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  1. Maybe its just me, but I feel like trying to color the Operators and Lisets is a complete and utter chore at times trying to cycle through every single palette for a decent color - most colors tend to be very washed out on the Operator's suits, with most colors that'd be suitably dark on a Warframe being near pitch black or incredibly faded on Operators themselves. The Liset also has the same issue for the most part, with many colors going from decent to eye-blindingly bright.
  2. I like it so far, but I don't think the curve of the flame-blade matches with the Corpus aesthetic all that well given they tend to have more angular / square designs. As a sort of idea, what about changing it up a little bit to have vertical flame vents (instead of the circular ones) running up the sides of the blade, thus giving the flames themselves a reason to have a more flat shape to them? Of course this is all just my opinion, and you should do whatever you feel is best or what you like more.
  3. Basically I think something Octavia needs is some kind of UI Element on her HUD that reads and reacts to the notes used for Metronome so as to make her feel a bit easier / more reactive to play as - as it is right now Metronome punishes you for zooming in or not using bright colors, and even if you go for a silent "note spam" song to keep the buffs active it doesn't feel that great to try and get them, with most players generally giving up after not even being able to get the invisibility buff since the timing is so off visually. A UI element to it that players could use and follow would greatly help with that part of her kit, and would probably draw some more people to playing her.
  4. The only rework Rhino needs is some kind of toggle to let players disable the visual effects of Iron Skin.
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