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  1. EXPERIMENTIVE ANOMALY: Mister punchy: spawns in a melee heavy unit called "Mister punchy" into the opponents arena. While he has slower movment speed than the other enemies and only has a 1 minute duration, he is invincible and can one shot any warframe.
  2. Clem 1: get mask Clem 2: get grakatas Clem 3: grofit
  3. So basically solstice of heros armor from destiny 2
  4. Thank you for the info i will edit Spectrums stats and passive. (btw; chroma passive will now cycle)
  5. Look i was trying to make a warframe based off destiny 2 guardians but it ended up being boring so if you can help me with this https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1071543-spectrum-the-tri-elemental-chimera/ then ill be grateful.
  6. No just no even i know thats a bad idea
  7. Ok the first thing that i thought when i saw the name was claptrap from borderlands the pre-sequel
  8. Yeah this is a stupid concept, but it's still a possibility. So can someone please review it.
  9. Name: Soshi (japanese for element) Type: Polearm Attack Speed: 1.0 Channeling Damage: Channeling Efficiency: 100 (5 energy drain) Critical Chance: 25% Critical Damage: 2.5× Status Chance: 100% Damage: 100 Puncture Special: When this weapon inflicts puncture damage, this weapon also inflicts a random elemental damage type (fire, ice, blast, ect.). When channeling and this weapon deals puncture damage, this weapon also inflicts three different random elemental damage types (example it can deal fire, electric, and radiation damages.) at the same time. Lore: A Corpus experiment to try and counter act the Sentient's adaption ability resulted in the creation of this weapon. (thats really all i got on this weapons lore) So this weapons playstyle would be based on inflicting multiple status ailments on the enemies. (best mods for this are, healing return, condition overload, ect.)
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