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  1. If you had the invigoration available before the patch, they said future invigorations will work correctly not existing ones.
  2. Thank you for the fix to Larva not using Nidus' correct colors, hoping to see the rest of his abilities get fixed too!
  3. The ability to increase how far you can ride it by using +range mods is good enough. It's a melee weapon, not a means of transport, after all. The fact that we're even able to ride it in the first place is amazing.
  4. Please remove the random slam after you use the gap-closer. I understand it is something to prevent players from just using the ghoulsaw as a means of transportation, but the way it is now interrupts the flow of melee combat while the purpose of a gap closer is to keep the flow going. In the ghoulsaw's current state, you have to wait for a slow slam attack to happen after the gap is already closed before you can start another attack chain whereas with other weapons you can start an attack chain right after you close the gap.
  5. I think the spinning effect is cool and kind of part of Voidrig's identity. To each their own, I guess.
  6. Thanks for the hotfix. Could we please have a fix for Nidus Prime's abilities being the default Nidus Prime colors rather than the colors we choose, as reported below?
  7. Screenshot of this bug in action: (Nidus' colors are the same as the gun's)
  8. They just need to change the axis of rotation for the helmet node. Based on the fact that the skull doesn't spin with the helmet, it's safe to say they don't share the same node on the rig. I think the fix is simple, and they've probably thought about it. The problem, though, is that other helmets (default, cryptonaut, bruntspar) would have their helmets rotated on the skin if they were to do that.
  9. This issue also existed on the Nidus Phyrke Skin IIRC, which seems to use a similar technique of adding more geometry to Nidus as he mutates.
  10. This is a fairly minor request, but similar to how it is possible to make Warframes and Companions look like their non-Prime counterparts, could we have the ability to do the same with Primed and other variants of weapons? Maybe even being able to do so with the Primed Exalted Weapons as well as those affected by Deluxe skins?
  11. I agree 100%. I don't consider Corpus Railjack missions to be Railjack missions because for the most part you're just doing a mission on foot; the only difference is that there's a Railjack bit shoved in the way before you can actually get to it. Other players might like that more, though, and I think that's okay. The important thing is that I think they should keep room for both kinds of players rather than eliminating one playstyle.
  12. Why should players be rewarded less for choosing to kill their Sister of Parvos solo? Killing a single SoP/lich solo is generally more challenging than doing so with a team, so it does not make sense why you would reward those players less if they prefer to take that route. Plus, consider that the amount of time and effort needed to unlock the final encounter is about the same for everybody regardless of whether you do the final encounter solo or not. Also, host migrations and disconnects can lead to frustrating situations where the remaining players in the squad would have to re-do the mission to get all the possible holokeys. The showdown missions should just give a fixed amount of Corrupted Holokeys at the end as opposed to being tied to the amount of SoPs in the mission.
  13. People did ask for whatever was shown at TennoCon 2019 to be delivered as such, but what we have now is not what was shown at all. First off, consider that the only time they showed the final confrontation being on Railjack was for a lich that specifically gained enough power to command his own capital ship. It was never said or promised that every lich would be fought on Railjack (at least to my knowledge), only implied that it would be the case if they ranked up high enough. That's not what was delivered, because all liches -- regardless of rank -- are fought in a Railjack node . Secondly, the final confrontation we have on Railjack is not like what was shown at all. All party members' liches are holed up in the same galleon for some unexplained reason, and it's a matter of just shooting them until they're dead. No unique mechanics utilizing the Railjack like were shown -- like destroying shield nodes from outside the ship to remove a Lich's invulnerability. So, how does the experience benefit from specifically being on Railjack? It really doesn't. It just appears as if they wanted to arbitrarily connect Railjack to some other part of the game..
  14. Whoops, didn't realize those were Conculysts. Though, in my defense, they look practically identical. Hopefully, what we saw implies they're going to add the ability for everybody to use finishers on Sentients and not just Kahl and Teshin -- especially Teshin's finisher where he takes the core and crushes it in his hand!
  15. I just rewatched the part with the Corinth Prime and here is what I can tell you. In the demo, he seems to only fight Brachiolysts and Battalysts. The sentients he one-shot were Brachiolysts, which can definitely be one-shot with a Corinth Prime (at least in my experience). The Battalysts took several shots to take down (with the exception of the one from the cutscene); granted they took less shots than what you normally would need. Suffice to say, he isn't one-shotting anything in gameplay that we aren't capable of doing already with the same weapons. EDIT: Unfortunately, it appears unable to tell the difference between Battalysts and Conculysts, whoops. As other people have said, there were also a couple of Conculysts he killed -- one with a stealth finisher which we currently aren't able to perform on Sentients.
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