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  1. You're melting down, buddy. Might want to take a moment to calm yourself before posting. Being worked up means that you are going to be posting ridiculous stuff that a sensible person won't post. As an example: above you're claiming that warframe, a game about space ninjas with magical abilities, has to mirror what goes on in the real world. Does that really make even a lick of sense to you? Once again in the real world, and many other games, items degrade and must be repaired or replaced. This maintains a level of demand that does not exist in warframe. Further, the potential supply of most of those items is near infinite. This means that even the stuff you tout as currently having a relatively stable value will be impacted if more people become active sellers, especially if those people are not required to be online and to actively participate to make the sales. Yes it does show that the equilibrium point for the vast majority of items in the game will be very, very low. Because as items are farmed, demand goes down to almost nothing compared to the number of sellers. Nobody has to pay for your time spent, all we care about is the lowest price we can offer for the item. The same will apply to every item in the game. And the lowest price keeps going down. While you think thats a great thing because newbs will be able to buy almost everything for a tiny amount of plat, it means that whatever they have for sale will also be worth less, to the point of being worthless. This is bad for the game's economy. Because your potential buyers, first need to be able to sell something, to earn the plat to buy things with. This is the fourth time I've explained that in this thread, isn't it? And it makes my enjoyment of the game less because of the fact that crashing the economy will negatively impact on the game. If not from being unable to earn plat to cover my purchases, then through driving more new people to leave because they can't afford to buy the slots they need to progress in the game. And the buy-once factor is vitally important to the discussion at hand. If you are not able to grasp that, you need to take off the blinkers, or pick up a basic textbook for an explanation of why it makes a world of difference. I'm not a big seller. I have given away far more than I have sold. I buy my plat to support the game and farm most stuff anyway. Crashing the economy would benefit me in the short term, while killing it and ruining the game for everyone in the long term. But unlike you, I'm able to see why doing that would be a really bad idea.
  2. Seriously, that's the point. It is how the real world economy works. But it's not how the warframe economy works. We have no reason to be return customers for the vast majority of items. In the real world, items are used up, they degrade, they need repair or replacement. This is not the case in warframe. When's the last time you bought a prime set for something you already own one of? If you can't grasp why that is a fundamental difference that requires you to rethink the situation, then you are so far out of your depth here, that it's not even funny. https://warframe.market/items/wolf_sledge_set/statistics As supply increased exponentially, price went down exponentially, because demand did not also increase. That's the effect that what you propose will have on anything that is not unique. Your dream of easy plat for all will be nothing but a nightmare. Nope. I addressed that. Twice. But some people are apparently incapable of reading and comprehending what they saw: Again the fact that you are unable to grasp the basics is readily apparent. How much of that is because you are blinding yourself to what you don't like seeing, and how much is because you just have no clue, I can't really tell. Fortunately it seems that the people in DE are a little bit better informed than you are.
  3. Yeah, no. That's not how the warframe economy works. Unlike real life, and unlike many other games, items don't degrade, they don't need repair and they don't need replacement. It's like the punchline of those old ads with the Maytag repairman, except it applies to the sales person too. Imagine being a car seller in a world where cars never broke down, got old, or needed repairs. You'd sell the latest model like hotcakes, but you would only be able to sell old models to new customers who never owned that model. Now make it worse because every person in the city also has an auto dealership that they run where they sell cars and since this is the only way to make money, competition is fierce. In that scenario and in warframe, demand will never catch up to supply. Because after the initial glut, you will continue to have a glut because now even more people have those items and will be on the supply side of the equation. Congratulations, you increased the number of sellers exponentially. And those new players? Only a small fraction of them buy the plat that they need to try and buy stuff. Everyone else is stuck trying to sell whole sets for 1 plat in order to be able to eventually afford a slot. Seriously, your brilliant plan, is nowhere near as brilliant as you think it is. Take some time to think your way through the basics, so that you can figure out why it's a terrible plan.
  4. Yeah, no. You're not even close to right. The majority of items in this game have no significant repeat demand, you build it once and you're done. You wouldn't increase the number of buyers, only the number of sellers with an auction house system. That means increasing competition without increasing demand, so prices for most common items will crash and burn. Literally the only thing that will be worth a significant amount of plat is stuff that's brand new which never lasts as we can already see, or something that is very unique, like a particularly good riven. And no the crashing prices won't help to create more buyers, because the majority will be unable to earn any substantial amount of plat from selling their regular items due to the crashed prices. So, thank you very much for your suggestion, but until you have a better understanding of economic principles, please refrain from throwing your support behind such ridiculously bad ideas.
