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  1. I applaud to you for reverting this back and implementing it in a logical manner since not being able to loot corpse with Nekros after Khora on-kill loot or Ivara's Prowl made barely any sense and looked incredibly bad in combination with mods drop chance booster. So, thank you for reverting this back.
  2. That's one very long bit already. >_> I wonder why it haven't started from this. That was obvious from the day it were released. Will it break through the bottom and reach 0.4 in the next 3 months, though? Will it be the very first gun in the game with a zero riven disposition? A negative one?
  3. Are 24 hours anywhere reasonable? I have at least 1-5 forma pretty much at everything in my inventory. That is hundreds of forma. I don't even want to know how long it would take me without plat. Also, crafting frame for 3 f-ing days and 12 hours for parts. How exactly this is reasonable? Especially when crafting that certain quest frame suddenly takes just 5 minutes. At least they did realize that putting 3 days long motherwrench in there would ruin quest experience for everyone. Ye, I do realize they want to sell frame packs or at least craft boosts... and it directly affects time to craft. "Pay for convenience" always negatively affects game experience for everyone not paying. Well, I'm actually fine with these 3 days for frames since that is rare occurence. I'm not crafting a new frame every day after all. But 24 hours per forma is ridiculous and forcing everyone to buy them if they want to mod their stuff to any reasonable condition. Of course that won't affect you if you are fine with playing the same 5 frames and 10 guns forever. But seriously, modding 1 crit-based kitgun takes at least 4-5 days on crafted formas to get it to max damage output. And what it makes even more inconvenient is that it is exactly 24 hours, so unless you will re-craft it immediately your next ctafting time will move later and later into the night until you will be forced to skip 1 day.
  4. Isn't what? Are they not pay for convenience? Is pay for convenience not the same as pay to win? Of course when you have enough of any resource these boosters become quite meaningless, but that happens only late in the game when you already have everything. We can trade plat and buy them for that plat, but it have to come from someone, so someone paying for it anyway. So, they are not free, but paid for and they are very convenient to have since they cut farming time of any resource at least in half. And this directly affects your progress. You can farm resources for crafting faster, thus can acquire items to increase MR faster at early stages; you can get 2x more fish on plains, stock up on it and then just visit them for a moment every day to max out your daily standing; you can do the same with gems on Fortuna and half the mining time makes this a lot easier. By buying them you paying for skipping at least half of the grind. When something have low chance to drop on top of low amounts two drop boosters actually quadruples the outcome. And the worst part is that when there is a booster drop amounts and chances usually tweaked to be bearable only with it. So, introduction of new _paid_ mod drop chance booster eventually will affect drop chances of mods in the negative direction.
  5. Anywhere but on the market for platinum, please. Baro and Nightwave would be nice, but not as reward, but available from the Nightwave market to make it possible to pick it when you want it and plan to use it. Just not freely available on the market. Even other 4 types of boosters are quite bad due to being pay2win thing (well, pay for convenience to be precise, but it's the same thing). Adding 5th type there will only reinforce the issue. I'd rather think to get rid of recource boosters or move them to be NW and Baro only. You already effectively nerfed farming frames and made Cheesa effectively useless by forbidding double-dipping on loot. Introducing mod drop booster for money after that will be a dirty moove. Please don't.
  6. Actually, I've seen quite a few patches with some fixes/updates related to the controllers. Never used one to play the game, though, so can't really say were these fixes good or bad. I don't have a large TV in my room to connect my laptop to and play from a couch, though.
  7. Technically Conclave isn't that bad. My first experience with it were well, exactly like this, but later on I figured out that I made a few mistakes with it: * I joined it with the very first frame I got in the game and I starter with Volt. He's probably not the best frame there. Especially if you take into consideration that you start without energy and I had no idea for a while I even have any abilities there. >_> * I haven't configured my loadout at all. Well, not like I had to configure anything at that point since I haven't had any decent guns to use there anyway, but I had no idea how. I mean I've seen that some loadout is selected, but which one? How to configure it? * I've started with my starting weapons there. How do you think a bow and kunai work there? I mean, maybe someone can make them work, but I didn't manage at that point. Only later on I figured out that I still have some abilities there and actually can (and should) manage my loadout. After that I've played a few more matches with better frame (and they differ by amount of health/shields they have there beside abilities) and guns and was quite successful by killing most of my opponents. It's not like I'm a newb to fps pvp after all. Anyone with Quake/Unreal/Doom experience will do there just fine if pick weapons properly. PvP mods do help, but only a little by QoL improvements. It's still skill-based mode.
  8. You know, DE, I don't need to use cache optimization at this point. Or, rather, I can't anymore. Now I just remove content of cache folder entirely and let it re-download everything. It takes about the same time for me anyway. But honestly, is it so hard to slice your texture cache into smaller chunks? Maybe it won't be absolutely perfectly optimized for loading data, but I really doubt we'll loose more than a few milliseconds yet it will be possible to perform cache optimization even with a few Gb of free space instead of whooping 29 Gb of current minimum requirement. Yes, I've installed game on SSD and unfortunately for me it's relatively small.
