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  1. Dude, many of us literally just give stuff away to the newbs we run into. And take newbs to credit farming nodes to give them a little boost. But remember, you can blaze through the star chart by MR 5 if you really want to. That gives you access to the index and credits stop being an issue.
  2. This is spot on, and echos what everyone who takes a minute to think their way through the suggestions explains. The problem is that greed clouds people's thinking. They think that making it mechanically easier to sell stuff will magically generate plat for them. It won't because of how the entire game is set up. Without totally reworking the rewards/implementation of enforced demand, their suggestion just won't work, and worse it'll ruin the economy over time.
  3. There's literally no amount of credits that would make it worthwhile. So there's no difference between 10 thousand and 10 million. We have players who have to spend credits every time they play for fear of rolling over into an index error and giving them a negative bankroll. Many of us who are far less motivated can easily make tens of millions in a weekend. The only people I've run into who even need to care about credits are newbs trying to stay afloat before they get to the index and people making major trades of Baro's primed mods during/after one of his visits like at tennocon.
  4. Encourage people to trade, by making it so that they can't trade! Brilliant... Wait that's not the word... It's "ridiculous". Supply is determined by how many people have the items that you are looking at and are willing to sell. For most items the answer is going to "millions". Even if they can only sell one a day, that's still a crapload more than are concurrently selling at any point in the game as it exists today. Didn't think about that did you? Not in any of the previous times too, despite being told as much in several different ways. Oooh look another bri... Wait. This is the exact same daft nonsense as the previous one! Look I'll show you: "Encourage people to trade, by making it so that they can't trade! Brilliant... Wait that's not the word... It's "ridiculous". " See how it applies perfectly to both? See? This is what several people have been telling you on this thread. Maybe you should spend a little more time thinking through your suggestions and a little less trying to find new bad ones? I acknowledge that someone who hasn't actually spent any time thinking about the nonsense they post would consider them viable options. Unfortunately they are not what one would consider "good options", or "workable options" or, "well thought out options", which is a true pity, but not a surprise.
  5. You ever think about what is actually written instead of getting snippy because someone doesn't bother to handle you with kid gloves? Becoming agitated because of your perception of a person's tone, instead of staying on point is a brilliant way to show that you really don't hav your any solid response to what they said. I made it clear the first time and repeatedly thereafter that the game has shown a general upward trend in numbers over the years, despite the fact that some naysayers always moan about the soon to be coming death of the game. I made it extremely clear that the trend suggests that there will be a surge in our population in the next couple of months, and that if that doesn't happen, then and only then would there be a case made for decline. You keep insisting on misinterpreting short term trends which are common in the history of the game and as others have now pointed out, common to the entire genre, and use that to suggest doom and gloom are the order of the day. Like I said, you can continue to run around on whatever crusade you are on to try and convince people that the sky is falling, but the sensible thing to do is to wait a couple of months to see what happens. But hey maybe you just don't like that someone is saying it openly?
  6. Because the game already gives you credits for your junk if you want it. And to be worthwhile all they need to offer would be marginally more than the pittance DE offers. Otherwise there's literally no sum of credits that worth trading stuff for because it's a worthless currency. So realistically roughly 0.015 million credits is all you can expect to get if you sell a bunch of your junk. And you figure that your magic wand will be able to do that for you, eh? Infinite supply is baked into the game. The problem is that demand is highly finite due to the other things that are baked in as well. Without a complete overhaul of the entire economic system, there no way to avoid the problem that would allow us to "trade". Seriously how many people need to explain the basic concepts to you before you actually step back and realise that maybe you have missed something rather fundamental? Shouldn't it have been "one at most"?
  7. Again, I was very clear. That's what being unambiguous means. I notice that someone else was also quite clear in what they said. The bolded section that you quoted is an "if then else" type situation that would be required to be considered before making the sort of claim that you are trying to push as veritas. But hey maybe the same Magic 8 Ball you rely on to make a fair evaluation of the as-yet-unreleased content, allows you to see the numbers for Dec-2019 to Jan-2020? If not, I like most reasonable humans will adopt a "wait and see" approach. But hey, if doing the whole Chicken Little Sky Is Falling, routine is what floats your boat, you do you.
  8. Huh, I was pretty sure that what I said was unambiguous and would not be misinterpreted. But hey you seem capable of misinterpreting stuff in a rather fanciful way. Let me try again: You should try hitting "all" on the chart. It shows a general upward trend with highly predictable periodic dips. If the content drops in November without a subsequent increase then you may be able to make a case for decline. Other than that, the forum shows that malcontents have always been predicting the decline of the game, even in the face of the obvious proof of the contrary. Maybe this time you'll get it instead of just trying to put lipstick on that pig you're trying to pass off on people? Also I find it fascinating that you are able to judge things that don't yet exist and determine that everyone will dislike them. Good luck with your crusade or whatever you want to call it.
