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  1. Any update on dual-wielding secondaries and meele weapons?
  2. Happened to me just now. But only for bounty 2. I went solo for the Nightwave 5 bounties. I did bounty 5 then 2 then 4,3 and 1 last. In bounty 5 data keys did drop, but on bounty 2 they didn't. Bounty 4 also had this stage and worked fine. 3 and 1 didn't have this stage. I tried 2 after this as I wanted the rare mod and again data keys didn't work. Exited to fortuna, took bounty 2 from Eudico and everything worked ok. Didn't have time for more testing, sorry.
  3. I like the new weapon specific amalgam mods. Would you consider making them like rivens? Maybe not 100% chance to get one from Ropalolyst and random stat combinations. The possibilities! Of course if the database could survive it. But any word on this would be much appreciated.
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