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  1. Before the update mag ferro helmet had the goldish, sunlightish color on her helmet when combined with pnemua skin but it become dark blue with patch and vomit green with the so called "fix". Truly fix this pls
  2. Block change is a nerf. Keep the right click block function as it is, we can already swap to our weapons with left click, there are incidents that I want to gain energy with rage/hunter adrenaline but my frame blocks, but in high level missions when i want to block i can't. When I open channeling, unintentional blocks drain my energy without my control. Simply revert it back, rest of the stuff is cool
  3. Here is the deal, primed heated charge and magnum force should give same amount of number power just in different types. It doesnt even do that.
  4. Just unequip all your mods and equip Hornet Strike, Magnum Force, Primed Heated charge etc on regulators. The damage gain on Regulators is not correctly effected by the number written on the mods for Hornet Strike/Magnum Force/Augur Pact compared to elemental mods. This is not about the damage type vs the enemy. Problem starts directly at arsenal with numbers.
  5. Magnum Force does not work correct values with Mesa Regulator Prime, didnt check normal regulators but the damage gain from it is nowhere near %165. Values are fine for regular weapons doe Magnum Force Only, 99 crit against 155 Corrputed Heavy Gunner at max damage Primed Heated Charge only, 209 crit against 155 Corrputed Heavy Gunner at max damage Damage table when modding supports this too. Actually, I just realized Hornet Strike suffers from the same thing too. Even a %60 elemental damage/status chance mod gives mode damage than hornet strike WTF DE?
  6. No. Launched version was a joke and they buffed it. Then they nerfed it back to halfway which is the current version. Advertising something, releasing something very different, changing it back to advertised version, then toning it down. This is just poor development and exists literally on every change that occurs.
  7. So you nerfed mesa's butt? prev version was so great why u change something wonderful? these little things make me wanna quit this game
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