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  1. 1. How will individual Railjack customizations be handled when you have multiple players in your squad for railjack missions? Does everyone see their own railjack, or only the host's? 2. Will Empyrian expand the lich system in any way? 3. Any word on changes to Blink (both in range and cooldown and in regards to the lack of breaking missile locks) and a change to the replacement for Itzal's 1? It went from a useful ability to a joke now. 4. Will we have an option to start the game from the Railjack directly or even the dojo, or will we still only start in the Orbiter and have to make our way to the dojo to start Railjack content? 5. Any plans on tweaking the mercy kill mechanic to allow us to actually get a chance to get the mercy kill? Right now most of the time when you see the parazon icon pop up on an enemy you don't have enough time to react and press the key to do the animation because they die right away. Maybe add a second or two of invulnerability while "saving" the damage they take so if you decide not to do it they still die after the invulnerability period similar to Nyx targets or Titania's Lanterns. 6. Any changes to Covert Lethality? It'd be nice to be able to still one-shot any enemy provided the right condiitons are met (ie max Covert Lethality and max Finishing Blow as opposed to an unranked Covert Lethality and that's it). 7. Will there be any additional lich colors or abilities they will get in the future? Will our allied liches be buffed or use their abilities when helping us? Any additional personalities?
  2. Does that mean if I build something on the 1st floor, then try to build the dock on the 3rd floor beneath that it won't clear it? Will it work if it gets built on the 4th floor?
  3. With the addition of the Dry Dock, many clans are struggling to find a suitable place to build it due to it's size. This is the first building to my knowledge that not only needs space in the X and Z axis, but also the Y axis. Because the current dojo building system is in need of a facelift, we're running into some issues. It'd be handy to know if either the height restraints are intentional or a bug, and if they're intentional, we should know upfront how many floors it takes up. We shouldn't need to wait for trial and error when that means having to build multiple rooms (and either waiting a long time to build them or rush with plat) only to then have to wait 2 hours at a time per room to demolish them because the layout still didn't work.
  4. Alright so far the new combos feel nice, and I like that making the inputs the same all across the board make it much easier to learn and execute the combos, so thanks for that. That being said, the lifted status looks cool, but the fact that they move around you when you hit them is kind of frustrating because you have to chase after them, or sometimes they seem to just blast off in the direction you're hitting them. If they still kept their floaty ragdolls but stayed in place, that would be much better.(PS any chance Rhino's stomp can also apply the lifted status?) One other thing, is there any consideration to increasing the combo counter or make it scale a little higher? Because right now it's pretty easy to max it out, which is okay, but I'd like to see how much damage you can get from a heavy attack when you reach a higher combo counter (Even at 12x heavy attacks feel underwhelming against even moderate-level enemies and above)
  5. Okay so I can somewhat understand and accept that slapping on an unranked mod (Covert Lethality) and then being able to one-shot most enemies (assuming you can get finishers on them) was a bit on the broken side, but the new changes to Covert Lethality are a bit much. There's probably a ton of similar responses to mine but I wanted to give some more concrete stuff. Before the update, as long as covert lethality was on a dagger, you could use stealth, Ash's Fatal Teleport, or Inaros to one-shot any enemy susceptible to finishers. Now, even with a maxed out CL, a maxed out Primed Pressure Point, a maxed out Finishing Touch, maxed out Rending Strike, and 2 90% elemental mods, you can BARELY one shot SOME level 160 enemies. The main reason most people ever used daggers was to use Covert Lethality because it was a guaranteed kill. That was one of the funnest things about stealth frames like Ash, Loki, and Ivara. Finishers are also important for Inaros in order to heal. So while I'm not saying CL should go back to what it was, it should still allow daggers to get a guaranteed kill when using a finisher, if you put a little more work into modding the dagger. Maybe have it so when unranked it does a certain % of the enemy's max health as finisher damage, while ranking it up to max does 100% of their max health as finisher damage. Or, if that's still too much, make it so it only reaches something like 70% of their max health with the mod at max rank, and make Finishing touch do 30% of max health as finisher damage (instead of the 60% Finisher damage bonus it is as of now), with Finishing touch being somewhat less since it can go on any weapon, not just daggers. Maybe the numbers can use some tweaking (but still keep it so the combined damage from both max rank mods is 100% of enemy health as finisher damage), but the idea would be that if you put in a little more time and effort into modding the dagger you can still always kill whatever enemy you're doing a finisher on. As a side note, with channeling gone, you can no longer dissolve bodies to prevent enemies from finding them. It'd be kind of nice to add that feature to covert lethality so you can still be extra stealthy (I mean, the mod IS called Covert Lethality) I don't think allowing you to one-shot most (again, this still wouldn't affect enemies that can't be stealth-finished) enemies one at a time would really be considered broken conisdering we have plenty of room-clearing weapons and frames, this is just to allow people that like to sneak in to a room and systematically kill enemies one by one to always be able to do so, or to be able to one-shot some of those heavier enemies (looking at you, Nox).
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