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  1. I really like the open Harrier hood, I think its pretty cool but the problem is that it disables both facial accessories and ear accessories. Now ear accessories makes sense to disable but the facial accessories being disabled makes zero sense to me. Most of the facial accessories are like Diadems (covers forehead like a bandana for example), these shouldn't cause any issues with the hood. Its even dumber when you consider that you can have Vayas Prime mask equipped which clips with the hood. The only reason im able to use the Vayas Prime mask is because its categorized as an "eye accessory". I just wish it could be like the Koppra hood since the Koppra hood is similar slightly to the Harrier hood (in the sense that it covers up the neck when opened) and im able to equip all three accessory slots no problem.

    you can see the Vayas Prime mask with the Harrier Hood here

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  2. Are you like me and bought a deluxe skin in the past and thought "hmm now that I have extra plat I can finally get the rest of the collection" only to be blocked by the game stating you cant. I find this very annoying I just want to get the rest of the stuff from a collection scratch the one thing I bought (a skin for example). The game currently states "Item is already owned in your inventory, you cannot have duplicates of this same item" this means the collection is blocked and im unable to purchase it, there is no way to remove the duplicate from my inventory since its something you cant sell. This is both dumb and can easily be fixed, all DE has to do is just sell the collection for the player without that one piece from it. For example, I want the Inaros Ramses skin collection that has a sword skin and a syandana, I already own the Inaros skin which is 150p, that would leave about 75ish plat left for the collection. I understand that the spaghetti code might not work in that way but its something I really want to be fixed. 

    Here's an example: Imgur

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  3. I recently got to Mastery Rank 30 and I blessed a relay yesterday and it did the animation that notifies others and puts a blue aura around you. Today I went to the same relay to bless the relay with a different blessing but this time it didn't notify others and didn't give the blue aura. Even though it didn't do the "cool stuff" it did count as me blessing so everyone must've gotten the blessing but was not notified at all that I gave them this blessing.

    This bug happened after the latest hotfix for me (Deimos Arcana  Hotfix 29.5.3). Yesterday (before the hotfix) it worked just fine and idk why it bugged out all the sudden.

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  4. (I will refer Gravid Blastema as "GB"): 
    I created the bug by simply finding low hanging GB and then shooting it, the low hanging GB will not break because its to low to the ground so the ground impact wont break it. Then from there I equipped one of the Cambion Drift fishing spears and then threw it at the GB while holding the aim button (for me it was right click). Not holding the aim button will not create the bug.
    Low hanging GB : Image
    Non broken GB : Image
    Video: My Reddit Post

    • Orb Vallis fishing spears do not create this bug, when these two rods are used on a low hanging GB it will cause the GB to launch into the air and then break. 
    • Plains of Eidolon fishing spears act just like the Orb vallis fishing spears. They cause the GB to launch into the air and dont cause the player to get stuck in place.
    • The Cambion Drift fishing spears are the ones that cause this bug. I have tried both spears on low hanging GB and they both created the bug.
    • This bug can happen anywhere in the Cambion Drift just as long as you hit a low hanging GB and it doesnt break via ground impact
    • Once this bug occurs you are unable to move and unable to use the gear wheel. only buttons that work is escape (esc) and open chat box (T)
    • Some options to "fix" this bug is to die, invite a friend to your session and then have then leave to the Necralisk or just abort mission
  5. Currently the new UI overhaul has created some problems with Syndicate Medallions. You can't select them if you only own 1 of that specific kind of medallion, trying to select all will result in the number being zero or adding just one of that specific Medallion and trying to select all medallions can result of all but one Medallion being added. Lets say you have Data Medallions for Cephalon Suda, you have seven of the same Medallion, it will select 6 instead of all 7 Medallions.
    There's currently no fix for the UI bug with Medallions, its very frustrating for people that are trying to get standing with the Syndicates

    I will link my Reddit post for this exact bug, it has a video showcasing the bug.
    Reddit link: Here

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  6. The first Two Handed Nikanas was added back in update 24.4, since then DE hasnt really done much else with the Two Handed Nikanas. All they've added recently was a new Ninkana (Pennant) and a couple skins, thats it. I think its time for the Two Handed Nikana to get one or two holster styles, I was thinking a hip one and maybe one on the lower back (similar to the gunblade lower back and staff lower back holsters). Two handed Nikanas would look pretty cool for some fashion frames if more holsters were added!

