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  1. Primed Sure Footed does not. Its locked behind daily log in rewards, like Primed Vigor. So, it does feel like it takes unreasonably long for no reason and there are already different ways to obtain primed mods in the game.
  2. We'll see. When I'm at uni I'm away from my pc, so it'd be nice to keep the grind going. However, I don't expect my phone to be able to run it, nor do I expect its complex controls to be usable, let alone comfortable for any serious playing. So, I might give it a go but my hopes ain't high.
  3. Vaulted Prime sets aren't easy to farm. If I'm not mistaken, Loki Prime is the highest priced Prime on the website, at a minimum of 500p. Nova Prime on the other hand - who is equally impossible to farm - has a set going for 155p.
  4. That's great theory, but doesn't work in practice. First and foremost, buying out the market requires a lot of plat, which I do not have. I mean, everybody can predict that prices will rise. The price of Rhino and Nyx prime plummeted after they got unvaulted. No one is under any doubt that that their price will rise again after they get put back into the vault. So why are there still some trying to be sold on the Market? Why doesn't some big brain go and buy out the markets of both prime frames and make millions in a year's time? Because the longer someone has to wait in order to receive the benefit, the less valuable the benefit appears when compared to present losses. Losing 1000 plat today with the promise of gaining 5000 plat tomorrow is an offer that pretty much no one will pass on. Now, what if every player was given the choice of giving away 1000 plat today to receive 50,000 plat in 18 months time? Even though the value of the loss is the same, and the value of the gain is much higher, far fewer players will take this offer. Having to wait 18months, and do without your 1000 plat and the things you could have spent it on is a much larger loss, even though the actual value of the loss is the same. So no, "if you think it's underpriced, buy the stock" isn't a reasonable response. The amount of plat I would earn down the line isn't high enough for me to justify losing the plat it would take to buy the stock right now, even if I had it.
  5. I know that would be cool and all but like... It's a melee weapon, not a K-Drive
  6. Warframe Market is often underpriced. Players just don't value their time, but are desperate for quick plat, so they're happy to sell a strong *and* vaulted Prime Warframe for 100p. I know he's literally only *just* been vaulted to demand hasn't risen yet, but selling Atlas Prime for 40p? When he's not coming back for *years*? Just silliness. Problem is that while it exists it's hard to sell anything for higher.
  7. Glad this thread is getting some attention. Hopefully DE will take notice of it.
  8. Me? I stop playing. Happens all the time. I grind something that seems awesome, and when I get it, I don't know what else to do. So I log in, spent some time milling about my orbiter then log off and play a different game and return after a few updates.
  9. I'm wouldn't call it an exploit. It's understanding how the game functions normally and behaving in a way to make the game behave in the way that is currently most optimal to your interests. You're not causing the game to behave in a way that it wasn't intended to, nor are you taking advantage of a moment when the game is behaving other than it is intended to by cause of a bug. The position the drone starts in is selected based on player location, so the players go to where they know will make the game spawn the drone in an ideal location. The thing where Loki TPs from the top of a sniper tower, causing the drone segment to autocomplete is clearly a glitch and using it is an exploit. But drone forcing? Maybe DE will tell me I'm wrong and they consider it an exploit, but I don't see it myself. It's just understand how the game will behave in certain situations and then acting accordingly. I don't see this as any different to force spawning voms or the other examples that a poster listed above.
