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  1. 1 hour ago, Vahenir said:

    I've definitely noticed this as well along with the high incoming damage making most frames i prefer to play just die in less than 5 seconds along with most my ranged weapons just feeling pitifully weak against the veil enemies. Especially compared to melee, or the weapon ive been using for railjack mostly, the redeemer prime.

    So right now i have like 3 frames that work well in railjack and that i generally like to play. Namely titania, nyx and inaros. As for weapons i mainly use the redeemer prime or reaper prime, leaving the other weapons as more of a fashion thing since they are crap in comparison anyway. Id love to play mag, ember or zephyr in this stuff tho but they tend to get vaporized. With zephyr the enemies even seem to shoot through the turbulence.

    Those limitations kind of make railjack and i suppose lich stuff very dull in the long run, at least for me. 

    So... Uh... Lemme get this straight.... 

    You've found that some stuff works better (for this specific content) than other stuff, and having to adapt your strategy is making you upset? In a game which is all about making choices, which allow you to adapt to the challenges you will face? 

  2. 1 hour ago, Voltage said:

    Cherry-picking what others say to fit your argument doesn't make you right. If you quoted everything I said, it would have included the fact that I explained that you cannot help someone who is slower than you due there being a skill only the individual can get a hang of. I also explained that players self revive in many cases because it is trivial to go down. And yes, if a player goes down often, they are unprepared. That is not toxic, that is a fact. If the player was properly geared they simply wouldn't die often, and if they do go down often, it is not the responsibility of others to keep picking them up.

    If I'd quoted you being wrong, you would still be wrong. While a part of our speed is mechanical and muscle memory, another part is our experience with the map and the given tile sets. We know, where the possible exits are and can aim ourselves in that general direction, we know where the hazards are and can avoid them as we go. 

    Newbs don't yet have that. Sometimes dropping a marker at a particular junction is a huge help for them, I know because people sometimes did it for me, and I sometimes do it for others. That's a part of what being in a team means. Our very presence on the map also helps show them the way if we're in close proximity. The doors can help to force that from time to time. Both of these points have been raised in this thread already. 

    And no, players going down is not toxic in and of itself, so you can stop acting like it's an attempt to personally attack you with their incompetence. People sometimes need a hand, and that's fine. If we're part of a team, helping them is literally a part of what we signed up for, just as they have signed up to try and help us if they can. 

    1 hour ago, Voltage said:

    Please do not speak for me or assume how I play or enjoy the game. You are very wrong, and this thread isn't for that kind of discussion. I am not sure why are arguing against me as an individual instead of the topic at hand. It's honestly rude, tasteless, and still shows you don't have any counter-argument for friendship doors. Calling me entitled every comment you write still doesn't give positive reasoning for the existence of this mechanic. The door has been proven unhealthy for the game more than once for over half a decade now.

    I quoted you saying what you said, Tenno. Take a moment to calm and distance yourself from your comments, then review them with a critical eye.

    You are literally demanding that they make a change to allow you to abandon your teammates, and afk the way you feel you deserve to be able to. But somehow you feel that you can talk about what is "unhealthy" in this game? 

    You too funny. 

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  3. 7 hours ago, Voltage said:

    I'm glad this is the only thing you could comment on by taking it out of context. 

    This is what I actually meant: if I alt-tab at extraction with the doors existence, I will alt-tab at extraction without it. The only difference is, if the door isn't there, it doesn't change the pace of the mission for anybody. Extraction and this door are different situations.

    Insulting other people for their opinions doesn't prove anything except the opposite of "being a good team member".

    No. I'd started quoting bit by bit starting with the blatantly false first sentence, but I realised quite rapidly that the majority of your post boiled down to that one, extremely entitled line. 

    Because let's face it, the other gems were pretty much just different manifestations of the same thing:

    11 hours ago, Voltage said:

    I won't slow down a Fissure Exterminate or a mission I have done thousands of times to "help" someone going slower than me.


    11 hours ago, Voltage said:

    I would just like to play at my pace.


    11 hours ago, Voltage said:

    If players are dying often, they are clearly unprepared or unequipped, and it is not my job to babysit.


