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  1. Currently the system gives up to 336 hours, doesn't it? His suggestion is marginally shorter for a starter, and gets harsher with time. That matches the forum system. Sure, and I do understand what you mean, but the fact that they're willing to pull in additional moderators, gives a way to deal with the objection. Also it's not meant to be a replacement for the bot, just an addition to. Remember we can currently report content in chat, so where does that go? Personally I'd pull in people who have managed to keep their noses clean and have a certain minimum weekly time in game. A system could be set up so that they get the notifications, and filter them for further attention, the same way that mods are supposed to. Mods will give feedback on the quality of the highlighted content, and people who are getting too much negative feedback get dropped from the program.
  2. https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1005795-warframe-chat-moderation-assessment-and-renovation/ While many of his points are geared towards improving the bot, several are/include requests for changes to the way actions are dealt with by the human mods. Like the request for proper, informative feedback/warnings (as opposed to the vague "that's not an appropriate topic of discussion" like what we've seen screenshots of, or a request to know if something innocuous that seemed to be what got someone banned is indeed a bannable offense is actually bannable being met with "we don't discuss bans with other parties"). Also a request for first offenses to be given warnings (balanced by even stricter penalties for repeat offenders). Both of these are especially important because I understand the very valid reasons for not sharing details about what is on the list, and not everyone can be reasonably expected to be familiar with idiomatic slurs from outside of their area. That means that it's on DE to educate people about what's acceptable and what's not. Yes kicks and bans also have that effect, but several responses to this thread shows that they're just as likely to cause a person to avoid using the chat at all, for fear of 'unjust punishment'. As a Forum mod you know that you guys do these things when you give warnings, because you do more than simply slap a ban on someone and refuse to elaborate on what the person did. Another aspect aimed at the human mods is his suggestion of an appeal process. Mods are human and sometimes, humans do the wrong things. A mod trying to deal with things in the heat of the moment, may make a decision that they wouldn't have if they weren't so close to a particular subject. Being able to appeal, even to the mod themselves may cause a reversal of an action. That's my main request, for DE to just check out @Fallen_Echo's suggestions. My personal request is, "for the love of all that is good and right in the world, get some more eyes in PS4 region chat and start smashing the trolls with the biggest, meanest ban hammers you guys can find..... PLEASE!"
  3. First one is probably valid (and I suspect that there are 2 adjacent countries that meet the criteria), second one has been proven not to trigger the bot except in very specific context. There are others that I disagree with because they're regional slurs that people outside of North America would be unfamiliar with. Which I'll adress in my next post.
  4. Oh well if it doesn't matter... something...? And yes I agree with you, the content of our opinions matter. 👍 I never said that it should. I'm MR16 right now, but I have a bunch of stuff that I haven't levelled yet (waiting on slots). And yes I mostly try to do the same. I have also been working on a (mostly) solo clan dojo, and the research and colours, and simaris and the other syndicates. I've done all of that for most of my 645 hours and I recently got the Primed fury. So, check my maths on this but in the last 7 months I've put in about half the number of login days that you have in the last 2.5 years? At this rate I might pass your number of logged in days in the 6 months we spoke about. Is that an unfair mechanic? I don't see how? We both have adult lives, and have to carve our precious entertainment time at the expense of other stuff, so that's not it. Someone mentioned a buddy that was homeless for a while and they still managed to log in for an instant most days. So that's probably not it either. But life will probably interrupt me. I might not make it to the 250 day mark before I find that I can't afford any more time to this game for years. Would it be right for me to demand that I be given stuff right now based on time already played? Even at MR16 4 weapons is a near inconsequential amount of MR points. (I've got about a fifth of the bar left and 20k points needed to fill it.) in the time it takes to get to the 800 mark (or whatever) I would probably have seen a bunch of frames added and gotten that much more xp than what those weapons will give. So again that's not really something that I would be worried about. Heck Baro is probably going to be a bigger pain than anything else. Uh... When you said it wouldn't matter to you... That's actually a little ambiguous, sorry but, could you please clarify. Is it that you're saying that as long as you're the one who has more rewards than others, you wouldn't be upset about it, but since someone else has what you haven't yet gotten, well there's an issue? Or that you would have an issue because you would still think that it's impossible to catch up even though there's nobody ahead of you? Or both or neither? Uh, but how is that beneficial to DE in any way compared to the current system?
