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  1. Any of my Syanddana that Closes-down down during 5 sec then it Opens-up only during bullet jumps or aim glide...
  2. Typical DE style not sure if dumb or, it's a business strategy. To avoid flashy Syanndanas to stand out the rest. So it has to close itself... Thinkin bout it too much makes me think even Syandannas gets nerf in such ways metaphoric of how they like nerfing everything :D
  3. Bought the Night Hunter Syandanna yet fairly dissapointed when I soon go on a mission. Where the wings flap closed :(
  4. True I know what u mean. Though there should be a limitation to avoid everyone cautght. If they it didn't meet certain criteria. Such as completing some Star Chart or Mastery. Still basic cautions can solve these kind of issues. Still how rather dull alerts now compare it before. I just wish some kind of Boss alerts, so that I have reasons to go back to play it.
  5. Warfarme sucks at advertising important missions like (Eidolons, Orb Spiders, Lich, and Star Chart Boss) as they don't come up in the front page of alerts. Instead they keep it in a location blending in with normal set of bounties... Talkin bout of bad game design. Like lietraly I wouldn't notice if I don't look throughly.
  6. Well NW is more complex than Alerts for new players... Cuz u have to do specific challenges. Like do Hydrolyst capture which new players can't do. Back when theres normal alerts If the game gives Affinity/Resource booster or a Forma, Endo, Credits for a reasonable amount then I oblige to play them anywhere in starchart. Boss Battle/Boss Raid/Boss Alerts, u name it... Is more needed in this game. Just look how much the hype we get when Plague Star is around... But that shiet is also milking its content too much and its the only raid boss event I'd ever played in recent years.
  7. Well programming is a hard thing to do such as making specific missions for us to do but. I really want to push Boss alerts much easier to do and also. Cuz I haven't been playing it since. I had no reason to go back.
  8. Pretty much alerts wasn't doing well cuz of how miniscule the rewards are. Also in NW it's almost the same stuff u see laying around. For almost 20 weeks now...
  9. Yeah although rewards in the old alerts are miniscule in 2020. But I never seen Boss Fight alerts... Raid?
  10. Here's my quote post down below... More likely alerts treated for specific mission in Starchart just with better rewards. Before it exist, but Warframe didn't look it obvious. Although I like the alerts more focus on the bosses than normal misssions. If u mean Kuva Survival is not good since Steel Path grind exist Just go Ophelia (Steel Path) to get Tellerium, Galium, Plastids, Polymer Bundle, and Steel Essence. So right now the grind for Kuva Survival is pointless.
  11. Aye Voltage yep seperate alerts for ( Defense, Mobile Defense, Spy, Capture, Exterminate, Sabotage/Rescue, Survival and Disruption) just to spice things up.
  12. Thats open world alerts mate. I mean most of the normal mission ( Defense, Mobile Defense, Spy, Capture, Exterminate, Sabotage/Rescue, Survival and Disruption) doesn't really do anything once u finish it. Like exmaple. Would I really go back to earth just to do capture?
  13. Edit: I mean events like Daily Sorties. Not talking about, Open Worlds, Nightwaves or Arbitration alerts. Just the Star Chart mission in general. So like "Invasions"... That thing needs to go, and replace it for something else. Cuz that feels outdated in 2020. I'm worried about it so much that the majority of the solar system missions serves no purpose at all, and my Main focus of fixing first was the Boss Fights. By having its own "Daily Sortie" treatment. Like it has it own rewards and stuff like that. Other abbandoned mission will have it own treatment too. Which it comes up with
  14. Hey I don't mind the stupid grind actually. Since Rare Necramech mods are the reason ppl play vaults right? So, imagine once u got all the mods. So whats next? It's either u grind it or buy it.
  15. I though the title was related from Among Us :D
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