    Or the beautifully self-contradictory pair of:

    11 hours ago, Voltage said:

    Also, if I am Nova, I can likely reach a fallen teammate from extraction as you can clear many tiles in 10 seconds.

    11 hours ago, Voltage said:

    In these cases, I know I will likely find players slower than myself and I will carry my weight until the extraction point. At the extraction point I will check Discord, the Forums, Riven.Market, Semlar.com, my Spotify playlist, Linus Tech Tips, or anything else while I wait for other players and eventually load back into my Orbiter.


    The problem you're struggling with is clear. You don't actually want to play with others. You only want to benefit from playing with others. Pretend that's not entitled AF all you want, but sooner or later it's something you should face. 


    6 hours ago, (PS4)Hiero_Glyph said:

    My personal favorite is the double standard where if I expect a public group to stay for 20 waves of defense it's my fault for not using recruiting chat, but if someone wants to spend the entire mission searching for caches then I'm the jerk for wanting them to hurry up. Why can't they use recruiting chat too?

    You're absolutely right that sort of selfish behaviour is also a big problem. But my experience is that if they're searching the entire map for caches, they're experienced enough at bullet jumping to not be counted as newbs at all.

    The good news is that with the individual extraction option as of several updates ago, once you actually get to extraction your time with them should soon be approaching the end of the line. 

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  4. 1 hour ago, (XB1)YoungGunn82 said:

    Voltage has a vary valid point. As do many players in this thread for getting rid or having some/more alternatives to "friendship"  doors.

    That's said, what are your motivations for defending such a vary obvious dated and archaic mechanic such as these "friendship" doors? What negatively effects you directly by not keeping them, especially when you can just follow your own advice and play solo too? The conclusion is either way those doors are completely unnecessary. So therefor your whole defense of them is ultimately moot. 

    Team play ≠ standing afk at extraction. 

    The doors force people who are ostensibly playing in a team to actually do an activity that involves a teammate. By reminding us that not everyone is a highly skilled vet who knows what they're doing, it gives us a chance to help them to improve. 

    That might be something as simple as going slowly enough to show them the way (which friendship doors do enforce up to a point), or keeping us within affinity range a little longer (also enforced by the doors), giving us a quick chance to team buff, or keeping us within range to revive a downed squad member. 

    Demanding that people who don't have a problem with the way the doors work, and are ok with waiting for people to catch up, play solo doesn't make any sense in relation to why DE should give you what you claim to want. Think about it. 

  5. 1 minute ago, SneakyErvin said:

    I think that is what he refered to when he said health and shields are worthless, because those two stats do nothing for the skills.

    Looks like base health does affect the ability. Increasing that, will increase the Iron Skin's modified health. Health mods on the warframe don't have an effect, but the point of the Thread is that the OP is asking for changes to the base stats for the warframe.

  6. 51 minutes ago, Voltage said:

    Just because Solo is an option doesn't mean it's an actual counter-argument to any co-op related feedback. Try using that argument on Railjack (before they removed them), or Void Fissures.

    Railjack? You mean the mode that people have managed to solo right from the start? And the reason why we radshare the fissures is that it boosts the chance we'll get the specific reward we want, not because it's mandatory. You're more than able to solo it if you don't want to have to play with others. 

    I'm sure that you were trying to make a valid point but obviously it's fallen flat. 

    55 minutes ago, Voltage said:

    People are not complaining about slow team mates directly. People are complaining about a mechanic which is ancient, unnecessary, has no purpose being in the game these days (looking at @IceColdHawk's comment which still hasn't been answered) that results in frustration towards teammates, and this mechanic is objectively bad for every player in a mission. If you take your time, you don't want the pressure of someone waiting at a door. If you are going fast, you don't want to have to be slowed down to the slower pace of the lobby. The door objectively forces you to change your pace on both ends unless you don't care about the guy waiting at the door while catching up. In this case, you would be following your own text:

    You really need focus on what's going on and spend less time inventing reasons for why people have done what they've done. 

    The door is meant to have us work together with a teammate. This forces us to make a token gesture towards being a part of a team. Bear in mind that this is only an issue for people who are playing a multiplayer game, with other people. If you intend to act like you're alone, play alone. 

