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  1. I dunno. I don't work for the government. I used the figures attached to the table with Hotfix 27.0.4 in the title. I'll let you check it again. I also didn't include the intrinsics because while the OP isn't locked out by MR they're not going to be able to tackle that just yet. That's another 60k. But we can pretend that does not exist either if you like. Although for a new player's perspective, completing the star chart the accumulated mastery ranks just from getting there should take them past the MR 5 requirement. And here's the fact that you probably really won't like at all: neither of us is all that special. Newbs have just as much agency as you or I did. We made it to our respective MRs, and they can too. The only question becomes, "are they willing to take advice and learn, or do they stomp their feet and whine?" I know which I've been trying to encourage. Do you?
  2. Not for an MR6 who hasn't completed the star chart yet..... But ok you keep going. Star Chart, Junctions. 30k standing. Uh.... Yeah there are... So... You're welcome? Take all the time you need to check if you like.
  3. Really wasn't that bad for me. Pretty cathartic really. Difficult to fail. Just takes forever to see if you got what you wanted. I helped quite a few people with the quest and the farm after I did it.
  4. So, you're telling me that you actually level quite a few items to the maximum rank, many times, because you actually choose to of your own free will? And still you're trying to pretend that doing it twice is unbearably onerous? How silly of you.
  5. You only grind them to thirty twice? What about all the weapons and warframes with all of the forma you dump into them? Takes quite a few more times to get something that you really want to keep, doesn't it? So.....
  6. You mean that the rather obvious answer of "to keep people from going places where they shouldn't" didn't immediately spring to mind? You ever seen parents of small children barring off the kitchen? It's because they know that the children generally aren't prepared to deal with what's on the other side. Older people are able to just stroll through those barriers, because they know how to, and by that stage should be able to take care of themselves in that environment. The OP is MR6, thinks that they know how to mod, but obviously they don't, thinks that they know what specific items do, but obviously they are mistaken. He doesn't have anything resembling a full suite of mods, hasn't finished the star chart, has vanilla gear at "max rank" but probably hasn't dumped the sort of forma that we both know makes a world of difference in this game. And they're unable to handle the enemies in fortuna at all. Not just "has a hard time" but flat out can't make it yet where a more experienced player, even with the same gear, would be likely to be able to find a way. Those walls are not there to block the OP from progressing. They're there to steer them towards other, more suitable content.
  7. The worst part of it is that I'm one of those people who pays for the plat. I am one of the people who will benefit from such a change, but I can't tell you how many times people have accused me of only being opposed to an Auction House because I'm "trying to profit from the current system". I oppose it because while it will benefit me in the short term, we'll ALL suffer in the long run, when the f2p Tenno end up having to abandon the game because they cannot get plat to buy the slots they need. I've also seen the horrors an auction house system can wreak on in game economies that were far better suited to it than our economy is.
  8. No, what you're advocating would damage the in-game economy by crashing prices of most common items, making it exponentially more difficult for most free to play players to earn plat. That hurts the game, and makes it worse for all of us. Because trading is literally "giving a bunch of players free plat". The forum is full of old threads that go into great detail about this.
  9. What! That's impossible! Newbs are unable to figure such things out! Newbs lack agency and sit in one place drooling, pooping themselves and bashing their head on the wall, because they are fundamentally incapable of logical thought. How dare you break the cardinal rules? /s Well done, Tenno. You adapted to the situation. You did not rant and demand that everything change just for you.
  10. Right let's try this again because reading comprehension seems to be your Achilles heel. Give it a try and you'll find that you have been embarrassing yourself all this time.
  11. Again if you are sitting in chat for hours trying to buy or sell something, you have set the wrong price point. Prime junk, which is by definition at the price point you very clearly said was acceptable, does not stay sitting for hours. Typically you can buy or sell dozens of items in minutes, and most of that time is spent loading into a dojo or picking which items you are going to dump. You literally said that you have almost no experience in trading with people in the way that I described, so you literally cannot sit there and pretend that it's not fast and easy to do. When you actually know what you are talking about, I'd be happy to hear about your experiences in selling your prime junk for 1 plat each. Until then, I'm going to just wonder if you have some other undisclosed issue which keeps you from being able to do something so many others do on a daily basis.
  12. Say it with me, "WTS prime junk 6 pieces for 6 plat". Thus your wish has been granted, and the items are at the value you proposed to be infinitely better: Best of all by trading as randomised junk you're not going to automatically debase the value of all the prime parts that the buyers are actively searching for (thus demand increases value and people will be willing to pay substantially more because they want the specific item). Simple. No fuss. No muss. Easy. You are welcome.
