applying a buff from the relay font. For example, each 10,000 focus spent adds 1 hour to the buff duration up to 23 hours. The extended duration would only apply to the Tenno applying the buff. Another possibility is allowing multiple buffs to be applied per day with a hefty cost, so second buff would be 50,000, third 100,000 etc. Obviously figures and features adjustable, but it makes sense lore-wise.
  12. It's RNG and the worst thing about Equinox is the more parts you get the less chance you have of getting one that you need. Seems like the got lucky first time around, not so lucky on the replay.
  13. If you type in the page count of this thread on a phone and read it in a mirror it spells 'BIBEL'.
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