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  1. Sasquatchias

    [PC Update 23.5] Revenant Feedback Megathread

    My thoughts on Revenant and his abilities as of right now - General Feedback - Revenant is interesting, but feels slightly unfinished (his dash being an ugly wall of smoke for example) and the Thrall cap of 4 leaves him feeling fairly weak, not allowing him to take bigger advantage of certain abilities nor truly have a good place on the battlefield with an ineffective kit. 1. Thralls - Cap needs to be increased to maybe 10 max so as to allow Revenant to truly have a noticeable effect during firefights, as it is right now only having 4 at a time leaves very little impact and the whole "Pillar of Pain" gimmick they have upon death is left fairly unused unless they happen to be killed in the middle of a door or common path. In addition I think ally abilities should have no effect on Thralls - they die easily enough due to indiscriminate fire, and letting every nuker blow them and every other enemy up effectively cripples Revenant. 2. Mesmer Shields - no current feedback as of right now, in general the ability feels slightly iffy to use given the flat amount of stuns it grants (and honestly in a horde shooter that amount feels a little low.) 3. Reave - Needs a better graphic effect / look, the giant smoke wall looks incredibly ugly and to me looks like some kind of placeholder more than anything. 4. Lazers - I like the ability well enough, but there is a big issue with even the slightest bit of vertical difference between Revenant and his targets just completely negating the ability.
  2. Sasquatchias

    Favens Doodlebox. Limbo WIP.

    Looks pretty Grineer-ish to me, their design fits more closely with units like the Shield Lancers, Manics, or G-3 whose armors don't have the markings like the Lancers, Troopers, and Seekers.
  3. Sasquatchias

    Warframe Drop Rates Data

    That last line sounds so unnecessarily condescending, like getting in a last dig at people who just wanted straight information you didn't have the thought to ever include in the first place.
  4. Not to say I don't trust DE, but I don't trust DE on this particular matter given what has happened in the past in regards to matters like this, from outright incorrect information on locations to farm for items (which kudos to them they DID go and correct when pointed out, but why that happened in the first place is a goddamn mystery), to denials about drop rates being borked (such as Chesa Kubrows not dropping upon launch from Alerts), and what I view as the outright malicious situation regarding old Prime Parts in the Void where they had absurdly low drop rates and upon being called out on it after people saw the correct values DE's response was to make it harder to get that sort of information. Now I'm not going to go into particulars or finger pointing about the current situation regarding Void vs DE (I made my stance perfectly clear in an earlier post in the Datamine megathread), but I strongly urge DE to seriously consider getting in a third party that can independently verify all the information they plan to add in to gain a bit more trust back from the community (or at least the portion who cares about this stuff), and to calm mine and other's potential fears about DE saying one thing and the opposite being true like what has happened in the past.
  5. Sasquatchias

    The War Within: Update 19.2.0

    I really didn't much see the need for changing up the Operator suit, especially since I saw only one person actually complaining about it's supposed imagery. That same person also got called out and was told by multiple people that the imagery he was complaining about also had separate origins than what it was used for, only for him to go and call them all Nazis before someone locked the thread for supposed incivility towards him and not the other way around. The double standards in that thread were a bit ridiculous at the time.
  6. Sasquatchias

    Coming Soon: Spoiler-Heavy Devstream #83!

    1. Regarding DESteve's comment on twitter about continuing further work on the Operator - what sort of system might we see come into place for them to allow them to be a fun sidegrade to Warframes? Right now they feel a bit too limited, with their energy pool draining incredibly fast and with no shielding or defense outside of Void Mode whilst having a 100 Health Pool limitation, and their Void Beam not scaling all that well towards higher end missions and levels. 2. With the recent work on Stealth Play (with enemies becoming semi-alerted from bodies) are we going to see anymore major work done for Stealth Play? As it is now it feels like only Warframes with Invisibility (including Naramon's Shadowstep passive / effect) can effectively stealth for a number of reasons, with the biggest one in my opinion being the sort of "random" enemy pathing and spawning that can sometimes have a group of enemies follow along the generally same path, giving you little to no chance to actually sneak by or take them out individually.
  7. These changes (to me) are a big step in the right direction concerning Riven Mods (outside of their complete removal), but I do sort of want more information about the details of how they'll balance out Riven mods for already top-tier weapons that really don't need things like more critical damage, critical chance, and base damage on a single mod when with separate mods containing those stats they already obliterate most content.
  8. Sasquatchias

    PC Update Deploy Plans (10/19/16)

    Well thats a S#&$ty decision.
  9. Sasquatchias

    PC Update Deploy Plans (10/19/16)

    So does this mean Dedicated Servers are only going to be for Conclave, or is there going to be an option for PvE in the future? Because if its the former that is severely disappointing considering dedicated servers could potentially solve a lot of the issues that crop up during P2P play (provided you choose a solid server near you.)
  10. Sasquatchias

    Coming Soon: Devstream #78!

