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  1. Why are you guys STILL so insistent on the stupid bonus existing, let alone having it be the only way to get rewards without spending the whole day doing the same mission over and over again? It's like you WANT people to burn out on the game seriously. If you HAVE to keep the unreliable, luck-based bonus, tone it down and raise the normal credit drop rate to conpensate. That way the overall credit aquisition should be about the same for those who consistently get the bonus, but for those who luck out of joining a flotilla with less than 100 murex, they're not totally screwed
  2. Get rid of victory bonuses and adjust the actual credit gains already
  3. Still sticking to the whole Victory bonus system that punishes those that joined a flotilla with few players instead of just upping the credits earned in mission? Yeah no still not touching this. Balancing the prices around the bonus that some may not get because of bad luck despite putting in the effort is so ass-backwards, but that's par for the course lately so no surprise there. That said thanks community managers, most of us know it has nothing to do with you but man so many of us are let down by the devs' decisions on this event.
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