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  1. The problem with this nerf is not because the Xoris was overpowered. In fact, that's not the case at all: It does not increase damage of abilities or powers, it simply just reduced the annoyance of putting away your exalted to hit an enemy again to return the combo effect, and going right back to it. If anything, one build that does increase the strength of warframe powers like DE states, would include weapons that are almost specifically chosen for this for their riven dispositions, the specific mods only they can use, and the strength behind that is absolutely enormous compared to the Xoris. Jaw Sword, Mire, Venka Prime, Amphis, perhaps the Dual Cleavers and multiple others can be used to such an extreme that they would far outpace whatever you could do with the Xoris, with one difference: You don't have to refresh your combo counter. That's all Xoris does. It doesn't amplify power strength or any other stat, it just simply allows you to stay in your exalted or powered up power for far longer without having to refresh it for 30 seconds. If that's enough to warrant a nerf, I would be very disappointed in what would be considered nerfable in other builds, as well. The Xoris is not this supposed big, powerful weapon that breaks the game, if anything it opens up the more legitimate and less RNG-heavy route of taking. The game has been broken from the get-go: These builds have been around for decades, however only now have they not needed to use a riven. The rivens in particular that would say, improve Khora's power to the supposedly extreme level and popularity that the Xoris is claimed to have brought, are worth thousands in plat on the market. A Jaw Sword Riven with Critical Damage and Chance, with maybe Damage or Attack Speed, is enough to make Khora beyond lethal... And this lack of a need for a riven, when the Xoris itself is mediocre but still enough to get the job done when in reality it just makes these builds far easier to access without attempting the pay to win route, is enough to warrant a nerf...? This, unfortunately, would be a foolish approach. These builds will still continue to exist if the Xoris dies, the only change this will mean is that the Xoris is now almost completely useless for convenience, and people will once again return to their stat stick of choice to exploit the real Warframe power enhancing weapons to get the job done...especially when these builds are the only things that could dent something in the Steel Path. A shame, indeed. If you want to fix an issue like this and limit just how far we can 'break' the game with builds that have already existed, then remove the ability for Rivens to power up those kinds of warframe abilities. That was not how they were intended to be used, and if they were, then why only limited to these 'stat sticks' which go for thousands if you get the right rolls? The problem the Xoris brings up is not it's fault, it's the fact that this build has been around for months with the requirement of a riven, and now that it doesn't need one it's getting nerfed? What kind of logic is that? Please, please just stop with the 'no fun allowed' mentality and fix the issues at hand, not the weapon that exposes them for what they are. I understand why the Xoris would be getting a nerf, but this won't fix the issue. If it's because it's popular, then of course! People have made videos of this supposed miracle weapon, when in reality the real powertrippers are hiding in the shadows. People love the idea of a weapon with infinite melee combo duration because it opens up potential and growth in build variation that did not exist previously, because of how much an encumbrance running that build in particular was. Swapping to your melee out of an exalted weapon every 30 seconds to hit one guy and pop right back in? What's the point if it's so tedious? I apologize if this was rude, but there's no reason for what the Xoris is getting because of a build in the shadows rising up again simply because it opened the flood gates. I'd rather you address the elephant in the room that is rivens boosting these abilities to capacities far greater then what the Xoris can currently do, instead.
  2. Passive: Law of the Void - Enemies that are killed can be assimilated or scrapped for parts, granting Health, Energy, and spare Ammo simply by walking over them, similar to Desecrate. If an allied Tenno dies, you can assimilate their body to permanently increase your Health, Armor, Shields and Energy Capacity for that mission. Stacks up to 19 times, including your own corpse and Arcane revives. (If allied Tenno revive before you can absorb them, no worries: The corpse will remain as a marker for users of this Warframe in specific. Absorbing an allied user who is also using this Frame will add their stacks to you, but not remove theirs.) 1st Ability: Salvaging Raid - Warframe creates a circular area that grabs and violently removes enemies' armor and shields with Void energy. If enemies are killed while in this Void field, they are completely assimilated into the area and increases its mass and damage. When the duration ends, the area shrinks into a buff-pickup marked on the map that remains on the floor until picked up, granting the shields and armor absorbed as a temporary buff to Warframe and half of that to allies in the vicinity. Duration of buff scales for up to 80 seconds based off of Power Duration and enemies absorbed during the ability's duration. 2nd Ability: Arsenal of the Void - Warframe forms one arm into a weapon of choice that upgrades itself from scrap, spare ammo and dead enemies that were assimilated. Damage scales based on Power Strength, the amount of enemies absorbed as a whole during the mission (meaning it allow weapons to scale endlessly), and can be changed mid-mission into different kinds of weapons or in a GUI similar to Ivara's arrows or other buff wheels, with weapons including whichever ones you wish to choose from your own arsenal for versatility and fun. This replaces all ammo used with your energy, and applies the damage of those weapons in question as Void damage. Weapons that have passives that avoid ammo consumption do not have these passives while in use, such as Knell or Dual Toxocyst. 3rd Ability: Minds of the Void - Warframe chooses a target and latches onto them, assimilating into the target and taking over its body. You then take control of the target, becoming invulnerable yourself whilst leaving the target in question vulnerable. The stats of the target's weapons or attacks scale depending on Power Strength and the amount of enemies absorbed throughout the mission, as well as the mods installed on your primary, secondary and melee weapons depending on the target's method of attack in question. The target can be killed by allied Tenno. If you target an allied Tenno, you will latch onto them and become a form of protective armor that makes the targeted Tenno invulnerable, but leaves you vulnerable instead. You are still able to fire your Primary and Secondary weapon in this form, allowing a form of tag-team duo. Using this on a Sentinel or Companion will instead allow you to augment their survivability with a portion of your parts. 4th Ability: Revival of the Void - Warframe consumes a portion of the parts and scrap it's gathered to create and/or transform into one of the frames it was assembled from as a temporary ally, powered by your Void energy. Using your 3rd ability on the frame allows you to take control and gain a number of bonuses, such as ammo regeneration, energy regeneration, armor, or other bonuses. While they do not have abilities by themselves, you are still able to use your own abilities while in control of it. Using this ability on an allied Tenno will instead create a clone of them that has their abilities and mod configurations that follows them, but cannot be controlled. Using this ability on certain Companions (Sentinels included) will create a clone of either a Zanuka, Venari, Phorid, or Raptor clone that cannot be controlled. The clones and replicas of your allies and those you were assembled from cannot be healed, and will expire after being killed instead of being based on duration. You can then assimilate their body to regain a portion of the materials used to create them. Praise the Void.
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