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  1. Hi, I am leveling my khora right now and wanted to change Venari's name to something else so I could have my 2 pets names be a combo (my kavat is called cookie so I wanted to rename Venari Cream so I could have cookies and cream) Would you guys consider implementing this change :3 ?
  2. Hi, I have ivara and tried to do the sortie today. She is modded with infiltrate to allow me to use my 3 to walk past lasers without setting them off. however in the sortie attempt I just did she set off one of these while in stealth. It was the lazer found at the data vault with the waterfall slide at the start in the side chamber to the left where it goes up and down.
  3. just an update. Velocitus as a land gun does impact on all enemies, not just this example. (was in cetus and tested it) So this gun is just bugged :/
  4. Hi, I'm doing phase 4 of the profit taker orb. I generally favour high impact weaponry so have a Velocitus as my arch wing gun / heavy duty land gun. When used on the profit taker orb rather than dealing 3,599 magnetic damage it was only dealing 100 impact damage, which is weird because the gun doesn't HAVE impact. Whats also weird is on the heavy weapon menu the gun has everything blank In the archwing menu it looks like this; So what is going on here?
  5. Naomi37

    Lua lockdown

    hi, I was doing my nightwave to do lua challenge rooms and I have encountered a bug. I was in the Collaboration Test When the stalker decided that he wanted to attack. hearing him coming I positioned myself defensively on one of the square platforms to give me a advantage when he spawned. but to my surprise he spawned inside the final chamber of the challenge and with me not activating any of the previous switches the middle was still shut. however stalker doesn't care for doors and teleported me into the final chamber with the 4 switches. So.. now im trapped inside the room below the completion area. Possible fixes for this would include having the switches inside also open the bottom if shut. or having the room you get the mod in having a button to open the top section.
  6. Naomi37

    Wisp + Pets

    Hi, I love my kubrow but always felt it was a bit squishy going down a lot in missions. When I saw whisps buffs I got rather excited. a way to keep isabella up without having to put in too much effort sounded great! but then after unlocking the warframe I found out her flowers don't attach to them. What I'd like to see if a minor patch that just gives them the health flower to keep them up. but if your feeling nice haste would also be good :)
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