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  1. What's better? Using filters. Right, so now I know that you haven't got any idea of what you are on about. Have a great day, but this thread is a total waste of time.
  2. Solid points. Especially about the servers and recruit chat. The problem is that some people don't really know enough about the topics to think their way through. So they're unlikely to be able to figure out why your points are solid. I mean PoE seems cool and everything, but it's rather two-dimensional, so claims that they'd need more processing power seem... a little off, if you know what I mean? Sadly that's exactly the type of people who will figure that they know enough to comment about such things without first taking the time to read any of the other threads opened on the same topics.
  3. Have you tried just doing a few Plague Star runs? The thumpers keep trying to butt in on the action, and since everyone is properly kitted out for a change, the thumpers tend to die pretty quickly and leave behind a bunch of stuff. I found that after a few runs, not only did I have a bunch of raw gems, but a bunch of standing that I could use to buy gems from Nakak.
  4. Weird. I did a bunch of 4k runs and would typically take about 100 to 130. Also did a dark sector with my Nekros doing his thing that gave me a fair bit. Maybe it was just your turn to be hated by RNGsus?
  5. Yeah, I do it as a matter of course. Stand by the sign so I count as "inside", while being close enough to keep it open. Usually shaves a few seconds for the slower players. Especially if they realise that it's open and they can just fly right in.
  6. That fact that it is encouraging me to do stuff I'd normally put off, is actually a pretty good thing. I've had items sitting in my foundry for weeks for want of gems and fish parts. It's not that I hate fishing or mining, just that there are so many other things that I kept prioritizing ahead of getting that done. I finally managed to get a couple of them started, but since I also completed the challenges, I guess I will wait to start grinding for the last one.
  7. "Rhino and occasionally Nekros." ☝️That would probably fit in most of the spots for me.
  8. You've been asking for "clarification," and spinning conspiracy theory about why they did this on purpose. Like I said, you would be better off reporting a bug in the appropriate forum.
  9. Ok that looks like a legitimate bug. Probably better to put it on the bug forum. Looks like you are getting kicked out of the rift as soon as you enter it, before it can tick. I say that because it looks like you flash when you roll but the energy doesn't budge, hard to tell though as I'm watching it on a mobile device.
  10. Pay more attention to, Interactions Across Planes where you'll find: Yes, cross-plane effect: Nullifier fields will end Limbos abilities as usual and therefore bring all banished enemies and other players out of the Rift. Abilities from Fog Scrambus Blasts from Jackal's homing missiles On Fortuna some enemies are immune to Limbo's effects and will not enter the Rift, nor be effected by Stasis, i.e. Jackal, Hyena Pack, and Raknoids. Hyekka Masters' firebombs Kuva Fortress turrets and shrapnel mines. Toxic clouds from a Juggernaut As you said it is definitely incomplete, off the top of my head I'm pretty sure that the Wolf ignored it, but it does show that some enemies have had the ability to ignore the rift and hurt you while you stand in the rift insisting that you are untouchable, for quite a while. Looks like that currently applies to everyone in the boss fight. So, "adapt or perish" is the order of the day.
  11. Yeah, a lot of the time, I'm finding myself switching my view to the minimap instead of the game, just so I can figure out what the heck I'm supposed to do. My energy colour is often going to be just less than black too, so I can at least keep track of what I'm doing, but not blinding myself and others, but not everyone decides to go that route.
  12. For the first part, I figure it is a bit of a cover your butt move, especially with regards to Canadian telecom laws. By having even a rudimentary filter, that they can show was updated as needed to include offensive terms that may be counted as hate speech, they can show that if something bad happened in their game, it wasn't anything they condone or permitted. Regarding a personal filter that we can add to, I am under the impression that one probably does exist for chat, but I have never gone looking for it. (Filter or not, typing is a pain when using controllers, and putting fools on ignore is just so much easier.)
  13. Based on prior experience with profanity filters in chats, its difficult to make one that works well. Either you include wildcards and that results in a bunch of accidental triggers, or you try to manually create a list of all the possible ways that someone might write the words, including all the ways that people will try to use to circumvent the filters which, is pretty much impossible.
  14. So... You pushed to do all of the NW content at once. Now you're complaining that 1) you've managed to do everything and 2) you are upset because you think that it wasn't fun and it's a "job"? And you have the same issues? Sorry, but you two aren't making a very good case for yourselves.
  15. You should really check out the link I posted. This is not the first time we've encountered enemies that ignore the rift, nor will it be the last. Like it or not you're not going to be able to use the rift to cheese this fight, adapt to the situation.
  16. I have them segregated on different weapons. Hit with the viral on the primary, then swap to secondary for rad damage. From the runs I've been on, if 4 players generally pitch in, getting to 4k is just a waiting game. The major factor is just finding them early, and hitting them hard.
  17. *shrug* I mostly did it with Titania because I couldn't be bothered to try and parkour it up to the boss fight. For the boss fight, there's no real need to try and cheese it with abilities. Just need to shoot the synovia style hitboxes and press a button. The rift is not the be-all, end-all, you can't be touched that you seem to think it is. It hasn't been for a while. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Rift_Plane You need to learn to adapt to the challenges you face in missions, instead of demanding that the game changes to suit your whims.
  18. Yeah that would be the real question, if we pretend to be totally ignorant of what happened during the first, which required extensive reworks to be made. Or maybe if we were to pretend that coding games is something that happens when someone has an idea, and presses a single button and *poof* magically it appears fully formed and bug free. Or if we pretend that the there's nothing else being worked on. Which of those are you doing?
  19. This type of complaint only makes sense when read as "it does demand variety of loadout, just not the sort of variety that I want it to have, which is limited to these 3 frames and 2 weapons".
  20. Nah. It'll be a lot harder to get plat. Because the prices for most items will crash as supply vastly outstrips demand. So people will be struggling to get even tiny amounts of plat because most items sell at prime junk prices. I'll probably benefit from such a change in the short term, my plat will buy much more stuff. But at the cost of newbs having to grind endlessly for stuff just to afford their slots.
  21. Limited but reoccurring ≠ one time demand. The fact that you're not able to grasp the concept, suggests that you are probably not really understanding what effect the changes you propose will have. DE also explained that it's a technical challenge as well, as the prices and inventory will have to synchronize over multiple servers without lag, and they figure that's going to be a headache.
  22. Yeah, thats probably brilliant! All you need to do is to completely remake the entire game! And turn it into a totally different game!.... Wait a minute... That's probably not a great idea after all.
  23. I figure you need a hobby to help you deal with your pent up frustrations. Have you ever considered maybe playing video games or something relaxing?
  24. Here's a hint: you're trying to compare apples to oranges. Our economy doesn't have many items with reoccurring demand. Do you know what happens in an economic model where supply is infinite and demand is constantly diminishing? That's what you're asking for.
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