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  1. 1 minute ago, LeMoog said:

    fair enough come up with a better one, without knowing where your feel I am in error then it is hard for me to convince you that your are wrong

    Check and track the IP/mac address if they appear more than twice (once as buyer and once as seller) on an item that raises a red flag on the players involved. Multiple flags means that the players trade history gets investigated by a human. 

    Trading, reselling, buying for a friend, none of those get flagged under this system, as none of those are a problem. 

    You seem to have an issue with resellers which is your issue and nobody else's. 

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  2. 41 minutes ago, LeMoog said:

    Supply is finite i.e there is only so many of each tradable item currently in circulation, more brokers do not increase supply and if they are full time brokers (24/7 via agents or bots) then actually playing the game to obtain the parts for themselves takes up far less of their time than if they were not focusing on reselling i.e. less trading time for everyone else.

    So much of what you have to say is blatantly wrong. Much of it is plainly nonsensical, that if you weren't so invested in your proposal you'd be able to see it instantly. 

    There are many people who are pointing out what is wrong and explaining the errors. Not all are greedy traders trying to take advantage of the ignorant. I'm not a reseller and most of my purchases are prime junk for the ducats. But I'd be lying if I said that I didn't get full sets that way, and I have used that to give newbs I have played with Primes that they didn't yet have, for free. 

    Your proposed "solution" will prevent me from being able to do that, and that's beyond ridiculous. I see that others have said much the same thing. 

    You may not be negatively affected by the proposed changes, but others will, so no thanks. From my point of view, your proposal sucks. 

  3. Meh. I'm in the same boat as the OP, difference is idgaf. 

    My solo clan was so I could get the research gear, and add a drifter or two who just want the gear and the occasional spot of help. The dojo is pretty bare bones and I'm ok with that. 

    I understand the wish to get everything, but I also accept that the intent of these sorts of things, is to encourage us to work together as a clan, to achieve the goals.

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  4. On 2019-06-20 at 2:33 AM, Lutesque said:

    Just Reached Old Mate with Solaris united on my 2nd Account and did 11 Runs.... 

    The Gyromag Systems are piling up but thats normal.... stupid but normal....

    Whats not normal is the Repeller Systems Dropping Before the Atmo Systems.... this was the the brick wall that killed my progression first time around and here we are again....

    Not complaining yet but I know where this is going..... 

    Will Update on monday if my suspicions are correct....


    Welp.... All the Atmo Systems Dropped for me last Night.....

    Which is unfortunate 😞

    what am I going to complain about now 😞 ?

    Oh, I'm sure that you'll find something. You always do. 🙄

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  5. 1 hour ago, Loza03 said:

    More than likely the tech exists, but it's possible the required materials are scarce or even spent entirely. There's surprisingly little viable Uranium and Plutonium around in the great scheme of things, at least in quantities large enough to mine. According to one source, our current supply for nuclear reactors is just two centuries at current consumption. Historically, people have looked for new fuel sources when the old sources have run out - so it's entirely possible that the void was discovered due to an energy crisis.

    We can be pretty sure that Fomorian Cores run off nuclear power (since the land will be "uninhabitable for millenia") but the stated half-life would make it uninhabitable for Half-life is how stable something is, and a longer half-life means more time radioactive. Waste is usually more stable than the isotopes used in fuel and bombs as reactions almost always produce a more stable result. It's possible Fomorian cores run on reclaimed Nuclear Waste, which would mean they produce a lot less bang for their buck, but could still run pretty much forever - and of course render areas radioactive pretty much forever whenever they go boom. This would probably explain why the Grineer wouldn't requisition Fomorian tech for bombs - you can't conquer an uninhabitable wasteland.

    Not necessarily. Half-life applies to individual isotopes of a given element. However the decay of unstable isotopes, especially the heavy ones, often produces other unstable nuclei. The result is a chain of reactions that only terminate when a stable isotope is formed. 

    Here's a site which will supply both the natural decay chain of U-238 as an example and the half-lives in a tabular form. (For the non chemists "plomb" is lead in English and for the non-european the numbers are wonky because the comma is used as a radix point to show decimals, not to indicate thousands. So the half-life of polonium-210 is a little over 138 days, not 138 thousand days.)