    And hint, nowhere did I give any indication that I don't make an effort to get to the doors asap. A lot of the time I'm the one sitting there waiting. And I'm fine with that. Because I can acknowledge that I'm a part of a team. 

    To make it even clearer, I'm often more than happy to drop waypoints and go at a more sedate pace if I notice that someone is likely to be a newb, or is dying regularly and needs revives. If you have rushed to the extraction and a newb needs a revive, are you going to be in a position to go back and get there in time to help them out? 

    1 hour ago, Voltage said:

    This topic after five pages still has no argument to keep them.

    Choosing to ignore what you don't like, is on you. 

    1 hour ago, Voltage said:

    When you a teenager (college for example), you are hit with the harsh reality that nobody likes the person slacking on a group project/lab. You are frustrated with the slacker, but the real problem is you are mad at your instructor for giving you this partner at random. In this situation, the friendship door is your teacher and the squad mate is that partner you didn't ask for. As an adult, slacking in similar situations eventually gets you fired from your employment. There is good reason for the lack of friendship doors, because time is valuable

    And again, most functioning members of society have found ways to deal with that issue. If your first reaction is to throw anyone who is struggling, under the bus, that says more about you than you may be willing to admit. Many of us will first try to help lift them up to our level. If you can't do that, you have the option to go it alone with all of our blessings. 

    And no, sorry, but your subjective value of your time, isn't something that others are expected to share. If you made it into college and didn't realize that, then I guess we'll have to wait for you to catch up too. 

    1 hour ago, Voltage said:

    Why have this problem in Warframe? If you want to value everyone's time, there is no need for the door. Why not just remove the door and players can just do the mission how they feel? Waiting at extraction vs waiting halfway through the mission are entirely different situations. The former is no worry as you can AFK and come back to your Orbiter. The latter gets frustrating, and the sole problem is the door, not the player you get frustrated with.

    You want to be a part of a team? You want to at least pretend to act like you are instead of demanding to be allowed to afk during your public matches? 

  7. 6 hours ago, NinjaZeku said:

    Only Armor affects (one of) their abilities, and you can even build both of them so that Health and Shields are useless.

    Increased Max Energy would indeed be a nice thing to have (also maybe some +Sprint Speed on Frost Prime plskthx),
    it's somewhat fiercely silly that these Frames (especially their Primes) have merely half as much as some non-Primes get nowadays.

    Iron Skin's health uses the following expression when accounting for Ability Strength:

    Modified Health = (Base Health + (Armor Multiplier × Base Armor × (1 + Armor Mods))) × (1 + Ability Strength) + Absorbed Damage.


    ☝️ Direct from the wiki. 

  8. 1 hour ago, ShortCat said:

    This is a multiplayer game. What we are discussing here is an issue with its roots in the mutiplayer part. If the best thing you can say is "solo", you are not worth my time or attention, since you neither understand the issue at hand nor how stupid this response is.

    Yes it is, but when your issue with the multiplayer game is having to wait for the other players to catch up every once in a while, then you should stop pretending that your reason for complaining is that you "want to play a multiplayer game". 

    As for not being worth your time, *shrug*. People with a falsely inflated sense of entitlement often seem to have that sort of issue. Another manifestation is not wanting to pause long enough for the rest of your squad to catch up. Most other people begin to learn how to play well with others by the time they hit kindergarten. I guess it takes some people longer than others. But don't worry, most of us will be happy to wait for you to catch up. 


  9. 29 minutes ago, ShortCat said:

    What are you even talking about? Waypoint problem is a waypoint problem. Period. You do not solve wonky map navigation with forced stops. I mentioned Affinity range as a rough reference to how far you can see on a minimap, a distance that can be covered in a few seconds and thus cannot serve as a guide beacon to navigate lost players, as a response to your previous point.

    If you want to talk about strawman called Affinity gains, then friendship doors still fail, because:

    1. They usually separate the squad in short missions or inbetween mission objects, where enemy densitiy is low or the misison itself is not used for Affinity gains in the first place.
    2. You assume that squad consists only of 2 people, a rusher and a snail, which is not the case.
    3. For the 3rd time, if a slow player could not keep up, chances are high he will be left behind again (if point 2 is not applicable).
    4. Friendship doors are not even present in every misison

    Elevetaros are just as badly designed as friendship doors, thus latest tileset reworks hardly utilize elevators in the first place, or those elevators have an open ceiling as well as doors, so that players just can jump down or up.