  13. Pretty sure that it's a factor. At least I hope it was. At 3k that's about 200 parts at 15ducats each. I don't know how many thousands of primed chamber were brought, but I'm hoping that translates to a rather substantial drop in the supply of items over the next few weeks. Hopefully that will give a small bump to trade prices, and breathe a little life into our economy.
  14. Trading your prime junk doesn't take long periods of time. It's usually a very fast process. Anyone who thinks that they need to sit for hours and hours to make plat, is trying to trade specific, items, usually above the rate that other people are willing to buy for. Literally all you need to do is open some relics (which you should be doing a LOT of at your level to get better gear and mastery fodder). This can take just a couple of minutes per item if you are doing something fast like capture missions. You will end up with a lot of duplicate items, of low worth, and soon enough you'll have a set of 6 (or better yet, multiple sets of 6). Collect some credits to take care of the trade tax (a few 5 wave runs on Seimeni on Ceres will take care of you...) and you're ready to trade. Then you just open the trade chat and type "WTS prime junk 6 items for 6 (or 7or 8 if you feel lucky 😎 ) plat". People will message you. If your clan has a trading post, you can invite them to your dojo (if so go to the dojo before you post in trade chat to save time) or ask them to invite you to their dojo. Do the trade or multiple trades depending on how much junk you have and then, because you're a polite person who has manners, type "thank you very much" in the private message and move on with your life. No fuss. No muss. No need for any external sites. No ranting needed. The end. Literally. That's all it takes to earn plat. There's no secret handshakes to learn, no courses to take, no need to sit down and wonder how the pros do it. At 7 plat per trade, if you can do 5 trades, 3 times per week (or 3 trades 5 times per week if you prefer) you're looking at over 100 plat per week, and over 400 plat in a month. If you find yourself incapable of making a couple of dozen plat to cover your slot purchases, something is drastically wrong. Not wrong with the game, mind you, because I can confirm that on PS4, people do this all the time. As for why you should NOT ever get an auction house in this game, our economy literally can't support that. We're already experiencing price fall off of any given item, and only a fraction of the players use the popular sites to hawk their wares. The issue is that supply is potentially unlimited, but demand is highly limited at any given point in time. Any entry-level economics text tells you that scenario will cause a drop in prices. Giving you what you want, floods the supply side of the market, and does nothing to increase demand. That's bad. That's why there's no auction house system.
  15. Yeah no. You want absolute stats, but choose to ignore the general stats that we have. Yes, the TOTAL retention across time is a useful tool, whether you are willing to accept it or not. The issues you raise would affect ALL metric systems. Alts will always show up as unretained players. People who have gone afk for prolonged periods of time will always show up as unretained players. People who have migrated to accounts on other platforms will always show up as unretained players. Sorry Tenno but the lack of absolute numbers that meet your specific criteria for inclusion is not the same as claiming that we're unable to take the data that we do have and build a general picture that shows definite trends, which do appear to be in accord across the platforms. Hope you have a good one otherwise.
  16. Totally untrue. Retention means keeping players. A casual glance at the people on this forum will show active people who played in the closed beta. That's retention. And sorry but update specific achievements are a good measure, you've done one from earlier updates but not yet started the most recent that's exactly the pattern you expect for "new" players who are being retained. When you do it, you'll be counted just like any other player who is new to the mode. The only way that you don't get counted is if you flat out refuse to do the content, at which point counting you as a retained player is a bit of a questionable thing to do.
  17. Again, look at the comparable stats. The first shows how many installed but dropped it before putting in the least level of invested time. It also provides the benchmark for rest. A million credits represents the people who have stuck around for a while. They're about a quarter of the ones who made it to the first level. If you want to compare all people who played in the past and the ones who are currently playing, you would need to look at the update specific achievements. Regarding returning players, I'd say that "alt accounts" are the bigger concern. If an account has substantial progress and resources, users will probably make every effort to recover their old account. If it was a newb account with hardly any effort expended then yeah they might just shrug and start over.
  18. Nope. Old fashioned players never had the hand-holding that you seem to need. We played games and figured stuff out as we went. We used the information the game gave, and our powers of observation and deduction to chart a path. As another poster said, if you were knocking around in the starter zone and suddenly found that the enemies were obliterating you, and you were hardly scratching them, that was a pretty big hint that you were NOT in the starter zone anymore and should turn around. Also let me show you how weak your power of observation is: Emphasis added to the part you seem to have missed during your ranting. Regarding your choices of weapons, again, in order to progress you're going to need to build and rank up as many as you can. The market in your orbiter is probably the best option, and buying blueprints is probably the best way to go about things. If you haven't done all of the mk1 weapons, you should definitely do those first. The dojo weapons tend to require stuff like forma, fieldron and detonite which, for you, may be in short supply for now. Building those and finding out you don't like them can be a double whammy, so caveat emptor. And again, one of the very worst things that could possibly happen to you at this point is for you to find the perfect loadouts. When that happens you tend to stick to it, and that means you won't be earning mastery points. I strongly suggest that you just keep building and levelling up as many weapons as you can, and keep the ones you are enjoy the feel of.
