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  1. My team recently stumbled upon a rather peculiar bug, whilst hunting. It happened whenever we tried spawning the Gantulyst. 4 squadmates, but only three shards. Whenever the fourth tried to add his shard, he removes another's shard from the shrine. We made sure to pick our shards up the second try, after disbanding and using a different host. The problem still occurred, thrice, regardless of order.
  2. Ever since this update, all Hotfixes that follow, blocks my login attempts. I've seen other members in my clan complaining about this as well; even now, as we speak, the latest hotfix has me blocked and I can't get to play the game.
  3. Pls Fix the lures on POE. Since the mainline update, they've been unbearably sluggish in moving. They're getting destroyed so easily because they just stand around and get blasted by the eidolons. PLS!??! Fix this.
  4. What about the Lures on the Plains? They are moving too slow and getting destroyed more easily as a result. I'm not an expert or anything so pardon my ignorance; but why can't the lures be programmed like sentinels, to be behind the operator/warframe at all times? They either get in your way and block your shots or (now) hover around "far" away and get blasted into oblivion. PLS I'm begging you, fix this. It's been like this for over a year, (excluding the new slow moving problem).
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