    I pass the nonsense ball back to you, since I am not the one with weak arguments or strawman friends. I marked the only use of friendship doors in red. Point is, next to their questionable initial intent, they act more as a troll or inconvenience tool.

    And I pass it back with a single word: Solo. 

    Like any poorly behaved child you have a choice to make, learn to play nicely with others, or play on your own. 

    And yes, it's really that simple. 

  10. 3 hours ago, (PS4)Hiero_Glyph said:

    Why not make the friendship door require every group member if their intent is to keep the group together? Is it because that would be a bad idea that pointlessly slows down the mission, especially when players load in late?

    You forgot that we DO have one of those. For the Kela encounter. 😉

  11. 11 hours ago, taiiat said:

    the biggest problem that people have with Weapon Modding is that they think if they deleted a few Mods that they wouldn't still be using a nearly identical Mod setup on every Weapon still anyways.
    which they would.

    "remove all Multi-Shot and general Base Damage Mods from the game or make them innate" - and now everyone Equips more Elemental Mods and more Crit Mods, on all Weapons. still the same complaint of using the same Mods in almost all possible cases, so now what.

    you can try to footnote against this response all you want - it's still the truth. change for the sake of change but not caring whether the change actually solves the identified problem is otherwise known as a waste of time.
    justifying changing something by identifying a problem is great, but if what one would change doesn't actually address that problem, it is not a good justification. doesn't mean you couldn't do it, but there would need to be a justification and if not that, then what.


    also when __ clicks Quote on me in a rush, and starts typing, they should reread my last two sentences again.


    There are way too many people who think that "change is good" is a universal rule, when it's not. Change can only be good if it's a good change. Bad changes, made just for the sake of changing something, are still bad. 

    The real problem with mandatory mods is that people call them "mandatory". Nobody calls the faction specific mods "mandatory" despite the fact that they are crazy powerful, and our configs make it so that we can easily equip one on each for easy swapping. 

    No matter what they change about the game, it's inevitable that some combination of mods will work best on a given weapon. Eventually everyone will gravitate to a similar combination, especially given the nature of the internet and how people search for information that others have shared. 

  12. 1 hour ago, ShortCat said:

    Minimap covers just as much as affinity range, so hardly a guide beacon in the end. Furthermore, not all maps even have those doors. Furthermore, this is an issue with the map marker failing to guide players properly, unrelated to friendship doors.

    Friendship doors have no porpuse and accomplish nothing but annoy players. Stop searching for reason where is none.

    2D vs 3D. How many complaints exist that the minimap sucks at showing when things are above or below our level? 

    And you also mentioned affinity. A mechanic that exists so that even if one player is hogging all of the kills, the squad will derive some benefit. But you acknowledge that benefit is only derived within a specific distance. Friendship doors allow newbs to close that distance from time to time. 


    Look, it's like the elevators. I can be a $&*^ and hit the button despite seeing people about to enter, leaving them behind (substantially so, as most have a not insignificant travel time). But since I specifically chose to play in a squad, it's better for me to be polite and wait a few extra seconds so that the whole squad can make the trip together. 

    You can make up all the nonsense reasons you like for not including these doors, but they serve a purpose in the game. And yes, that purpose is very specifically to make people wait on a squadmate to catch up to them. 

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  13. 2 hours ago, (PS4)Gentleman_Raven_ said:

    I tried a few pub games and it was.... interesting.

    I'm going to try Clan chat if the Veil kicks my butt too much.

    Good hunting, Tenno.

    "Interesting" 😂

    Pubs are always a mixed bag. You get people who are polite and know what they're doing, and you get mavericks who only want to take over the pilot seat and end up parking you right in the middle of the shooting gallery. You get the people who are happy to play support that keep the ship topped up, without wasting your resources, and you get the pilots who ignore all the resource drops because they're busy doing corkscrews chasing after a more agile fighter. You get the people who are always racing to board the enemy crewships, and you get the ones who are just plain trigger happy where the forward artillery is concerned. 


