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  1. In the hell, i wish...
  2. You can send gifts to chat moderators. I did it in RU region, and they was very happy :)
  3. This tennobaum is kinda sad, idk. Most ppl just ignoring me, then i sending them gifts ._. Just 3 of 30+ tenno said "thank you", its really kills my spirit =/
  4. Oh... That`s the reason why i cant reach some place in leaderboard XD All my gifts was for in-game plat, not a donated one... Thanks for information! I dont have a lot of money, so, i`l just keep throwing out my plat reserves 😄
  5. @Fire2box Hello, why did you blocked a gifts receiving? I seen your posts, but cant send you some gifts, its really sad 😞 (sorry for my english btw)
  6. Hello everyone and happy Tennobaum/New year! I learned a lot about warframe community from last tennobaum, and, you know, its really unique. So many nice people, so many gifts and so many kind words... I didn`t have much plat, but i spended it for gifts, and it was really fun X) So, prepared for this time and will spend much more! :) Good luck, Tenno, i wish all of you will receive a lot of gifts and some attention! (Sorry for my english, im trying to be understandable XD) Upd: Ty @Arachnid-Scorpiones for your gifts :) Sadly i cant send you something, cos you blocked presents 😞 But Happy holidays anyway!
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