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  1. Addendum: This fix only works "some of the time". By that I mean sometimes you will enter the seat and everything will work perfect; controls are snappy, you can use your abilities, and you don't lock up. Sometimes you will get into the seat and your movement controls on controller will slow down to a snails pace, Sometimes you won't be able to use your abilities, ect. ect. At this point my best advice keep loading into the seat till it works because some of the time it does work perfectly
  2. Found a solution. Hopefully this does not break with subsequent patches. If you enter the pilot/gunner seat using the keyboard context action button instead of the controller context action button you will be able to use the ability menu from the keyboard bound buttons which will not lock you out of every other button on your controller besides the ability menu buttons. If you enter the gunner seat using the controller context action button and you attempt to pull up the ability menu you will currently be locked out of ever other controller action that is not the sticks and whatever buttons the ability menu is bound too.
  3. Whenever I hit the button to activate the ability menu in Railjack while playing on controller the game locks me into the seat and I can't shoot, leave, or do anything besides use the ability menu. I can pull up the start menu but that's the only button that works besides the railjack abilities
  4. Honestly I think it would be huge improvement if the cursor didn't snap back to the middle every time you release the stick. Resetting to the middle every time you release pressure on the stick makes it really hard to aim
  5. All of my equipment appears to be acing as if it has no mods installed. Is this purposeful or have I encountered a very weird bug?
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