    That said, I Just got done taking a clanmate bumming around Saturn for intrinsics. He can't access Veil Proxima yet. 

    Also got a few pieces of wreckage for him to scrap to max out his grid. 

    By the time people get to the Veil they should have a fair idea of what they are doing. And finding squads running Gian Point is usually not too much of a hassle. 

    Eventually we'll get to see what the command intrinsics is, and we can decide if we want to do it solo or together. For now, we're all getting a lesson in how the basics work. 

    Have a good one. 

  14. 2 hours ago, Corvid said:

    Viral Hunter Munitions or Corrosive. To say nothing of the sheer volume of weapons that flat out aren't able to keep up with the exponentially increased health.

    Thanks. Guess I have some tweaks to make. 😊

    That's not what I have been rocking, btw. I been using a Rhino, still kitted out with a rad-crit catchmoon and a zenistar that's been back and forth between blast, gas and corrosive. I often have a Khom set up for Corrosive, as the primary, but from time to time I just take the old Arca Plasmor instead. I mostly use the Zenistar. 

    No, it's not the Most Efficient Tactics Available. But it gets me through the content reasonably well. I mean it's certainly not a pocketsand Inaros or anything. 

    So...... Does me using that mean that it's entirely possible for a player to do this content without obsessively following the meta? 

    And yeah, we can agree the majority of weapons in this game are just MR fodder. But that's not even anywhere near to unique to Railjack enemies. 

  15. 35 minutes ago, ShortCat said:

    Same answer as before, after a friendship door the poor guy will be left behind on the first 10 meters.

    You know that you can see teammates, if they're reasonably close right? You don't need to be right on their heels to benefit, but you do need reasonable degree of proximity. 

  16. 16 hours ago, (PS4)Gentleman_Raven_ said:

    Yes, this! I thought these guys were too beefy, and honestly wondering if I'll be able to solo the Veil. 

    What Elemental damage works best with Viral to kill these tanks quicker?

    You're supposed to be doing it in a squad. They specifically said that it was balanced around that. 

    Yes we CAN do it solo, but it is going to be tougher that way. 

    Choose wisely, Tenno. 

  17. 14 hours ago, ShortCat said:

    As a response, this answer is all that's needed.

    Works real good except it does not address the part that you forgot to quote:

    15 hours ago, (PS4)guzmantt1977 said:

    OP, you are forgetting that new players don't always know where to go next. Even the markers get borked on a regular basis. If they're following reasonably close behind, we are also showing them which way to go. Having us pause along the way to let them catch up isn't a bad thing. 


  18. 35 minutes ago, GrayArchon said:

    They're for precisely that reason, to slow you down if you're getting too far ahead of new/slower players. It's not fun to wander through a level with tons of corpses and drops and never see a living enemy.


    33 minutes ago, MagPrime said:

    Sounds like they're functioning perfectly. 

    These answers should be all that's needed. 


    OP, you are forgetting that new players don't always know where to go next. Even the markers get borked on a regular basis. If they're following reasonably close behind, we are also showing them which way to go. Having us pause along the way to let them catch up isn't a bad thing. 

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  19. 34 minutes ago, Oreades said:

    Hmm a ten second cursory check reveals that starchart junctions will net you (in accordance with the wiki) a whopping 13k mastery for completing all 13 of them. The break down 1k MRxp each (actual gear rendering 3000-6000 each)....I can only assume that you're also lumping in the fist time completion of each and every mission node cause that gets almost close clocking in at a whopping ~27k(ish) but I guess close enough for government work?

    I dunno. I don't work for the government. I used the figures attached to the table with Hotfix 27.0.4 in the title. I'll let you check it again. 

    I also didn't include the intrinsics because while the OP isn't locked out by MR they're not going to be able to tackle that just yet. That's another 60k. 

    But we can pretend that does not exist either if you like. Although for a new player's perspective, completing the star chart the accumulated mastery ranks just from getting there should take them past the MR 5 requirement. 


    And here's the fact that you probably really won't like at all: neither of us is all that special. Newbs have just as much agency as you or I did. We made it to our respective MRs, and they can too. 

    The only question becomes, "are they willing to take advice and learn, or do they stomp their feet and whine?" 

    I know which I've been trying to encourage. Do you? 

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