  5. You guys don't get it. The point of this is not to complain about an actual problem and find a solution. The point is to complain about how terrible everything is, whether it's terrible or not. You notice how they just kept going, despite the fact that multiple people are pointing this out?
  6. https://youtu.be/2sy2kVcYQl8 https://youtu.be/LWuTB8mJwPM https://youtu.be/ZMMA8G6atv0 You should have paid better attention to the Wikipedia article that mentions that you can shake them. Other than that, nice attempt. Oh, you know it's just because people are currently able to make safety gear out of them, and they are also being looked at for possible uses in construction where objects like bridges may benefit from their ability to change properties drastically: The D3O team has also worked extensively with the US and UK defense forces, police and emergency services to provide protective and comfortable clothes. At the U.S. Army Research Laboratory (ARL) in Aberdeen, Maryland, Eric Wetzel has been studying shear thickening fluids for the past 15 years and holds patents on several techniques and products. https://www.smithsonianmag.com/innovation/could-strange-fluid-prevent-concussions-180965272/#Yooqp7ftGVolpFRA.99 Isn't science, grand? That's rather the point, you see. Put some with the right consistency in a balloon and it definitely will jiggle quite nicely. Until you hit it and then it won't for an instant, but it will start to do it again soon after. Also remember those nifty links above. Depends on whether it is constrained or out in the open. I'd suggest connecting two syringes each half filled such that they flow into one another via a short delivery tube. The ferrofluid will normally flow readily from one to the other. Unless, that is, you bring a strong magnet near the delivery tube. Neat little experiment if you have never done it before. Pretty cheap to do as well. I presented you with three, which despite your claims all meet those requirements. Oh, did I forget to mention the memory metals? Well see I figure that you're right that the current ones do require heating, but I also know two things, first is that a long time ago we figured out how to heat something rapidly and then cool it off rapidly as well. The substance being heated and cooled is often milk but juice can be done as well. The second is that if you subject a spot on your body to a solid blow or damage, the area often warms as part of a natural immune response. I don't know of any reason why they'd have lost that response. There's no particular reason I can see for why it would have to take a particularly long time to heat up and then cool the spot that's been damaged meaning that the deformation could be undone near instantaneously. Surely you mean low tech. Very low. As in, the type of low that would exist currently. See the links above. I have only seen one sword break in the game. Old blacksmiths figured out how to make the sword springy just by looking at the colors of the metal on heating. You'd want the body to be somewhat blue, and then you would beat the heck out of the edges where you want the blades to be sharp. You see they knew that repeatedly hammering it would get the edge to work harden nicely. It seems that there are people who no longer understand that a single piece of metal can be made to have parts with different properties, and that doing that is actually beneficial for the designed purpose of the object. Oh, it's the Orokin. Overengineering to add ridiculous properties is their hallmark after all. Good attempt, really nice. Not actually backed up by science. Your best bet was probably to stick with the semantics of what counts as a jiggle vs wobble vs vibration. One way or another, you were presented with vibrating steel in swords, a lamina of steel that definitely wobbles/jiggles, fluid body armour that jiggles, a fluid that changes properties on application of a force other than just shearing force, and ways that metal, when deformed, can self-heal. The best advice that I can give you is to pass on what someone told me. I'll paraphrase: trying to sound smart is well and good, but it doesn't actually raise your IQ. Better luck next time, Tenno.
  7. Yes they're held up as a counter example to you, an experienced player repeating the progress with greater knowledge, not to a new player's experience. The second link provides far more information on that player's speed runs, including video of one of the runs, and you can probably contact @GnarlsDarkley directly if you really want specific answers to how he did it with fml.bat or the other times.