  5. I can't really remember if mine was asteroids on the Atari, or pong. I wasn't working for them, just playing it like any other kid back in the '80s. Thirty-something years tends to dull the memory of which we played first. 😅 Did you know that there's no endgame in asteroids? The level just rolls over from max back to start. Boy was I disappointed when I found that out. Does that make me a veteran too? And yeah DE does want to know what we think. Some of us agree, some don't. That's okay. Isn't it? What!! How many months!! But that's so long!! It's unfair!! I've played hundreds of hours!! Wait.. No, that's not unfair, it's totally understandable that some people will be ahead of me in the game. I'm cool with that. I don't begrudge you of the stuff you have, not even the stuff I might never get. Why are you fussing about what someone else has that you can earn just by continuing to enjoy the game? I just don't get it. Oh yes it's a good point. I said the same thing. You actually quoted it above: It's understood that we have lives that will interrupt gameplay. Maybe even permanently. That's why we can't look at this as a race, that we need to catch up with the front runners. The only question is, are we further today than the last time we logged in? Once the answer is yes, then it's OK we can all get there, in time. Uh... I think that you missed something. People at the 1000 day mark would also be able to earn those, and the RNG means that you might never get any, but those high login people might get all the 5 day rewards every single time they play. So in 6 months they're rolling up towards 2000 days, and you're not even at 600. Doesn't seem like something that you would be happy with, given what you said before. And it means that some people will not need to log in for the week anymore, to keep pace. Kind of not something that I suspect DE will be happy about.
  6. I understand that you want to own them, but I think that the problem you face is tied to the idea that you think that you should have what others have. I bet that you have a lot more stuff than I do. I'm okay with that. You earned them, in the time that you have played. Should I be concerned that you have stuff that I don't yet have? Is it a case of me never being able to get those things? Or will I get them in time? Is this a race? Or something that we can all get in time? So there are folks at 1000 days and I'm not, it doesn't bother me any more than the idea that there are people with multi-million dollar yachts and I don't have one. I'll get the rewards in my own time. You can too. If they make the proposed changes it won't make any major difference, so we don't lose anything. Don't let this stuff bother you.
  7. Catch up with what? Why do you feel like you need to catch up? You weren't logging in much over the last few years, were you? Maybe once every few days, maybe just weekends, maybe you took months long breaks and played every day for a month here and there? Look, I get it. We all have lives external to the game. That's OK. I can't tell you if I'll be playing next month or if I will drift away. That's OK too. We don't need to catch up. If we get to any given milestone eventually, that'll be fine. We won't get broken ones off the reject pile, they'll be as good as the very first one that anyone got, so don't sweat it.
  8. You aren't the first person to ask something like that. It didn't occur to me. Even after I saw it asked, I didn't understand what it was about. Did they say "hey we're planning on doing this as soon as reasonably possible, are you guys and gals ready for it", or was it a "hey we're thinking about making a change what do you guys think about this"?
  9. I dunno what he said. I don't really look at a lot of warframe videos. If you can find the link and time stamp I might check it out to see what he said. 👍😊
  10. Uh no, because as I progress, the difference between us even if they continue to have 4 more weapons than me forever, will become vanishingly small. That's what happens when we scale up in mastery. Even at my middle of the field rank 16, 4 weapons are not going to make much of an impact. The Sure Footed is nice but I have a pretty sweet Vaykor Sydon which I use to poke stuff so I can shrug about that because I have alternatives There's no actual problem, other than the belief that there's a problem. 😉
  11. Wait, so you're saying that because I was born before my sister, she'll never be the same age as me? That's terrible.... Wait no, that's not the word I want... It's "normal". Do you try to catch up with your father, in terms of the number of days that he has existed? Why should this be any different. It's not a race to see who can get to 100. You don't get a bigger prize for being first to get there. We can all get there. The gear we get isn't going to be worse than what the first person gets. What bothers you about that? Stop thinking about it in those terms. You don't need to catch up with anyone because that's not how this works.
  12. So, what you're really saying, is that you don't do that to yourself and instead only play if you want to? Maybe it's just me, but this is a game. If I don't enjoy it, then there's not much point, is there? It's like the people who were complaining about how they had to give up time with friends, family and even their dog to do a grind that they hated. I played the event, and had a good time. I didn't try to burn myself out trying to convince the RNG that I should get some specific drop this time. Why should I care about how far anyone else has gotten? The only things that matter is if I have gotten further since the last time I played, and if I'm having fun. Let the people at the front of the pack, be there, they earned it. I'll get to where they're at eventually. It's not hurting me in any way.