  9. THANK YOU! UPD: Wait, you just tell better estimation now. Not actually made it require less free space to do the optimization. -_-
  10. I did like it for about 20 runs and Kela were funny. Well, she were funny to the end, but it actually become work since it's exactly the same each run. Same enemies, same map, same music, same terrible weapon, no builds, no frame abilities. Nothing. Everythinig is exactly the same each time. There either should be more variety and preferably some kind of progression (like unlocking new weapons, maybe some abilities even if same on all frame) or amount of pearls to get all items should be smaller. Since to get it all I had to "play" it a lot more than 20 times and that were before they added pearls per kill. However, even with pearls that's about 40+ runs to get one of each new item. Well, I never got past 45 kills, but I honesly didn't like it that much to play exactly the same thing again and again just for a better score. Hell, I'd rather run Hydron 15-20 times in a row for entire week simply because there are a lot more variety in frames and weapons and even enemies (since corpus occasionally occupies this node). To put it simple they made very nice and funny minigame. The problem is that's all about it. There should be no reason to play it for hours for anything but own amusement. However, when you actually want to get all the items you either have to actively play it at least 40 (I'd say 60, not everyone are as good as you) or play it as much as it's fun and then AFK the remainder (even though possibility to AFK shouldn't even exist there). I wouldn't mind it that much if it would get me total team score (as long as I actually play it) from start instead of constant 50 just for participating. That would be a very solid reason to actually play it actively. With 2x team score I wouldn't mind even if half of the team would be AFKers. In fact, I'd prefer there to be a rule that each player on the team must contribute at least 10% of the kills to receive 1.5x team score on top or even instead of participation reward and reduce that reward to ~25 points. In such case solo AFK would be a horrible idea while receiving a single 500 pearl ball would take from 10 to 20 mintues of active play depending on the team and own effort. Or let there be more variety in everything and I wouldn't mind personal kills even if I'll have to fight my own team over them (which is kinda stupid, why team then?).
  11. Ye, I've realized that a bit later. And that really sucks. Basically, it's still better to solo AFK in any way available. Just kill 1 enemy, hide away and read some book or something since 50% increase in pearls gain per minute doesn't worth the effort required. Sad. Well, if you really good (and screw your team, screw them) you may double the income, but that still means 25+ minutes to get one ball while playing all out over spending hour reading a book or watching a show and get it practically for free.
  12. I know, right? Why it wasn't there from the beginning, though, boggles my mind. It's like one of the most obvious things. Effort must be rewarded or people will look for the most effortless way to do it.
  13. Heeere we go! Now I have a reason to get back to it even though I already got 1 of each item! Technically they did it indirectly. I mean, in 5 minutes average team usually scores about 80+ points, so pearl per kill means you exit with 130+ points. That's about 20 minutes of active gameplay per 500 points ball while before you had to suffer for an hour and 2-3 missions per 300 point ball. Would be nice to drop that down even further, but it isn't quite as bad already. At this point I'd rather have more weapons there and less broken default gun.
  14. The problem is that it's all the same no matter how good you play, so why actually bother properly playing it when effort isn't rewarded? Also, balls are actually nice, so of course everyone want to get as many as possible and as fast as possible since you can get more than just 1 of each. I don't really want to get more and fine with just 1 of each so far, but that's me.
  15. Heh, nice, now fix ability to sit on the tree, in the container with balls, under certain rocks and crouch in the water. >_> Ye, now everyone who AFKed it have to do a little more effort to AFK it. -_- I mean, of course it's a fun event. First 10 rounds are, I guess. Then 10 more are ok-ish. And then at least 30 more comes and they are not fun anymore since everything is exactly the same every single time. You rushed this thing, now don't be surprised we aren't as happy about it as you predicted. BTW, I wouldn't mind to be more actie if you would give 2x pearls as difference between tenno vs grineer points. But you guys didn't gave us a single reason to be active. In fact you reward us all the same no matter how many points we get. Hell, at start I thought I had to score at least one and even that is not needed and draw counts as a victory. That's completely on you DE.
  16. Actually, you made Syandana and Whip skins also bundle exclusive. Also, I really do hope you guys haven't made his Iron Staff skin bundle exclusive. It should be bound to a Delux skin since it's a part of the skin. He even displayed with this staff when Samadhi Skin selected in the market. Not like I can check since I'm buying the bundle anyway. >_>
  17. Dear DE, I'd like to remind you that there are Zaws in the list of "all Nikana variants". 'cause you call entire category as Nikana even though there is actual Nikana and actual variants of it. So, until you let us apply skins to Zaws this doesn't count. Or at least fix the scabbard on Zaw Nikanas.
  18. Um... yea DE, can we have energy sword back, please? This Skana with effects just doesn't cut. Also, PLEASE disable Radial Blind on slide and make casting it normally with 2 cost half of the energy when you sliding if you wish to keep this energy discount at all. Not like it's needed anyway. It's just awful to use his blade in a close combat since sliding constantly triggers radial blind and eats up energy in no time when you using it to move around between enemy groups. It's on 2 anyway, so we can cast it when we actually need it.
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