  8. Well seeing as how I don't know what moral codes the cavemen had, I can't say that we have. I'd suspect that there are many very prominent archaeologists who would be very interested in what you have to say, if you can prove that you have that information. I'm afraid that you're looking through a very distorted lens, my friend. You see yourself as superior, but you live a life of luxury where technology allows us choices that were not available at the time. Take a look at the places where the system has broken down and people are forced to find ways to survive. War zones, will show you killing of other groups which present threats to your resources, and even when they don't, just because they are from a different group. We have famous cases from the modern era where people stranded without food turned to cannibalism to survive after their plane crashed. Worse, slavery does exist to this day, and people still fail to meet their daily dietary needs even in some of your developed countries around the world. Some countries have obese populations, and turn food into cheap fuels for their private vehicles, while in other countries people die from the lack of food, potable drinking water or basic health care. The developed nations that have moved on from such barbaric practices, consume goods made in countries with gross human rights violations. Take a look at the history of how many of the big brand name products are manufactured. Sweatshops, suicide, child labour, unsafe work conditions... You might wonder if you were standing next to Charles $&*^ens in London for all of the "advancements" we've supposedly had. And from what I hear, oppression based on gender is alive and well, although neither gender can really seem to agree on which of them is oppressed more. If I bothered to look I could find examples of animals doing those things. So could you. And without the technology propping us all up, especially the technology allowing us to produce food using enormous amounts of fuel, I suggest that you not stick around to see if your species as as emphatic and understanding as you seem to think we all are. I am not joking about that. I happen to live one country over from a society in apparent freefall. Where branches of the government are at one another's throats. Where crime is out of control, (and just so you don't think that I live in Canada,) where food and power shortages are the norm. You couldn't pay me to visit that country right now. As to what cavemen did, you'd need to hop in that time machine to find out. Some seem to have had culture, and modern primitive tribes do seem to have their own moral codes and values. Is your own better than their own? I can't really say. Uhhhhhh what? I think that you've confused intelligent and "cultured". Again that's not quite the same thing. Saying that someone who has been raised in a primitive state isn't intelligent isn't a good fit. We have cases of people who left primitive tribes to live in big cities. They had trouble adapting, not because of a native lack of intelligence but because what was expected of them was alien to their prior experience. Would you have an easy time learning to knap a stone to make knives, or start a fire without matches or flint? Do you think that you would be able to bring down a hungry lion with a sling? Would you be able to sing the song of your ancestors without error, or write cuniform in a language you could not read? What would you say about someone like Helen Keller, who lived many of her early years in the dark, isolation of a blind and deaf person who if it wasn't for persistent efforts to find a way to reach her would have been unable to communicate at all? Did your feral children have such loving care in their institutions? Saying that your grandparents difficulties using modern technology is because they lack intelligence, when you would have had an equally hard time adapting your behaviour to their world is not a good way of doing things.
  9. So very much wrong with this. Let's stick with the last paragraph since it's closest to what's relevant. You're say that metal sheets don't jiggle. Unfortunately thundersheets are, and have been a thing for a very long time. One of the ways they're used is by shaking them. When shaken they tend to wobble, not fold, which is something that you are free to try for yourself. The other thing of value is that you mentioned alloys, which indicates that you are aware that the composition and properties of the metals can differ as needed. We currently have some materials that show significantly different properties when exposed to different types of forces. Pressing slowly will allow easy deformation, pressing rapidly causes hardening. One example you can make at home is cornstarch in water. Another interesting group of materials are the memory metals, which can be deformed and return to shape upon application of the correct stimulus. Yet another is what are called ferrofluids which can go from highly fluid to nearly any immobile on application of a magnetic field. This suggests that there are several ways that the warframe could develop that bulletproofing which would be important to them. Since we have materials in game that behave very differently from our current real world analogues, and only a vague idea of what materials are in the warframes, there's no way for us to say what type of alloy that "sword steel skin" is made from or what properties it would have. Looks like your protests might not be as final as you seem to be thinking.
  10. Just going to put this here right at the start: MR3, solo'd to go faster stuck at Sedna junction. More detail came out eventually here. My other "wait a minute" moment was: Uh... Excal, radial blind, walk behind spectre, backstab for finisher damage....?