  13. Is it because you would have to question your position? Or that folks can actually disagree and that's okay? I understand that position, but disagree. We have people arguing that the logins are worthless because they can be done in seconds without actual effort. When we add up the actual time the mechanic takes, what are we talking about? An hour or two in total? And don't forget that totals a thousand things over that time, not just the milestones. And most of the other things in the game can be brought. That's not a problem. The problem is that you think that it's a race, that you think that you should compare yourself to others. Don't do that. Comparison is the thief of joy. Why did you do that to yourself?
  14. Looks like you didn't actually look at my arguments. I've said repeatedly that there's nothing wrong with the system as it exists or the proposed changes. The actual rewards are already gifts that we never pay for, and have no right to demand. Yes they help to encourage us to boost the numbers, but we don't actually need daily rewards for that, do we, just the milestones. Unlike most, I admit to being grateful for some of the stuff I get between those milestone events. That's what half of the people are saying. The other half says it's broken because it doesn't protect their exclusivity and imaginary prestige. Folks like you, who can take it or leave it, are mainly unicorns right now. The whole time I've been responding to this thread, it's been a bunch of folks kicking a fuss about something, but I can't for the life of me, figure out why.
  15. Let's start here because it's important to make it clear. A brief examination of the initial post shows that there's no push from DE to remove the exclusivity of the daily login rewards. The change suggests that we will have the agency to choose from the pools of rewards at specific milestones. As several have noted that does not actually reduce the number of logins required to get all of the rewards. Not quite, it's that we log in if we want to. If we really don't want to, we will stop doing it. There's no "reward" of the type that we get, that will keep a person logging in every day forever. At some point, different for each of us, everyone will eventually stop. See above. It's possible, however as I said at the beginning, that's not what they proposed, and sooner or later, we all stop. Yes but it's probably also significantly smaller than the number who leave before maxing out their very first sentinel while there's still a whole star chart left to explore.
  16. Funny. I get one every day when I log in for the first time. Pretty sure that everyone else is getting them as well. I am fairly certain that you even made the point that there are folks who just log in to collect the daily gift and don't even bother to play. See? And yet you're saying that they don't give those to us? Other than that you seem to be hung up on the idea that gift = pure altruism. That's just not true. Altruism is a concept that's wonderful in theory, but under a cynical examination it becomes impossible to prove that it exists. Personally I don't care if my logins helps boost their numbers. What matters to me is that even when I was out of starter plat, I'd get something just for choosing to play. To be absolutely clear here, that's something you and I didn't pay for, or have any right to demand. That's a gift, my friend, no matter how much you want to try and deny it.
  17. Yeah that's pretty much what I pointed out, it's a non-standard metric for a condition, that allows you to do as you please. You can give it to someone or not give it, based on a whim that you justifed by calling it loyalty. At least with DE they made it clear. It's not for the people who spend a lot of money, or for the folks that they decide that they like. It is given to anyone that shows up on any given day. If you don't like the fact that it also helps them to boost their numbers and is an inducement to encourage us to try and at least show up once a day, then that's an issue you have to find a way to deal with. But to stand around and suggest that a "loyal customer appreciation package", whatever we will call it, or even just a free coffee, doesn't also probably do the same things: keep loyal customers around and turn new ones into return customers... Well, we know that it often does. We've known that for millenia. And DE knows it too. But you keep missing the fact that they don't need to give us daily rewards. It could have been something only every 50 days and would probably still be as effective. I don't know about you, but I really did appreciate some of the stuff that was hard to farm, like seeing tellurium. I did a 30 minute run with Nekros Prime today, running desecration the whole time, I only got one. 20 minutes with a Hydroid and my Nekros, didn't get any. And that's not unusual for me. So for all the tellurium I got while building up a solo clan and doing the research, I am grateful. Now, am I saying that it's not a cheap gift? No. But it also has a really cheap condition for being given. So that's not a problem. Am I saying that it's a great system to ensure that people actually play. No. We both know that there are going to be people who don't actually play. But there are also going to be a lot more who at least run the sorties while they're here. Maybe mess with the foundry. So that's not actually a problem either. But is DE saying that we have to do those things? No. It's literally just for logging in once a day. So there's no problem whatsoever.
