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  1. Guys stop complaining about warframe, DE wants to keep us happy and trying it's best to keep us entertained. Just deal with it
  2. Ya I spam on the random button for and random appearance and when i finally find a nice one, I tend to press random again Kinda annoying But hey deal with it
  3. We should have a greater freedom of customization of our Things(warframe, weapons)
  4. Ya I know, I don't know why my brain only wants warframes that are the best and can do everything and can kill every single creature in a click .
  5. Is equinox efficient at endgame(ESO, high lvl sorties, really high leveled enemies) Can equinox kill lvl 150 enemies easily just by a click? Can equinox also survive high leveled sorties and endless missions? BTW I love playing endless survival
  6. also one click high leveled enemies??(lvl 100-150)??
  7. Nightwave is way better as it gives you many more rewards you could possibly have(weapon slots, warframe slots, nightwave credits which you can but aura mods with) In a way also alerts are better as alert's rewards change after some time while nightwave have the same rewards for a week. so ya
  8. Who uses that shi*dovar!! Legit
  9. Kinda sad man feel sorry for ya
  10. I have seen him once in about 100 missions I have played and he killed me and he disappears !! YAY I'm done
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