  10. I actually found myself reading a lot about this yesterday, I can't remember why tho. I think the official explanation given was basically grineer vs corpus it also said this: Both Syndicates also prefer different methods to resolving conflict -- one by force and one by absence of participation. Were the Perrin Sequence able to solve most of their disputes through diplomatic means it is entirely possible that they would forsake Tenno aid to better focus on their profit from nonviolent measures. It is highly doubtful that given the omnipotent presence of Grineer brutality that Steel Meridian could ever make such a choice. but someone on Reddit elaborated saying that in real life, each of this factions would likely see each other as short sighted. Steel Meridian want a more militarised uprising to violently dethrone the institutions and Perrin Sequence want to redistribute wealth and take a more diplomatic approach. Steel Meridian could point out that that basically describes Corposium which lead to the Corpus we have today and PS could point out that an anarchist group destroying the ruling institutions would just create a power vacuum that someone - potentially worse - could fill. I'm not sure how Infested ancients are connected, but yeah, it's a technology thing. Cephalons are basically the spear heads of technological expansion, and New Loka resist such an expansion. New Loka desire to cleanse Earth of all Orokin technologies while Cephalons are literally pieces of Orokin technology - Suda herself was an Orokin Archmedian. Red Veil are the weird ones. More so than how AH and RV are opposed, I don't understand why RV and SM are aligned. Especially because of Defection missions. You're trying to escort these defectors to the Meridians protection and RV are trying to cut them open and look inside. This is a clear conflict of interest.
  11. I thought this, but I've made an extended effort to put this to the test by Killing them instantly and it still occurred for me. Luckily, it only broke 2 hounds for the entire Sister I just finished but attempting to Mercy instantly doesn't seem to be a fix, at lost not in my experience. Also, my sympathies for losing all 3 hounds in a mission to this bug. I think I would have rage quit
  12. I agree that Kuva Liches just aren't up to par with SoPs. They take longer and are less rewarding - Kuva liches give you a weapon and maybe an ephermera, Sisters give you a weapon, maybe an ephemera, a companion, components to build your own companion and now a holo key to buy more weapons. However, I don't think slapping a gross dog beside the liches is the play. I like that the Sisters and Liches feel different instead of just being Faction copy/pastes of each other. There is certainly more they could do to that end and I don't think homogenising the rewards will help.
  13. Was this the reason that they gave for making the syandana's exclusive? And if so, why was everything else made obtainable elsewhere? I'm happy to grind, but I don't like the exclusivity. Especially when they continue to add stuff *after* you make your choice and it's a time consuming and expensive choice to erase. In my opinion, I like the trading element combined with a "convenience" element. You can do xyz to get this item or you can just buy it, but only if you're in Ergo Glast's good books.
  14. Is there any reason why the cosmetics have to be hard locked behind each syndicate? Almost none of the syndicate items are actually locked behind them but for some reason the cosmetics are, and it's a tall task to expect players to level a syndicate to full, spend a total of 225K standing on the armour and syandana. Especially when stuff gets added. I considered putting the time in a while ago, and buying everything from Red Veil and Steel Meridian before converting to Perrin and Loka and maxing them. I'm super glad I didn't because since I had that idea they have added the armour sets to them. The augment mods, captura scenes, AW wep parts and syndicate weapons and even the emotes can be traded, the Spectres can drop from the death squads that come after you, the restores can be researched in the dojo, all syndicates have access to the Relic packs and the Exilus adapter. From the syndicates entire offering list, the only items that are unobtainable through other means are the sigils, the orbiter decors, the syandanas and the armor sets. I think it would be really cool if these were tradeable or otherwise obtainable in game. As far as my memory goes, there are no other tradeable syandanas or amour sets in the game, but at one point there were no tradeable weapon parts or built weapons, and when they added syndicate emotes they made the first tradeable emotes so I think they could make the cosmetics work. And if not tradeable, it'd be nice to have them obtainable another way. Some syndicates already have easy avenues to implement this: Arbiters of Hexus could sell them for Vitus Essence Perrin Sequence could sell them for Corrupted Holo Keys Paladino already has a shop set up in Iron Wake so she could sell them there. How many of you have obtained all of the syandanas/armour sets? I personally don't have 4 spare Reactors or Catalysts to bring all the other syndicates up from the negatives to max rank. Thoughts? How would you feel about tradable/otherwise obtainable syndicate cosmetics and if they added them how would you like them implemented? EDIT: So, I'm reading from the replies that the armour is in-fact tradeable. I checked my syndicates before posting and hovering over the armour set option in the offerings does not show the Tradeable icon, however after clicking it (as if you were to buy it) and then hovering over the individual items does reveal the Tradeable icon for each of them.
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