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  1. Everyone I tried to trade in the past 20 mins receives a notification after they put an item like "failed to make an offer". Is it just us or does it happen to everyone too? It's still happening until now and i can't trade.
  2. You really like contradicting and proving a point right
  3. Shield gating is the best thing that has ever happened to warframe in terms of general gameplay. SG allows diversity and opens many options for all contents in the game. It also makes exhausted players like me felt like being reborn because of this new mechanic that can lead to all sorts of things. Before somehow every content in the game revolves around only 3-4 warframes, and now because of this sg mechanic, new warframes can now compete with the meta warframes. Overall, shield gating is only positive, can't think of a negative. Please don't ever try to even think of removing it.
  4. Garuda's Blood Forge Augment Should be exilus if you guys want it to be useful and not go in to the trash bin directly after patch.
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