    You'll note that some are measured in thousands of years, and others in days or seconds, but those fluctuate along the chain. 


    And then we can begin to consider the "conservation of strangeness". 😁

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  6. 54 minutes ago, VanFanel1980mx said:

    Other than DE's desperate attempt at killing their core gameplay by turning it into a generic shooter with parkour, when you think about it nullifier bubbles are generated by a drone flying above its caster but then the harder the game gets the bigger the bubbles are no matter the area, that basically means the drone goes through the ceiling, an interesting way of making them a little more fair would be to limit the size of the bubble according to the room's height, not to mention it would make more sense, don't you think?

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    Shills coming to defend everything in 3...2...1...


    Yeah I've seen the bubbles noticeably expand when the nullies move from a corridor to an open room. 

    Suggests that what you are demanding, is already a thing. 


    Maybe you can share your screenshots or post it as a bug report? 

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  7. 45 minutes ago, Thorxes510 said:
    • What's the best way for a new player to make platinum so that they can buy more weapon/frame slots?
      • I've got a couple of gold mods - but they seem to sell for only about 1 platinum; am I missing something?
    • Related to the question above - Auction Houses. I've seen posts that mention this topic has been brought up thousands of times and reasons have been given for not introducing such a system.
      • Can someone please link an OFFICIAL DE RESPONSE outlining THEIR reasons why they won't add one in? As great as the community is here in Warframe compared to other games - I'd much rather get pointed to an official response rather than having to sift through thousands of posts from non-DE employees about why they think an AH would be a bad thing.
    • I've heard on some of the developer interviews that one of the issues with Warframe is that the "plot" doesn't really kick in until about 80 hours in.
      • Where exactly does this happen?
        • Is it a particular quest/planet?
        • I've recently gotten to Saturn and I'm not sure if I'm at that "80 hour" mark, or if that mark is still ahead of me.

    Open relics by running fissures. Then try warframe.market to sell stuff, but realistically selling it as prime junk will probably be a lot faster but you get very little. 

    Good luck, Tenno. 

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  8. 1 hour ago, Arcira said:

    Anyway apparently some people dont know this system so ill try to clarify. As far I know the API connection in POE alows player to put there items in special stashes (in game) which then will be listed automatically on the official or 3rd party website.

    How's that work for consoles? 

  9. On 2019-04-08 at 1:24 PM, MirageKnight said:

    I'm an MR 16 with 5+ years of gameplay under my belt. Ditch the attitude. Also...

    I'm an MR16 with 1 year of gameplay under my belt and have no issues with the enemy, even when they decide to show up while we're fighting the hemocyst. So your appeal to authority has just been shot down. 

    You're displaying a really terrible attitude when it comes to a very simple enemy with a simple mechanic. Many of the complaints are a matter of it not meeting your personal aesthetic likings. Your proposed changes are nothing but a nerf to what is currently a minor distraction that happens to pay well. Those changes will utterly trivialize it and must be balanced by either removing the rewards, or making it a bulletsponge. 

    People who have an issue with the thumpers taking long to kill, or moving too much, seem to be doing some things very wrong. There are several ways to slow them down, and there's at least one homing weapon that can make short work of it's legs. Refusing to take anything to help with the fight is on you. 

  10. 10 hours ago, (XB1)Cubic Clem said:

    Great, I was about to buy the next PA, but I don't like how they handle this.. what should I do now?

    You're on console. I don't recall seeing tell of any console players who are affected by this particular issue. Basically our system is more robust, as trying to make fraudulent purchases through our game stores, is going to be a lot easier to track, and punish by banning the account, and the system used to commit the fraud. 

    A hundred bucks worth of dirty plat isn't going to cover the cost of buying new consoles each time. 

    So, I guess what you do now is "keep playing the game because this issue is a non-issue for us". 

  11. 14 hours ago, Aldain said:

    When I ran Heists I never knew if I was even going to get systems of any type, let alone the rare toroid drop on the loot table, and before you say "Just farm Toroids noob" I'd rather shove an icepick into my left foot and pour salt into the hole than stand around and waste my time on Fortuna in any way longer than I need to.