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  7. this has happened to me recently too, i have zero idea what caused it to happen. You can check out my vid here
    the strangest thing about it is I havent had it to occur after i left Fortuna and went back out into Orb Vallis. It could be a bug in terms of certain sound effects or audio effects getting loaded in improperly but idk, all that i will say its spooky as hell!

  8. NOTE: This bug ONLY happens with the "Napalm Grenades" augment mod equipped to the Penta, Default grenades and "Tether Grenades" don't bug out (at least when I tested them)

    My Penta's grenades numerous times have gotten stuck which causes the weapon to be completely useless, I am no longer able to shoot it all. The only way to "fix" this is by leaving the mission. The reason why it becomes useless because the "Napalm Grenades" augment causes the grenades to explode on impact rather then manually detonating the grenades (although you can still manually detonate the grenades with the augment). Once the grenade gets stuck then there is nothing you can do to get it unstuck, you cant detonate once it gets stuck, you cant melee it, you cant shoot it and you cant lure an enemy on top of it. This really sucks since the Penta is great for killing numerous enemies at once.

    EDIT: https://imgur.com/a/nVRmH7h    <-- This is what the grenade looks like when it gets stuck, as you can see it wont explode once this happens.

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  9. I found this bug while playing Hydron, Sedna. I believe it was caused by Nekros Shadows of the dead ability (his 4th ability). For some reason the model wasnt displaying how it should be (a shadowy entity)
    NOTE: I have Deferred Rendering enabled so that might be what really caused the bug (but im not quite sure)


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  10. There is no way of changing the color at all, it is stuck as yellow and only yellow. This really sucks if you want to do a fashion frame. I have posted this same bug to the warframe official reddit page, you can find my post here

    NOTE:Changing the attachment colors also do not affect the flame effect and the little key chains (not the ones you would equip via attachments, the skin has it own key chains on it) energy color.

  11. I was hoping to use the Nari & Vali Skin on the Dark Split-sword but it turns out you cant use the skin for some reasons, despite it and the Saryn deluxe skin being shown in the skin screen. From doing research apparently the day of the dead skin is the only skin that works on the dual swords variant of the dark split-sword. It is a shame as I really wanted to use the skin for the weapon because i thought it would look really cool and I actually really enjoy using the dual swords variant of the dark split-sword. The holsters also dont seem to work on the weapon either, they all just go to the standard default holster. With this i'll link a reddit post I made with proof of the skin and the holster not working, hopefully there can be a small bug fix for this as i do really want that skin to work on the dark split-sword since I wasted Plat on it and they already show up on the skin screen and are mentioned on the official wiki pages.

    Wiki pages:



    Thank you Tenno for reading this 🙂

  12. I get that its an infinite load screen and all but you need to have alittle more information about whats going on in your grame. The first question to always ask is what happen. What did you do before this happen, whats your pc specs (is it high end, low end, etc), etcetera, etcetera. The more information you can provide the better chance of it getting fixed :).

  13. your "mastery rank glitch" is most likely not even a glitch. There is a mechanic in the game where if you are still playing Warframe when there's a new update, they give you 15mins to do whatever. If those 15mins are up it kicks you out of the game so it can update. You cannot reset anything, all you can do is wait, Tenno.  

  14. There is a bug in the game where if a player host on a void trace mission (ones that specifically have rotations like Defense, Survival, and Interception) leaves it causes other players to migrate and then be stuck on the relic selection screen. The only way to get unstuck is to leave the mission. This bug can be pretty bad if your grinding relics and let's say you got three gold ranked items and this bug occurs, well say goodbye to your profit (and time.....) Tenno.

    Other notes:

    • Aborting the mission makes you lose any rewards from the mission 😞
    • This bug can happen on any planet, as long as the mission is a rotational void trace mission
    • Warframes do not affect this bug
    • When you get migrated in Tenno mode, it causes you to skip the relic selection screen and you are stuck with a screen with an invisible Tenno
    • The Migration bug can happen on any round of the mission (5,10,15, etc.)
    • the /unstuck command does NOT help
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