  19. Compare progressively greater achievements. A nice example would be Payday > Nestegg > Where credit is due > Money is power. A million credits isn't a huge amount in the grand scheme of things, but it does represent a substantial time investment as a newer player to get to that point. So the achiments show the difference between people who played for a short while, and those who stuck with the game. That's your metric for player retention.
  20. Let me quote another player who responded here: So OP, as you can see what you are describing as "deceptive" really isn't. Other players faced the same sort of hurdles as you, and rapidly figured out that they're looking at content that was obviously way over their heads at that point. You just chose to ignore all of the glaring neon warning signs along the way. I look forward to your rants about the set-mods not being as overly powerful as you thought they would be, and about how shields are pretty much garbage for most warframes.
  21. WTF do you think the game is trying to tell you when you finally figure out that moving from rank 2 to rank 3 is so difficult? WTF do you think the game is trying to tell you when you see high level enemies while doing the bounties? WTF do you think the game is trying to tell you when you see the cost of the medical bonds? At what point do you start to wonder if you are ready to do that content? At what point do you question your choices of builds? At what point do you stop beating your head against the wall and wonder if maybe, just maybe the game is trying to get you to work on levelling up a bit before coming back? As for us not having a clue as to what it's like for a newb, do you honestly think that you are the first newb to come along? Do you really think that we haven't held people's hands and helped lift them up since Fortuna came out? Think about it. You've gotten advice from a lot of people: How to get plat for slots; How to improve your ability to deal damage; How to earn credits faster; How to gain mastery ranks; How not to get stuck in the same comfortable pitfalls that trapped many of us. Whether you choose to take any of it to heart, is up to you Tenno. Or you can keep trying to blame everyone else for your lack of progress. Up to you.
  22. Why do I have the feeling that is supposed to sound like this: SQUEAK
  23. Sorry mate, but I'm still not impressed. Feel free to keep trying though. And yeah right now it looks like you're intent on earning that last S with flying colours. Good luck with whatever it is you are trying to do.
  24. Buddy, you should really learn to start reading before you decide that revving your engines and trying to act hard is a good plan. Quite a few people have indicated why individual fighters means, no matter what you try to dictate, people going immediately off script even more than they already do. And seriously, Railjack has enough bugs in it that you should ask if creating extra game modes for highly specific content, which is not in keeping with the current direction of the game. Instead of crafting a plan around existing assets, and making minor adjustments to get it to fit the plan, your suggestion is to create entirely new assets from the ground up. Does that follow KISS? No? Doesn't that leave you with just that last S? We get it. You like your idea. A lot. It's natural to be biased towards it. Maybe next time take that into consideration before deciding that someone didn't read your post.
  25. Not in the least. I'm actively disagreeing with you. That's a totally different thing. And I showed you how, in this case, the game is blatantly telling the OP in no uncertain terms that what they're trying to do isn't what the game intends. Unfortunately some people have the amazing ability to ignore all of the "Bridge closed for repairs, no through traffic, STOP NOW" signs and keep going only to complain that they are stuck in the river and their car is sinking. Not everyone is able to try different combinations of of mods and say "huh this combination I thought would be good kind of sucks, maybe I should change what I was doing". That doesn't mean that the game has done anything wrong. I can't tell you how many times I have looked at someone playing a game, and advised them to switch weapons because the one they're using sucks only to be told "this is my best weapon" and a short trip to the inventory later they're using weapons they thought would suck to do significantly more damage against the particular enemies they are currently facing. Does that make me 'a slave to the meta', or just 'flexible'? The difference between us seems to be that I believe that gamers have agency. They're capable of learning, just as we both have. You think then incapable for some reason. As far as 'it would be nice to have a better tutorial system' goes, we all agree. The cynical side of me says that we're still going to get a lot of people who bypassed it because they 'know' all of that already, only to ask questions about what they just chose to ignore. Because you forgot that it's also available on the first. However it is clearly a "showroom" type of deal that whispers to them "all of this can be yours, Tenno..... But first you have to get to this level, like all of the people who are carrying you on these missions... Maybe you should ask them how..."
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