    Is there still a more in-depth match / lobby making system planned for the future? I remember seeing teasers and such for a more in-depth system allowing you to customize the difficulty level and make / join squads based on that, but I was also hoping we might also get something like the ability to view all groups currently playing a mission, the Host's connection to the servers / players, or the ability to pick and choose what group to join. Currently the matchmaking / lobby system right now feels very "bare bones", not allowing us many options and generally throwing people into the first available group it finds that matches other criteria that the player makes from the Options menu, which is a mixed bag of both good and bad depending on various factors like the Host's stability (or lack thereof in most cases nowadays).
  11. Assuming you've still got space I'd like to join your clan. IGN: Sasquatch180
  12. Sasquatchias

    Update 17.2.4

    I (and others) have been playing with the Jat Kittag for a bit and noticed that the range reduction it's ground slam also affected PvE despite being listed as a Conclave change. Is this intended or just a bug?
  13. Sasquatchias

    Coming Soon: Devstream #58

    Question 1. Are there any concrete plans to address the situation concerning "Necessary Mods" such as Serration, Hornet Strike, Pressure Point, Point Blank, the immense power they give, and Damage Mods (plus Multi-shot) in general? Concerning Necessary Mods I feel something needs to be changed - it is not fun to have to always dedicate one of my limited mod slots on a weapon to a mod that I have to have to progress past low level content when ideally I should be able to use that Slot for some kind of utility mod or something that effects the mechanics of my gun rather than it's numbers. And the situation is worsened when you realize how easily these mods are abused when you factor in Orokin Catalysts, Forma, and Polarization since someone with a high level Serration (which is leveled up and suited for high-level content) will, after a few levels, be able to slap that Serration on their gun and dominate low / low-mid level content due to it not being scaled for that level. Concerning other Damage Mods I feel that alone they are fine, but when pushed together they give way too much power to a weapon, either due to their sheer numbers they are adding or the way damage is currently calculated. Once a full build (or even a half-build with relevant elemental weaknesses) gets going the player is able to pretty much dominate any level of content outside of high-level or "End-Game" due to the game's scaling not being able to keep up with the drastic damage increase. Question 2 - Will Melee - Users ever be able to "cancel" their current attack/combo mid-swing/attack to do reactive actions? Will Parrying be changed to a more skill-based system? This is one of the major gripes I have with melee, and it's that their is no way to cancel your attacks, you have to wait out each and every swing without having the ability to reactively Parry/Block or Dodge at a moment's notice, which leads you to getting hit by attacks you could've easily avoided or had a chance to avoid the full brunt of. And with Parrying it currently feels very clunky and poorly designed - your Parry chance is based off RNG and you having energy to Channel, and enemies have an awkward decision process about whether or not they want to melee attack you or continue shooting you whilst standing in place. This leads to situations where you will literally just stand next to an enemy who is either blasting at you or reloading batting your eyelashes at them prettily until they decide to actually use a melee attack.
  14. Would the people in charge of these changes at DE be willing to reconsider their current plan of removing the Syndicate effects from Exalted Blade, or at least do it on a "Case-by-Case" basis? From what we were told there was loads of effort to have Syndicate mods work on Exalted Blade, and to remove every effect instead of just the "problematic" effects seems like a very knee-jerk and wasteful reaction that devalues the work put into this in the first place. Everyone knew that the Covert Lethality mod had to change with it's reaction, but just because one mod made an ability broken doesn't mean other mods will necessarily have the same effect, and making changes on that assumption just makes this look like another knee-jerk reaction from DE (such as with the Draco Dilemma that occurred before) which makes the playerbase lose trust in you guys.
  15. I hope someone asks them if they have any plans to do stuff about the "necessary" mods like Serration or Hornet Strike.