  18. Yeah I added a bit of emphasis. I want you to go ahead and look at what you wrote there. You are not going to go with a predefined condition, you are just going to go with the predefined condition of "loyalty". 😐 Oh and it's a very nicely vague, predefined condition, which will allow you to pick and choose who you are going to give it to, without actually being obliged to give it to anyone else who may also be eligible. 😐 But for some reason you think that I'm the one trying to weasel "modern meaning" into the dictionary definition, as opposed to your "totally altruistic and not in any way determined by predefined conditions" version that may not be anything of the sort?........ 😂 Go ahead and try the other one, it's got bells on, it does. 😜 You can try to spin this as much as you want, but you're not actually going to redefine the word "gift" any time soon, and as you so eloquently showed, even the people who think that they give unconditionally, very seldom do. You're given something, for free once a day, just for logging in. DE isn't obliged to do that, and can stop doing that at anytime should they so choose. They do it voluntarily, to thank us for playing their game. It's a highly egalitarian system, as everyone has the opportunity to get all the items, in time, should we choose to attempt to do so. There's nothing wrong with the system or the proposed changes. Some people don't like it as it takes time, others don't want it to be changed, some are cross because they want to dictate what they should be given. That's not something that needs fixing, it's just what happens when you deal with humans.
  19. The gift is free because you aren't charged for it, it's something voluntarily added on top of your purchase value so long as the condition is met. There is nothing misleading or confusing about the use of the word gift in such a way. You are just trying really hard to include the concept of altruism in your usage of the word. You're not naive so you can drop the pretense that you have paid for the daily login rewards or that they are involuntarily given to us by DE, that we deserve or must be handed these things every time we log in. Yes there's a condition to getting the gift, but at the end of the day, that's true for just about every gift ever. And please, don't act like you expect daily logins, or even ones we get actually every 50 or 100 days to match a yearly gift. You know better.
  20. No. I'm really not. Gift: noun something given voluntarily without payment in return, as to show favor toward someone, honor an occasion, or make a gesture of assistance; present. Banks, supermarkets, companies in general, they all use gift the same way. "Get a free gift, with the purchase of".... If it's something you didn't pay for, and it's given it's a gift. I give my coworkers and acquaintances gifts, but I don't go around giving gifts to other people's coworkers and acquaintances. The condition there is "be a coworker or acquaintance". I give some people gifts for their children, but unless they are already on my list of "people whose children I'm buying stuff for" then their kids don't get a gift. Same goes for coworkers who quit, neighbours who have moved, and inlaws who are not really inlaws anymore because of a divorce or whatever. I don't consider myself under any obligation to give them anything. If they're lucky they'll get one of the email cards with a video of a puppy or kitten under a Christmas tree or whatever. Like I said, I'm OK with people opting out of the current system, so long as they don't get to have the gifts anymore. Hell, I'm cool with them taking the whole system away from everyone, myself included, because I understand that I have no actual right to demand a gift be given to me at all, in any form. There's really nothing wrong with the system as it stands, we can all get these things in our own time, or not. Literally everything in this game involves choices which end up having an "opportunity cost". This is one of those.
  21. As a lot of other people will point out, the system is actually probably meant to boost the daily login count for DE so it inflates the numbers of people shown playing the game. It makes them look good. In return we get some free stuff, with a little something special thrown in every 50 days or so. They're not going to be likely to be interested in the suggestion you made, no matter how many people might like it.
  22. No friend, just manners. I'll ask you to quote me telling people to stop moaning, as opposed to giving reasons for why they should not be moaning. As I said, you seem to be responding to what you would like to have thought was said, instead of what actually passed. That's not on me. I'd ask you if you were a part of that culture, or whether these gifts actually fit into those categories, but then I realised that would be a waste of time. Just so you know, I took a look at the list, the very first one is a bit about the number 4. I know why you don't do that, and what you do to negate it as well. I surprised a waitress in a Chinese take away by asking for a red marker and changing the chit she'd given the. I got a chit with the number 44, so I put two dots in red, one before and one after the numbers. (I will be honest, I did dots because I cannot freehand a circle to save my life.) She looked at me in confusion until I showed her what I had done. She was very surprised at first, and then very apologetic that the chit said 44. I don't think that anyone had made the connection, as they don't get many ethnic Chinese people and I am not one, I just happen to know about that particular superstition. So, yeah, your list is nice, but it's mostly tied to some very old superstitions about how specific words are Chinese language homophones for words like death and dying and breakups. It doesn't seem mention that there are counters for many of them. (If you want a link to confirm about the red dots I'll find one for you.) It's also a bit of a reach, and I hope you recognise that.