  9. Uh you guys know that you can shed excess inventory for credits, but that the game just assigns very minor credit values to most items, right? That's why you can buy prime junk for a tiny fraction of the plat value. And yes it often includes vaulted parts, and rare drops. And just so you know, I have seen stuff listed for below the average junk value from time to time. So even there, you will see a drop in the price when infinite supply kicks in. If you want to see just about everything selling at prime junk prices, we're not the ones who need luck.
  10. Yeah not going to happen, because I (an every other player) will list my stuff for a price ever so slightly less than yours. We will saturate the market with infinite supply for, so the buyer will not pay for your item. Ever. The only way to counter is to sell for the lowest possible price (think prime junk prices, but lower) and the instant you go there, so will we. And feel free to suggest EVE if you want, but I note a distinct lack of the need/ability to replace items that we've built. In EVE its such a significant factor that there have been insurance agents. If you can't figure out how that sort of thing makes a difference, you really ought to think about it before making any more bad suggestions for Warframe's economy. Good luck.
  11. Realistically speaking there's no such thing as a "meaningful reward" in this game. It's an empty term, with no true definition that would carry across the board. On the other hand, when you realise that we're talking about a "game" then "it's fun" is the best possible reason for doing something.
  12. You should try hitting "all" on the chart. It shows a general upward trend with highly predictable periodic dips. If the content drops in November without a subsequent increase then you may be able to make a case for decline. Other than that, the forum shows that malcontents have always been predicting the decline of the game, even in the face of the obvious proof of the contrary.
  13. Oh the irony. You pretty just tried to shove aside the people who disagree with your opinion. Look, let's face it, it's impossible to please everyone. Resources are limited, you have to make choices that are going to benefit the most people. In most cases that seems to be the newer, more casual players. DE hasn't made a secret of this. But they do keep tossing in stuff geared to the vets. But the vets are by definition in the top echelons of our players. They have gear that allows them to play the hardest content for hours with little chance of failure. So any and all content is devoured within days and immediately after there are the cries of "content drought". Because let's face it, faking ennui, that's the easiest way to stroke the epeen in front of an audience. And that content is wasted on the newbs, so until they get to the point where they can survive it, those are wasted resources. And seriously, anyone who says "b-but mah endgame" needs to be told off at this point. In spades. There's no endgame because nobody can agree on what it is. So that BS can just be canned, and DE can go ahead and make their decisions about where to take their game.
  14. Then you need to reevaluate. DE isn't directionless, they're just moving in a direction that you personally don't care for. And as many people have told you, the changes that you think they're scared to make, are enormous things, with the potential to totally break the game. But they've been making small changes, gradually, adjusting as they go. If you do not notice the difference in the combat, that's probably a good thing, but it's not the same as saying that they didn't make changes. Look at the way that they're trying to adjust elemental damage recently, cold and hot come to mind.
  15. That's often what people say when they don't set effective filters. They are usually also unwittingly greedy. Greedy because they want to see everything, all at once. But it's usually still too much information to process. And many lines involving rivens also have other stuff on offer/request. If you narrow it down to a positive filter on just a couple of items, that effectively blacklists every single line that doesn't deal with those one or two select items. Because there's so much less to process you can make your snap decisions faster, respond faster and stand a much better chance to make the trades. I mean seriously how many lines involving rivens do you expect to see if you are only looking out for lines containing the trigger "Nekros" or "vaykor sydon"? I can tell you that it's a very reasonable number, and each one must still refer to the thing that you're looking for. Even if the trigger is a weapon like "Venka", it's nothing like the unfiltered chat. The few riven sellers that slip through can be skipped over without significant bother. Now if you start adding positive filters for any and everything, well again that's the "greed" factor coming into play again isn't it? There'll be more lines of text, more rivens slipping through the filters, more headaches.
  16. Guys, guys, guys. Seriously. There's an adjustable filter on the chat for a reason. Pick one or two items that you are most interested in, put in a positive filter for that, and all of a sudden everything irrelevant is no longer shown. The chat suddenly becomes much more manageable, and all because you stopped trying to be greedy.
  17. The question: "Partners Leaving how does warframe fare?" The answer: "DILLIGAF?" Many of them were existing in their own little while echo chambers, competing to see who could get the most attention, but when you constantly complain about there being nothing to do, there's the problem that they create a situation where the viewers must ask themselves "why am I still watching them say the same thing week after week". Remember that for those people this game is a job. A job that they've been doing for years. Sooner or later they start to get bored. That's normal and not a big deal.