    Yeah? Let us know how the ice pick experience goes for you.

    Because honestly, farming toroids was a lot better than farming tellurium. Never tried an ice pick. But I did stand on the point of a fishing gaff once and don't think that you're going to enjoy the experience. 

  12. 1 hour ago, Drasiel said:

    Leveling normal weapons isn't a problem. Leveling modular items is the problem.

    without a potato or polarities a weapon can only fit serration and an under leveled multishot mod. That tapers off in performance around saturn levels. The fastest way to get it done would be to grind saturn spies while using the gun. It is miserable to do the same mission time and again just to fill the bar so you can get rid of the thing.

    Companions can fit one survival mod and either a utility mod or their powers. You have to level them passively because the only way they get enough affinity is if they kill things themselves meaning you can either stand around walking in circles waiting for the things to kill or go public.

    Amps require you to be in operator mode to level them they are generally pretty ineffectual against normal enemies especially if we are talking about the mote amp. You can spend several days on low level planets leveling them up or go leach with the operator to complete it in a reasonable amount of time.

    When there is such a wide divide between active use of the weapon to level and leeching affinity from teammates it really slants the scales of Time vs Reward. Taking longer is only viable when it's not 3-5 times the speed of the other option.

    I see you entirely glossed over the extra time and resource investment required for modular items so I'll have to assume you agree that that it is a pain in the ass.


    A friendly equinox can help you out a lot. As for the last bit, nope, I ignored it because it's a complaint tied to "not wanting to play the game". People who don't play a given aspect of the game, may lack standing in the associated syndicate. 

    If your complaint is "I don't want to this thing" then I'm not going to bother trying to change your mind about that. 

  13. 10 minutes ago, Drasiel said:

    Well some people don't like passively leveling and as such don't like feeling forced to do it.

    The issues for me are you have to farm standing to get the parts then spend two hours building the parts (assuming you sit atop a hoard of resources and don't have to gut fish or mine gems) Then you have to have an open weapon, pet or amp slot, then you have to level the damn thing which is tedious as all hell because they have no polarities and it's both wasteful and impossible to add a potato so it's either slog through spy missions solo or leach off others in public. It's a multistep pain in the ass.

    So don't level it passively. Levelling it actively can be done in a shorter time anyway if that's what floats your boat. The claim that one is being forced to do it passively is both spurious and ridiculous. If it's such a pain to level an item then honestly, one wouldn't expect such a person to be playing warframe, a game where levelling gear is a core mechanic. 

    11 minutes ago, TARINunit9 said:

    Let me take a moment...

    ...nope, I still think you are wrong and I am right.

    No great surprise there. 

    11 minutes ago, TARINunit9 said:

    Nightwave challenges such as "run three rescue missions" or "run five bounties" or "catch some fish" or "kill enemies with magnetic damage" are all great for this. 

    Scroll up. You will find someone who is adamant that what you are proposing is good is actually terrible. 

    13 minutes ago, TARINunit9 said:

    Gilding modular items is a mountain that has its own reward, that reward being a gilded weapon. As a result, a LOT ofnplayers have already climbed that mountain. When Nightwave tells you "go gild a modular item", brand new players will get two rewards when they reach the top. But veterans with all the gilded weapons will only get one reward, the Nightwave reward. 

    Well at least you have admitted that it's rewarding for you, as opposed to crying about being punished. Unless "punishment" is "only getting one reward because you currently believe that only one of those is rewarding"? Because I'm reasonably sure that you can find a combination that you don't currently have, out of all the possibilities. Dispute that if you wish, but since we're talking about what we won't accept, I won't accept an answer that involves "but I won't get any more mastery from it". 

  14. 2 hours ago, TARINunit9 said:

    Clearly we're at an impasse because you don't find the concept of having to run over to Hok or Zuud, notice you're out of rep, go run like four or five bounties to get the rep, run back to them, pick out parts, run back to your foundry, craft all the parts, log in the next day to claim the parts, run BACK to Hok or Zuud, slap the freaking weapon together, handicap yourself by bringing in an ungilded weapon into some annoying generic farming mission, run BACK to Hok or Zuud again, and finally junk the damned thing after wasting even more rep on guilding, after we already did this entire process 21 times in the past just to get the four or five weapons that are actually good and have the rest in our inventory as mastery fodder to be annoying and stupid and tedious. But everyone else in this thread does.

