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  1. Sisters of Parvos is delayed to July? Or am I reading that incorrectly?
  2. Is there any chance we could maybe get the Tempestarii skin without the void energy? Or maybe make the energy some kind of ephemera?
  3. I'd like a version of the Tempestarii skin without the void energy effect so it would kill two birds with one stone if they separated the effect from the skin somehow.
  4. WARNING: What you are about to see is potentially un-seeable. Proceed at your own risk. As you can see from the image, there is a gap between the floor and the "entrance pad" on one side of the glass circle, which is mildly infuriating.
  5. This happens to me sometimes as well. When I change the appearance, it will sometimes revert my changes when I view the Railjack again. Sometimes it removes the name and glyph even if I don't change anything about the Railjack's customization.
  6. It feels as though the main purpose of Void Storms at the moment is void trace farming (definitely something the game needed). I think it is a bonus that we can crack relics while doing so, but it isn't something you'd play just to crack open Relics. If that is what the intention was, then it's doing a great job. If not, it's just not as efficient as running relics normally.
  7. It was certainly enjoyable, and it exceeded my expectations as a Warframe quest. Obviously, it's not a main cinematic quest so I don't really expect the length or "cinematic-ness" of a quest like The War Within. One thing I enjoyed was how we were able to play as Sevagoth's shadow. I'm hoping it becomes a regular thing in future Warframe quests where we can "preview" the Warframe (or some part of it) in gameplay.
  8. Is there a fix for the Helminth Charger Metus Armor not fitting properly on its corresponding skin when the Kubrow using them is equipped? It fits fine when the Kubrow itself is unequipped in the arsenal and is just roaming the orbiter, but as soon as it is equipped the armor stretches and floats off of the skin. Please, DE, I understand you have your hands busy with Railjack, but I expected more from a skin that comes as part of a deluxe bundle!
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