  11. I agreed with you that it was thin "for its purpose". Maybe if you had actually read what was written you wouldn't be trying to argue about something that agreed with what you said. Since we can also agree that the spring pictured would need tonnes of force and looks to be several inches thick we seem to be on roughly the same page. Now... What happens if the diameter of steel used was closer to 2 mm thick? I figure that a light tap would easily set it to wobbling. I suppose that if someone wants to they can Fl/ea it. Off the top of my head I'd say that we're looking at between hundreds and thousands times less force needed to produce the same deformation (I went with a diameter of about 2 inches and 0.5 to 5 mm for the skin you're invited to check the math.) By acknowledging that steel springs (and swords that flex without shattering) exist means that we must acknowledge that there are steels which can "jiggle". Handsaws are probably a fairly common example of a common steel lamina being a bit "jiggly" under lower amounts of force. Musical saws take that to an extreme, "jiggling" fast enough to vibrate at hundreds of times per second, with a thickness that one might expect to find in the right range for skin. Remember, just being belligerent doesn't help you to win any arguments. Just saying. 🙂
  12. The irony meter went off the chart here. First you're not able to check the timestamps to see who's been necroposting the thread. Next you're basically telling me that the problem is that I'm not thinking about the game exactly as you like and need to start doing that or I "suck". My argument has always been that we have multiple options, and have shown this, even going so far as to provide options that people thought wouldn't be able to work. (The last set was high crit gas, btw but hey who's bothering with silly little things like facts when strawmanning is so much easier.) It's interesting to cross reference the names of the people making the spurious complaints on threads like this with other threads. Looks like the unholy offspring of a Negative Nancy and a Karen Who Wants A Manager managed to find a way to clone itself. Recently saw one where the theme was "you've fixed Nyx, but it is still a problem because you didn't communicate with me about the issue". Good luck to you in the future, wherever that may lead you, Tenno. You're going to need it.
  13. Yes. Thin for its purpose. The skin is millimeters thin. The epidermis is usually even thinner. Are kuva guardians wearing armour or are they like our living warframes?
  14. Springs are made from steel. Swords that can flex without breaking are usually a really good thing compared to ones that are just plain hard.
  15. Lack of technology ≠ lack of intelligence. If we were stripped of your modern technology dropped in a hostile wilderness, and asked to make effective tools from sticks and stones, do you think that as a species we'd be intelligent enough to do it? I'd say so, and that denotes intelligence. We went from hardscrabble existence to mega structures, to reducing rubble to powder and halting the flow of mighty rivers, harnessing primeval forces and bending them to our will. Right now we are communicating because somewhere along the line someone figured out how to pass lightning through tiny rocks, to make light that we can't see, so we could talk to one another. The species may still do stupid things, but that doesn't mean a lack of intelligence.
  16. Thought, "Avarice" at first, ended up somewhere around "Esurius".
  17. I wasn't the one who purged the thread so I really didn't have a say in what "doesn't go". But you've been around long enough to know how that works, right? Interestingly, the posts that I made giving details about how it's possible and easy to convert plat into 1000 ducats (well items to plat to items to ducats), weren't removed despite the fact that someone claims that they're the reason for the purge. The fact of the matter is that many of the Primes that we build, mods and arcanes that we use are demonstrably significantly more expensive than this sword. (Right now the plat value on PC sits between 80 plat and 134 plat for 1000 ducats.) I've demonstrated multiple ways to get the amount by trading. Others have demonstrated that getting that amount of ducats via farming parts is also not as onerous as some are claiming. But hey, nobody should let silly little things like objective facts get in the way of what they are trying to do, right? Oh and if it was up to me, the only reply that wouldn't have been purged was the joke I made about how to address an elephant in Swahili. 😜
  18. Sentinels and the Lotus. Although the ability to "make up their own minds" may not be entirely true in either case.
  19. Homo neanderthalensis would probably have something to say to that. The next time I see one I'll be sure to ask them... Oh wait our many-times-great grandparents lived in the same places as them at the same times, and occupied the same niche. Guess I won't be able to ask them what they thought about it. And before you point out that we're not primitives like our many-times-great grandpappy was, you're right. We're now much better at killing than they used to be. As long as we can get to one another, we will have a problem.
  20. You make good points, and as someone who's been here for just over a year, I know that resource poverty is a definite issue for newer players. But here's the problem with claiming that this method was needed by these newbs who don't have anything.... They're not going to be the people who can hop into a highly forma'd, augmented frame, with others who can do the same thing, and work together for an hour in survival to afk farm what they need. Last farm run I remember well was a tellurium farm (I wanted polymer bundles or something) and there were 2 high-single digit newbs on microphones talking about needing to get a Nekros to help, and one said they were working on getting the augment for Hydroid. At the end of the match they were super excited because they made it past 30 minutes. I chimed in said that I'd give the augment for free if he wanted, and I was already running Nekros. Gave each of them some stuff and we went back into it. I explained a lot of stuff in the next 40 minutes. They wouldn't have been able to do it on their own, because they didn't understand much of what was happening and why we would benefit more if we do it in a particular way. Their gear also wouldn't have taken them that far on their own. They certainly wouldn't have been able to get the triple dip from a single corpse going on their own.
