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  1. This happens to me sometimes as well. When I change the appearance, it will sometimes revert my changes when I view the Railjack again.

    Sometimes it removes the name and glyph even if I don't change anything about the Railjack's customization.

  2. It feels as though the main purpose of Void Storms at the moment is void trace farming (definitely something the game needed). I think it is a bonus that we can crack relics while doing so, but it isn't something you'd play just to crack open Relics.

    If that is what the intention was, then it's doing a great job. If not, it's just not as efficient as running relics normally.

  3. It was certainly enjoyable, and it exceeded my expectations as a Warframe quest. Obviously, it's not a main cinematic quest so I don't really expect the length or "cinematic-ness" of a quest like The War Within.

    One thing I enjoyed was how we were able to play as Sevagoth's shadow. I'm hoping it becomes a regular thing in future Warframe quests where we can "preview" the Warframe (or some part of it) in gameplay.

  4. Is there a fix for the Helminth Charger Metus Armor not fitting properly on its corresponding skin when the Kubrow using them is equipped? It fits fine when the Kubrow itself is unequipped in the arsenal and is just roaming the orbiter, but as soon as it is equipped the armor stretches and floats off of the skin. Please, DE, I understand you have your hands busy with Railjack, but I expected more from a skin that comes as part of a deluxe bundle!


  5. Thanks for the update. Are there any plans to fix the placement of kubrow armor when you have the Kubrow equipped in your arsenal? I reported this issue over 6 months ago for the Metus Kubrow armor and it has still not been fixed as of 12/11/2020.


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  6. Hi DE,

    I has been half a year and the issue with the Helminth Metus Armor has yet to be fixed. 

    Basically, the Metus armor used to fit snugly on the Metus skin, but now parts of it float and are warped when you equip the Kubrow with the skin on. Please look into it!

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  7. The Khora Urushu collection comes with the Maculatia Skin and its default (intended) colors. This was presumably done because resetting pet colors to default restores them to the pet's innate colors and not the default colors of the skin.

    As that seems to be the case, It is strange how the Helminth Charger Metus Skin did not come with its intended colors, because there is no way to restore the original appearance of the skin once it has been changed.

    (P.S. the Metus armor is still broken.)

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  8. I think you're looking too much into the name of the lich. Context matters a whole lot. The Lich isn't calling you a slur or anything, it just has a name that sounds like a slur.

    Regardless, if you really feel strongly about the name, you have all the more reason to kill the lich. And as others have stated, if the name on the weapon really makes you uncomfortable, you can always change the weapon's name to something else.

  9. Quote

    Necramechs are heavily limited by Stamina. Their Sprint, their Headrush and their Hover all draw on the same Stamina bar. To my mind, this is excessively onerous and largely pointless. It doesn't really serve to limit Necramech mobility because their sheer size does this already, but it does serve to limit their ability to travel long-distance across Free Roam maps, which is the only place where they're useful. I don't see this as a benefit.

    Necramechs aren't designed to travel long distances -- that's the role that Archwing and K-Drive fulfill. Necramechs are moreso geared towards providing offensive support within a certain area like mechs usually are. So the stamina/engine bar is doing its job fine. Keep in mind that there's also nothing stopping you from just getting out of your mech and just deploying it somewhere else because there is no cooldown on the Necramech summon. 

    Additionally, in Home Devstream #5 DE_Scott stated that they are looking into implementing them into regular missions with the environment being the limiting factor as to where you can use it (I.E. if the door to exit the room is too small, you will be forced to exit to progress in the mission), so you may find that the stamina bar has a purpose when that happens.


  10. ,This is a minor gripe, sure, but considering that the Helminth Charger is made from the Helminth, it doesn't make sense why the Helminth would react to it in the way it does.

    I understand that the Helminth Charger is treated in the game's code as a Kubrow, but it has always been treated differently; it can't use Kubrow-specific mods and you have to go through the whole Helminth Cyst process to breed it as opposed to just having an egg.

    That's why I think that the Helminth should have a different animation from other Kubrows when interacting with the Helminth Charger. I honestly think it would work if you just re-used the Kavat interaction animations on the Helminth Charger, you don't even have to create brand new animations for it.

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  11. 10 minutes ago, NightmareT12 said:

    That was the reason the Boltor skin from the Octavia deluxe wasn't universal, so it's pretty much this.

    Mainly, universal here doesn't mean "all and absolutely everything" but rather "not locked to a specific weapon", where certain exceptions must be made due technical difficulties they can't solve timely.

    The Zobov Shotgun & Capstan Pistol skins override reload and firing animations with custom ones, so I don't believe that is as much of an issue as it was previously. They could do the same thing with the new skins.

  12. 6 minutes ago, kwlingo said:

    Yes Ive had Saryns, Mesa, Volts, Mirage, and Equinox all leave E/SO when I did Ash-Mark for Deaths. Since my damage was 80-90% of total damage. Not sure why they would leave?

    Sounds like you gave those Mesas a taste of their own medicine.

    Don't get me wrong, I like playing Mesa, but even I will admit that her 4 is a tad too overpowered and ruins the fun for other players. For Marked for Death, you actually need some measure of skill to pull it off, while for Peacemakers you just stand still and hold down your left mouse button. 


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  13. When the latest hotfix came out with the first Necramech cosmetics, I was disappointed to learn that you can only apply the new Snake Sigil on the Necramechs and other sigils cannot be applied.

    I was really hoping I could apply my Static Reactor Prime sigil on my Necramech (mainly because of that awesome static effect) but I was disappointed.

    If you're not going to let us apply the normal sigils we got as drops and such, at least let us apply sigils we paid real money for.

    Thank you.

  14. On 2020-09-10 at 1:00 PM, [DE]Danielle said:

    Here is how we are changing Xata’s Whisper:

    • We are making Void damage ‘True Neutral’ by removing the 50% resistance of Void damage on Cloned Flesh and Fossilized enemies - a long desired request for Void damage.
      • Currently, Void damage is relatively ineffective against Cloned Flesh and Fossilized enemies which greatly limits the use of Xata’s Whisper on Grineer and Infested enemies. In an effort to give it (and Void damage in general) more utility across enemy categories, we are removing this resistance so that it aligns with its neutral effectiveness against the other enemy types. It is important to note that Eidolons, Amalgams, and certain bosses will still maintain this resistance.

    This was the main problem with Xaku in my eyes. Thank you for fixing it!

    I think Xaku's abilities were well designed, it was just that they dealt a damage type that had very niche uses.

  15. 9 hours ago, xcrimsonlegendx said:

    Would love to see the spore ephemera separated into a body and step.

    I love the spores on the ground but I hate the tacky lightning that cascades down your body. What about that is infested? It looks awful.

    100% agree. I would like to use the Spore Ephemera, but the weird outline effect puts me off. I'm sure it has its applications, but I honestly just want it for the spore steps. They could easily separate both effects and call one  "Spore Body Ephemera" and the other "Spore Step Ephemera".

    Also, I like the thought of having the new Festering Ephemera equipped with the Spore Step Ephemera.

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