  23. Nice straw man you built there. Only problem is that you think that feedback needs to be what you want it to be. My comments are feedback, and you seem to not like what I have said. So you want to claim that it's invalid. This is where I ask, "pot or kettle?" Nothing in what you said invalidates any point of accusation of ingratitude. And it's funny. Did you know that there's a booming industry where people take old computers, actual trash, and get gold, silver and copper from them? But there are still people who throw them out, even when they are still in good working condition, because something new came out. Your trash is another player's treasure. The thing that you're trying to disparage is better than not getting anything at all. You don't seem to want to consider that. I've realised that some people just don't want to be happy about specific things, so they find things to be upset about. Like calling gifts they get 'trash', so they can try to convince others to be unhappy too. Doesn't actually work very often but that doesn't seem stop folks from trying. 😕 I asked it before, but I am going to ask it again: Are you having fun with the game? Are you looking forward to seeing the new content? Have you revisited any of your favourite frames and mission types recently? Are you happy? Those are the important issues, and people seem to be missing that. A lot.  No matter what reward, there'll always be people who don't care for it. There will always be people who insist that it should be something else. You haven't shown any reason to think that it isn't the case here as well.
  24. Oh I don't think that it was implemented to be altruistic, but it doesn't change the fact that we do get it as a gift, just for logging in on any given day. I honestly think that they need to retain the newer players more than the older ones. I understand that some will think it's because I joined this year, or because I am 'only MR16', or because I have so much more to do in the game but it's really not. I have unlocked all the nodes of all the focus trees. That puts me (like many who are responding) in very tiny percentage of all players, most people haven't even stuck around enough to max out the sentinel we're given on leaving the starter planet. They don't need the daily logins to keep me around. I'm hooked, I enjoy playing. I suspect that the same is true for most of us here. Some folks I have some doubts about, but I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. But from what I've seen we have some very vocal groups who are upset about the daftest things. Some vets are upset about the change because they think it means that the rewards will be handed out on the noobs faster (they won't). Some noobs are upset because they think that it's impossible to get the things that it took the veterans so long to get (that obviously wasn't ever the case). And some people are upset because they think that the gift, the free one they get for doing something they enjoy doing, for a particular milestone isn't good enough, doesn't confer enough prestige (but anyone with a brain knows that respect isn't something that you can force others to give you, and flouncing about in even the coolest possible outfit will not get the job done). There's nothing really wrong with the old system, and there's nothing really wrong with the change. It's mostly just folks kicking a fuss about nothing.
  25. Nope, just pointing out that you clearly had no idea what the context of the post you quoted was when you went on your rant about me calling the login rewards gifts, because you clearly thought that the word gift referred to the 'rework'. But please do carry on as you have been. No. If you actually read the last 2 pages you will see that the bit you ranted about is not about that at all. Also, this whole thread was never about that at all. There wasn't any reason for you to possibly imagine that you'd get everything handed to you in less time. That's what even a lot of the vets got wrong it seems. Many were upset because they figured that you'd be getting all the rewards and stuff faster. That wasn't the point of the rework at all. No, I don't see a problem at all. Please do try and explain why you should be given all your gifts as rapidly as possible, and how this will help the game instead of simply soothing some people's sense of entitlement and fulfilling their need for instant gratification. And 1000 days for all the stuff that the vets got at the end 1000 days. Seems pretty fair to me. It's almost as if you just didn't understand what the whole thing was about before getting upset that it's not what you wanted it to be about. And here I thought you said that you had actually been following the thread. Like I said, go back and read the last two pages instead of blindly lashing out without actually understanding what you are going on about and just going with what you figure it should be about. You don't have many conversations with people who disagree about things do you? That's basically what most of them involve, you show them why you believe that what they believe is wrong. They do the same thing. You really ought to get a cup of tea, calm down, go back and reread the conversation over at least the last couple of pages (without all of the preconceptions this time) and then try again. Good luck, Tenno.
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