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  1. Something I'd like to see to speed up the Murmur progress a bit would be having higher ranks of Thralls who give more Murmer Progression, but also have higher stats (along with possibly an extra ability from their Lich.) These higher tiers could start to spawn in as parts of the "final wave" of Thralls during missions, and perhaps they'd transition into more frequent spawns after a Requiem gets revealed.
  2. Another Hotfix passed and they still did nothing to fix the ridiculous energy drain on his Feast. I hope this isn't going to be another case where DE will outright refuse to touch that ability until the very end or months later in favor of buffing everything else. Feast is core to his kit and it's ludicrous drain nearly cripples Grendel even with maxed Efficiency.
  3. Kuva Liches honestly need their own Assassination mission on the Star Map once you get the combination to kill them or some other major goal is accomplished, as right now trying to fight them feels outright tedious at times. If you let them level up to help speed up the process you have to deal with them and all the potentially level 100 or so enemies at the same time, with a good portion of those enemies also getting buffed to be even tougher. The other biggest thing is Murmur acquisition, and how it takes pretty much clearing a whole planet's worth of nodes covered in Lich territory to get the bar filled to it's first quarter. At this point in time the grind is so needlessly long that players would rather bullrush their Lich with combination after combination of their Requiem Mods in hopes of getting lucky to get the right order than go through with Murmur hunting.
  4. To be honest I really, really like Grendel, but he just sort of falls short when it comes to other frames with his flaws nearly outright crippling him at times. One of Feast's main uses as a way to stack up armor for his passive is incredibly risky as having more than 3-4 enemies eaten gives an absurdly massive drain in Energy (even with a lot of Efficiency to combat it), and thus leaves him feeling a little squishy in high level play when combined with his incredibly low shields. Nourish is just a weird and unfinished ability - mechanically it works as it should, but its just so awkward trying to mess around with it. Not only do you have to eat specific enemies for specific buffs but you also have to contend with an unimplemented UI for cycling through which buff you want to choose - something else you have to keep track of on top of everything else. Regurgitate just feels weak at higher levels, keeping it basically as that one ability people don't use that often because it does so little for the player. Practically the only reason to use this ability is to get rid of some of Grendel's internal baggage to combat their Energy Drain. Pulverize is fun but is lacking in the damage department, especially at higher levels where it could take two or three rolls to kill the tougher enemies which leaves you awkwardly bouncing and slowly rolling.
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