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  1. Just tried it after the hotfix. It's still in need of more hotfixes. After it grabbed me, it locked up my frame. Couldn't move, shoot, or even access chat or esc menu. Had to Alt+F4. Second try, after we killed it, it turned invincible and invisible. Third try, after ramming it into the first capacitor, it wouldn't cycle to the next phase of the fight.
  2. Yeah I'm not holding my breath for the ducats either.
  3. So when are you going to fix guests not being about to step foot in the operators quarters?
  4. Clan Name: The Guiding Light Clan Tier: Shadow Clan Platform: PC My Role: Founding Warlord https://imgur.com/a/gzsjHVm
  5. Does this mean Warframe will still be P2P or is it going centrally hosted?
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