  18. You actually came up with this stuff on your own, or are you parroting something that someone else said? Serious question.
  19. That's generous of you. I'd have guessed that they went with the hyperbole option.
  20. I could be wrong but I don't think that you normally see most of the people in the relay with you at the same time.
  21. That's what the filter is for. You put in the one or two items that you are interested in getting, and from that point all that shows up are the messages that include the terms you put in. That drastically reduces the number of lines that get sent to the screen per minute, and you can just engage in some fashion frame or something until you get a few lines so that you can judge the WTB/WTS prices. This lets you set a realistic price point for your offers, but double checking the prices on warframe.market for your platform is still a good idea. Based on the information you are going to be able to make reasonable offers, that are more likely to result in rapid and successful offers of trade. Well the last part is the logical conclusion of what started in the second. The lack of enforced demand (we buy/build most things once and keep them forever, no repair or replacement needed) means that demand for most items is far less than the supply. Any basic level economics textbook will tell you that such a combination means that prices for such items will plummet. Most items will effectively become prime junk in a very short time. In the real world, demand gradually goes back up due to wear and tear and the need to replace old or broken items. In warframe.... not so much. Doesn't make any sense. The plat that you trade for didn't magically come into existence. Someone bought it. But there are lots of examples of stuff going wrong with auction houses in other games. Even in games where the economy is better suited to such a system than warframe is.
  22. Ok first off, most people never go to Maroo's to trade. Clan dojos are a lot cleaner and easier because you don't have a pile of randoms all trying to block your way to force a trade. Second, if you think Maroo's is a good place to trade, you probably don't have anything that we don't already own. In this game there is no reason to own multiple versions of most items. So why would I buy what you're selling? The only thing that comes to mind, is prime junk. Sure you only get a tiny bit of plat per item, but you get it fast, and can use the time saved to play the game. I'd advise you to only sell the low ducat value and keep the 100 ducat items as they tend to be more rare and can usually be sold for a more reasonable amount of plat. Third, as everyone else is saying having an in house automated trade system will probably do terrible things to the economy. That would be like shooting yourself (and everyone else) in the foot.
  23. From what I've read elsewhere it's a pretty major issue for some people in the US, especially if they're more rural, or served by a single ISP. But imagine a whole country with the population of a large town or small city, and they're stuck in the boonies, and you'll have a good idea of what our "Small Island Developing States" are like. Some of us are fortunate to have a major fibre optic telecom trunk that we can connect to, but that's a fairly recent development and it's only been a couple of years since I was able to get off of the old and generally poorly maintained copper network (they rolled out fibre optics). A generation ago we'd just gotten ADSL in the major population centres. Before that, dialup internet was the order of the day. Stuff like that is why dedicated servers are not the panacea people think they are. You can't put them in a single spot, they're going to have to be spread out. That's a part of why pricing such a system is difficult, different countries, different laws, different prices.
  24. Really? Because those are usually implicit in the description "third world" and "fly speck". What you are trying to pull is "I only have 999 million dollars in my bank account, so I don't count as a billionaire". You are a stone's throw from the "first world" infrastructure, and even though I pay for better speeds than you do, and can drive to the landing site for the Americas 1 and 2 cables in minutes, the larger distance that the signal must cover to get to the servers in the US means that my ping times will always be higher than what you are holding up as "this is your worst case scenario". Worse I also end up playing with people from the Lesser Antilles and I can guarantee that their connections are garbage compared to what you and I currently have. Updates that I can pull in a half of an hour, takes my St Lucian buddy many hours. So so, you need to reevaluate what "worst case" actually means. All would play a role. But a major reason is that our different ISPs don't like dealing with one another, so the route almost always ends up including a server somewhere in the US, before coming back. Since some of the ISPs have acquired their previous competitors, occasionally you'll find that sort of route even if you are playing with someone who pays the same sort of bill as you do, to the same company. Nobody seems particularly inclined to clean up the the mess, so it's going to be around for a while.
  25. Got news for you, boyo. I'm in Trinidad. You know, the opposite end of the the chain. Hispanola is huge compared to us, and I suspect, a mere stone's throw from North America along the Amx undersea cable unless you picked up and moved your island recently. So you sure you want to compare island sizes between the Greater Antilles and the Lesser Antilles? Or connections? That won't go as well as you think. That Amx cable is also probably why you have lower latency between the Americans and yourself than to the other Tenno in the DR. I have the same problem, but a much longer pipeline via Americas 1/Americas 2, before I can find a point in common with other Trini Tenno, somewhere up in Florida or wherever despite being able to walk to their houses in a reasonable amount of time.
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