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  1. i love everything about it, the looks, the stats, the special ability... except for the texture on the blade itself, looks like cheap matt plastic, i was really hoping for a glassy (or at least shiny) texture, i imagined it as flintstone, the obsidian type, i'm quite sad about that texture, not here to really have a discussion, just maybe i get the attention of some devs.
  2. nah mates, i have a load of forma, i just want something replayable, something worth loggin in for, something that i can nolife or at least enjoy for more than a 90 minute grind, that i already done before the "event" came out, this entire thing was less than 5 minutes, all you see is: cntr f then type forma, then reply, with some form of: aH sO YoU jUsT wAnT fOrMa.
  3. yeah i don't play it, because there's nothing to play lmao, i'm bored, i want something to play tho
  4. yeah, if it where to get forma for mother tokens, i'd still complain, and don't give them the excuse of working from home, most of them where and still are infront of computers, the only difference is: they send e-mails from house to house, and not from workbox to workbox, they're not construction workers, and yes, i will admit, that it's harder than working in the job-place, but still, just give us the keep the lantern alive mission sequence, or something, as much as i love DE i will not defend them, cuz this was just a lame sticker named and "event".
  5. if you had the attention span of at least a 10yo, then you would have read the entire thing before commenting, i have over 100 forma, couldn't really care, but it's just a lame attept at an event, it's not replayable, has nothing really, don't even care about the forma, i just want something replayable, to be worth loggin in for.
  6. no, this really is just plague star without the event part, with some halloween S#&$ thrown into it. and yes it's not plague star it's named nights of naberous and not plague star, but other than that it literally is the plague star event without the event.
  7. and you aswell, you don't get my point, i have over 100 forma, this "event" was over for me in 4 minutes, i am bored, i really have nothin to do, and i just wanted something replayable to have a laugh in discord, and just chat n' play.
  8. nah, you're not seeing muh point, i want a replayable event, something worth loggin in for, because this "event" was all of 90 minutes to complete, ya see, i'm bored.
  9. yeah mee too, i just want something that would be an event, like the old halloween missions
  10. one: no i don't just want forma, and 2 i used to grind out 150-200 forma/plague star, so your method is stupid, and no, i just want a replayable event, that is fun, unlike red stick. and how do i know what?
  11. other than the grendel missions, but yeah that was fun, and now we have: do we do the mission that gives most mother tokens/minute, or the one that give scintillant?
  12. it's just not, i'd rather have the old halloween event with no mods and all that, then this, it's like plague star without an event, doesn't have forma, so once you get that 7 or 800 mother tokens, ya done, no reason to play after that, since plague zaw parts are untradable now. ideas to fix this month's bs, give us a special mission, that has crafted forma in it's droptable, it's haloween themed, and has a boss/miniboss at the end hat's like a pumpking or something like that, the forma in the droptable would make it replayable and the boss would make it not as boring as operation red stick. O
  13. Attila0076

    weird ass bug

    yeah, but this bug had been rarely occuring before, but it wasn't this common, hope it gets fixed soon, that's why i made a post
  14. Attila0076

    weird ass bug

    so sometimes claiming something will just take a hot 30 seconds, then it'll say "unknown error" you will not be able to claim anything unless you relog, close the game and relaunch it, don't know what causes it, but it's really obnoxious.
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