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  1. As the title mentioned. DEVS should be focusing on Universal Rewards to spent, like in the Scarlet Spear, for example. Items I considered to be a universal rewards are... Forma BP/Exilus Kuva Nitain Extract Boosters Mods Orokin Catalyst/ Reactor Generic/ Staple Mods Endo Relic Packs Item Slots (e.g Warframe & Weapon Slots) Rare Resources Ayatans Feel free to give any info on why they wouldn't do somthing like this, which I can only think about is that, some of them are being spent on plat. But increasing the spent required will avoid spending it too much.
  2. EXPECTED RESULT Hi I invite people to join into a space squad ,and after we finish the mission... I'm the only person who received points in that mission. Pls Fix
  3. People clicked this got triggered XD Well I really love it, but it needs urgent fixing the bugs, which players earn those for hardwork for nothing.
  4. I appreciate what they did, but those are necessity and no-brainer to be fixed since player have been complaining dmg scaling for years now, but content wise is rather slow. When Covid-19 is around I wonder , how fast they'll drop update frequently.
  5. Yep I'm aware they have lore in them. However, as I said those weapons are mostly Faction based, and it's significant to tell which maker or manufacturer of these weapons. Likely it's easy to add flavour text onto these weapons and be simply called, ferocious and deadly. Imagine creating a weapon quest focus on, the warriors of the Old War like. The Mercinary "Ordan Karris" (Cephalon Ordis) and his weapon of mass genocide. For me, it would be a great idea to add as a side content. From what I figure, they couldn't make quest like these,because theres a paywall on most of the weapons in the game, and clearly thats the reason on whats stopping them. I played Skyrim a lot. Weapons there have similar issue (faction based) "Empire and Stormcloacks" but... Apart from the factions, they have. Heroes, Ancient, Elves, Dragons, Gods, and etc. Some of these weapons have a huge significance on how it was made,and most of them was purely made to stand out above the rest. I really like to imply this type of system, because weapons in Warframe right now is utterly dull, unique but not special like some enemies would use it. I really like how the Paracesis since it's the only weapon can shreds sentients faster.
  6. I'm aware that some guns in Warframe has lore applied. Although, all the weapons are lacking in originality and has some reccuring theme to them (Faction based) Apart from signature weapons ei: Octavia's (Tenora & Pandero) are exempition, since it's base on the Warframes design. I'd like to see more weapons similar to Paracesis, which the quest is solely focus only on the weapon and it tells more about the lore and its usage. I'd like them to widen the lore a bit more not only just revolving around 4 main diffrent factions. The universe is massive and some wepons are yet to be discovered. It'doesnt need to be in a faction, it could be a some random person made a weapon of mass-destruction. It could be something like: According to the legends gathered from an old Corpus Scientist. Beyond the deep abyss of the rocks, a glowing element found below the darkest night of the sea... Just imagine holding a weapon used by the gods in war.
  7. Post it on Imgur then Copy paste the picture here
  8. It's part of assination group. I mean this all the nodes I mention scattered through out the system
  9. Personally I'm fine with the abilities, Vauban is like the Batman of Warframe right now 😄 I'm leaning more on the game mechanics of the game. Here some of my issues: The environment is dull. (There's no contrast in the game. It looks dull as hell) The weapons are mediocre. Most of them look similar , reskined or had change stats, just to say it's different, In the end it shoots the same. "It needs to be unique" (Different weapon FX would fix that but it needs to be impactfull eg: OPTICOR) just to make them look powerfull in it's own unique way. Just like how Starwars & Halo weapons shoot beams, I wish they added smthing like that for nostalgic reasons, or to be crazy be like Counter Strike Online weapons are very unique. We need weapons otuside the factions. I'm not even sure if this game was trying to realistic or not. (Sticking on the lore not overdoing things. From there, we know how they've been held back for that only reason) Funny why there's only 4 main factions in the game. We're talking about solar system here 😄 If your talking about syndicate they are branch of those main factions. (Warframes are part of Orokin faction) feel free to correct me if I get somthing wrong. Space ninja , stereotypical where are the ninjas are they ded? Asian out there aye... My man Teshin the last Samurai 😄 Gameplay Is repetetive. All the nodes here are scattered throughout the solar system. (Even in Railjack) it's all good to be repetetive if only the rewards increase in every planet we go to.So we could feel some sort of progresion in the game. Crossing out the least fav node (my personal opinion) Survival /Kuva Disruption Capture Exterminate Defense /Mobile Defense Assasination Infested Salvage Interception Spy Rescue/Sabotage Excavation Personally most hated node : Defection Railjack Lich Eidolon Hunt/ Raptolyst PVP? Those ones that I crossed meant to have the least replayability in the game in my opinion. Not hating it but I won't play it for the sake of fun. We only come back to this node, just to open those bronze cabbages.
  10. First of all, tnx for appreciating. I've never think about anything before posting, and which it came to a lot of misunderstanding. I do this, and is not because of my personal gain, and it's more likely a habit because, I like figuring things out, or came up for a solution. Which it comes to my fruition to post this thread. Speaking of which, I agree this proposition of having adult characters as an option, or instead, to have an option to change it's height and appearance, just to look younger or older depending on the height, and i'ts only to fit everyone's preferences. But right now I like the recent fresh changes, that is comming right up to Warframe (by the time I post this), rebalancing every aspect of gameplay,rewards and weapons . No wonder why their busy, and New War and Duuviiri it's on it's way too. So for the time being our suggestions will be held back until December I guess 😆 (If u know what I mean 🙂). But for now I'm happy to share what is on the Original Post, and use it as a starting point, to find a good looking operator of your choice. Just contributing to the Community like it or hate it, and only 1 phrase that everyone needs to learn "Acuired Taste " in life.
  11. I meant Lotus has gone for a while and we see her in a different game XD
  12. Reason being why Lotus betrayed us 😄
  13. Tnx and although I made the characters I’m interested at. I never gave a though that people with different ethnicities also may not be interested since of the skin color and other facial expressions which doesn’t fit their criteria. So no one is to blame really XD
  14. We don't know what will happen next till Duuviiri arrives, but the only thing I know. Warframe was trying to avoid generic anime faces we normally often see in online RPG games. Well they tend to be unique in design but not everyone's cup of tea.
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