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  1. Yup, login error. Same here.
  2. Tried to level the feverspine today but i got no mastery rank at all. Same with the ooltha zaw.
  3. Happened to me 2 times in a row. No rewards from iso vault bounties after looting the vault at tier 2. That's ridiculous. I wasted my time in farming arcanes and arum spinosa parts. Shame on you DE
  4. The game is also crashing to dashboard when just testing mod configs in the orbiter or in simulacrum. As I wrote before in the audio section all sound stop for a brief moment every time i come back from a sortie or accessing the mod section etc. This happens about 10 times and after that the xbox one crashes to dashboard.
  5. Same here. Happens when i'm trying to change mods in the arsenal.
  6. Many of the fixes don't work For example : Squad numbers still show 0. This is ridiculous :)
  7. Oh, you call it update ? It's a try to fix the last updates, isn't it ?
  8. Interacting with the arsenal menu is crashing/stopping audio/music for a short period of time. On xbox pressing the Y button in the arsenal also stops all sounds. The issue occured after the tempestarii update. Never had problems before. Addendum : I'm experiencing these audio crashes almost in every situation when the games tries to load bigger parts like the mod section or the configs of a frame etc. This is really annoying. And again : why are you shipping these buggy updates ? Are the devs not playing their own game ? Shame on you DE Now i understand why you chose the name digital extremes 🤜🤪🤛 🥁🍾🥁🤑🤑
  9. Same for me. DE did a nice job to scrap the game again. A thousand fixes and the most important ones are missing. It's a shame. I wonder how such things can happen. This Issue will be solved in a few months, so don't worry...play solo. That's the way they think because not all players got the same problem. Such a huge player base. They don't need to worry about some mfs like us.
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