  21. Not particularly surprised that you didn't pay any attention to the counter that was made. I'm not offering any anecdote there, but pointing out that the catalyst for the change was a fairly recent change, which has been introduced just the other day and so the claim to authority is out. Even Khora is only months old. The very novelty of the things being discussed is what invalidates the whole "I'm a multi-year veteran who has thousands of hours under my belt". This game is always changing. If someone played 5 years ago, left and returned today, they'd find that quite a lot has changed. Heck just a few months have produced significant changes to some parts of the game. That player wouldn't have any special claim to authority in the current state of play based on playtime from years ago. Hence: Which you were kind enough to quote above, and you will notice does not contain any anecdotal evidence to counter the claim that it addressed, and the only personal anecdotal point that I can remember is when I mentioned that standing around afking during farms is boring as all heck. So it looks as though your issue isn't with what I wrote, but what you were expecting I'd write. (Maybe that's why you offered up those strawmen for us to choose from, instead of just waiting for an answer.) You didn't read the updated build notes did you? That was literally what DE said when they called the combination an exploit and explained how the level of double dipping was unintended. As I stated in my post, and as others have stated in this thread, when combinations exist that can produce many times the intended number of drops, then DE ends up having to nerf the drop rate, or remove the mechanic that allows us to exploit the drop rates. Nerfing the drop rate negatively affects all players all of the time. This is apparently what you want. To make it harder for every single player not actively in a purpose built farming squad camping, all of the time. Good to know where you were coming from, it's probably going to save me time in the future.
  22. I set it to an "almost black." It won't blind anyone, and will be just visible enough for the squad to make appropriate use of it. Everyone wins.
  23. Huh? What are you even talking about? As soon as they said Wukong and hair in the same sentence my brain shut down and waves of pure, sublime satisfaction flowed through my being. It was as if everything in the warframe universe was being remade, but better. I think that they also mentioned his cloud but by that stage my ears were ringing with angelic voices. I've only just started to shake it all off. Anyway thanks for making this really great thread about the improvements being made to Wukong.
  24. [Other] (But I want to commend you on those really nice strawman fallacies you made up all on your own for us to choose from, good job.) If you look back at the comments on this thread you will see that there are some that humble brag about having thousands of hours of game time as experience. I didn't bother to point out why that was a ridiculous attempt to claim authority, because for the vast majority of those hours Khora didn't exist, nor did the recent change made to the Chesas. The game is evolving. Some changes will make aspects of it easier for us. Others will make them less so. Many of the people here admit willingly to having gained so much loot that they're probably never going to be able to use it all. That could suggest that parts of the game were too easy at some point. The specific combination of loot abilities were apparently allowing an unintended effect permitting us to collect far more loot than DE wanted when used in combination, and the only way to balance that while permitting the unintended effect is to reduce the drop rates. That of course means that anyone not in the specific combination of frames capable of exploiting it would lose out. I generally dislike the idea of things that benefit a small number of people a small amount of the time, at the cost of hurting a much larger number, a lot more of the time. By making this change they're probably hoping to set it up so that they can balance out the loot to more of us, more of the time. What you tried to tout as diversity, really wasn't particularly diverse, and a drop in the loot would make it so that we have to run a farming specific group if we'd like to have more rewards. Personally I found the organised farming group runs boring AF most of the time. With the changes I suspect that we'll end up with more diverse groups, since that particular meta has been disrupted, but only time will tell. There's been a change. People are pretending that it's the end of the world. They didn't do that for the previous changes. In fact they seem to be trying to pretend that those didn't exist at any point in time. Weird, huh? Now that you're better able to see why I hold these views, dear Tenno, can you see why I don't feel the need to drink a few gallons of the salty Kool-Aid with you?
  25. Oh crud. 😲 I mean... Of course it makes no sense my fellow Kool-Aid drinker. Mmmm mmmm, I sure do love me some good old salt in my daily hydration rations. This whole issue is clearly not a simple case of an exploit getting fixed. Have you seen that trailer for, Antho? I too have been thinking about changing sides to join my fellow elite Tenno in Antho because my rare purchases leaving this game would be something that will be immediately flagged in the accounting department. And all because I am no longer allowed to use an exploit, that I never used before, and was unlikely to ever go out of my way to use. How dare they make changes to the game that would make balancing loot drops across the board simpler? Hmmm all of this ranting is making my salt levels drop, I am going to go find more salty Kool-Aid like a good YouTube watching drone.
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