    I believe that "concept" is called "playing the game". The emphasized part suggests that it's exactly the same as what you've already done repeatedly, to your own benefit, to advance one form of standing or another. You are right that I see no significant difference in Nightwave standing as opposed to mastery. 

    As for everyone else in this thread, I am afraid that doesn't bother me either. I'm looking at the last three posts on this thread and here's what I see: someone who admits that the rep cost and the effort are of no real consequence, but is concerned about the cost of the slot; someone who has no problem with the challenge because they don't mind trying out new stuff and it's okay with them; yourself; and Cubic Clem who is trying to expand the complaint by unilaterally deciding what is and isn't a part of the game, in face of evidence to the contrary. 

    Of those I'm not terribly surprised by the last two (or the first two chronologically) because as I noted, there do seem some people who love to complain and will do so whenever they feel like doing it. And I suppose that's fine too. 

    2 hours ago, TARINunit9 said:

    And if you don't have any weapon slots open, you have to pay 12 Plat for the "privilege" of going through all of the above

    If we could do something like re-gild weapons we already own or some other solution I wouldn't give a single hoo-hah about any of this. But no. As a result it honestly, genuinely feels like Nightwave is PUNISHING us for having the due diligence to own all the weapons

    Slots that you can later free by deleting the offending items? I think those are called "investments in the future". In my year and change here do you want to guess how many new weapons and amps have come into existence? Did you somehow not need new slots for those? Do you have any valid reason to suggest that we won't need the extra slots in the next year or so? 


    As far as you feeling punished by having to do the challenges.... Just don't do it? Forsake the standing and make it up elsewhere. Also you might want to check what punishment really is. 

    I see you insist that if you were able to regild it you wouldn't be upset and I call you on your claim. Because you complained about the forma and we both know that we can just reforma any given weapon, so why should I believe that you wouldn't still be complaining about the cost anyway? 

    Take a second to look at your claims dispassionately and see if they really ring true. 

  15. 5 hours ago, TARINunit9 said:

    We complain because we love

    Yes. I have noticed that some people do love to complain, so I suppose you're right. 


    5 hours ago, Drasiel said:

    You kind of answered your own question. We've been building and leveling stuff just to throw out for years. But only one time for each weapon. Suddenly we have to do this additional times with weapons we also have to spend additional time building the parts for. 

    One time each, except for the cases where you build it more than once, because you junked it, but it's a crafting component for something else, so that bit is out. And as a veteran you can probably get it leveled passively while doing something else, so that's not the reason either. 

    So once again I am left wondering what the actual issue is. But then I remember that this is warframe and I've been on the forums long enough to know that people are going to complain about any and everything, because that's the real endgame. 

  16. 11 hours ago, Oriade said:

    But how long until I should spend?  1 week, month, year?  

    What is DEs recommendations?  Just #*!% you, give us your money?.. Sounds like it from you guys.  


    Just how often does this happen?   Your street analogy is different on a street in a small town or the highway.

    Even if its just 1% chance, would you gamble your whole account on that 1%?   

    How long? How long will a bank honour a credit chargeback? Because that's the answer to your question: "highly variable, from situation to situation". 

    Cover your own butt. Just like in the real world, keep records of all your trades, inclusive of all communications. That way if you ever find yourself in a bind, accused of being involved in nefarious activities, you can present the full record of your trades to support and show that you are 100% above board. 

    Or hop over to console. 

    9 hours ago, bibmobello said:

    Sorry to say this but if this is true, this is pure sh*t. The buyer it's not responsible if someone else pay with fake platinum. DE has its database, they should only check the transaction and they must give back the item traded and block the scammer, It's easy.  

    Luckily i never come across a such problem but if this happens to me you should hear the screams in Canada...

    Here's a hint, both the buyer and the seller can be involved in a scam. That's why both get frozen while they try to figure out who was involved. 

  17. 54 minutes ago, TARINunit9 said:

    My problem isn't resources, because grinding is how Warframe already works. My issue is this:

    New players be like:

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    "Warframe here, go use a Zaw"

    But I don't have a Zaw

    "Go build a Zaw"

    Cool, this mechanic is fun, thanks!

    But old players be like:

      Hide contents

    "Warframe here, go use a Zaw"

    Already did, check out my Zaw collection!

    "Sorry, progress isn't retroactive. Go build a brand new Zaw"

    What? Why?!

    That's the real issue. The issue isn't scarcity of resources, the issue is having to do grind that we already did

    And players somewhere in the middle are wondering wtf the problem is because old players have spent years building and levelling junk just to throw it away, but suddenly that's an insult, and an insurmountable problem? 🙄


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  18. 4 hours ago, (XB1)Ubern00ber88 said:

    Do pickups count for the nightwave challenge? Pretty sure it has to be mined to count


    4 hours ago, (NSW)Bromsson said:

    There's no nightwave challenge for PoE gems right now though.

    ☝️ What they said. 


    4 hours ago, (XB1)Ubern00ber88 said:

    My question stands and now also extend to Exploiter orb drops. If I can do either of Thumper hunting or Exploiter I would find it preferable to the RNG of mining

    Why would a person be asking about finding ways to skip challenges that aren't actually happening? 

    Hey maybe you are onto something. Do you figure that I can kill the hemocyte instead of doing the Razorback next time? I mean I can do either and it makes no nevermind to me, but since we're just looking for ways to cheese things, I figured I would ask. 

    What I responded to was someone asking about getting gems to build a modular weapon, not to skip the mine rare gems challenge. 

  19. 3 hours ago, TARINunit9 said:

    Yes, you CAN grind for Forma, and we do, but DE expects you to pay plat for a couple extra every now and then. That's not a bad thing in a F2P game, not in and of itself

    No, DE hopes that I will pay for a couple extra, now and then. 

    Of course with plague star going on, I can do a few quick runs and buy a stack. With nightwave 1.5 going on, I was tasked with opening relics, and guess who got a bunch of blueprints? I burned through quite a bit of forma, not just because I was being rewarded for doing so, but because I was building weapons and wanted to really try one out. In all I think I spent 5 more than they wanted me to on a total of 4 items. 

    That's how little I fear missing out if I forma stuff outside of the challenge. And a big part of that is because not only is forma free, it's abundant too. And as weekly challenges, you can run some relics on day 1, and use the mobile app to make sure that you have lots of that free forma by the end of the week. 

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  20. 20 hours ago, TARINunit9 said:

    "Use three Forma" is already iffy because Forma are a limited resource we're expected to pay Platinum for, but at least they're "repeatable"; you can use them on any weapon at any time, even weapons that have been Forma'd already.

    What are you even talking about? Forma can be had for free, so it's not anything that you're expected to have to pay Platinum for. So seriously, what are you talking about? 

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  21. 1 hour ago, (XB1)RDeschain82 said:

    It would still be better than the current p2p system. The point is to be better. Not just be mediocre. Which is what Waitframe's core systems and processes are, mediocre at best. Everything OP has suggested would make WF better. So why fight for mediocrity? 

    How would it be better? 

    Right now we've a crapshoot for speed and stability of the connection. In general if we're in a region with decent internet connections we'll probably be okay much of the time. If we have to connect to a server a few countries over, where the routing path sucks, then 100% of the time, our connection will be laggy and possibly more unstable. 

    This might not sound like much to you, but as someone who lives out on an island in the third world, I can tell you that playing games on dedicated servers that are geographically remote, sucks. The suggestion would require multiple servers in multiple locations to cover the majority of the player base, and even then, you're going to have to forsake a substantial number, because we're just too far flung to make it worthwhile. Would you be talking about it being better, if you were in the group negatively affected by the proposed change? 

    Apart from that, the proposal will involve totally rewriting the code, a huge part of the game's architecture would probably need to change. 

    And in case the bunny rabbit reference was a whoosh, let's make it clear, saying "even if it's not servers give us something" is all well and good. But I'd rather it be something that will show a marked improvement. For all the talk about how great it would be to have something better, I haven't seen any suggestions that would be definitively better, which is pretty telling. 

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