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  1. Today I looked at the to do stuff for this week and it's all open world stuff. Which I really really don't like doing. Can I skip this week of Nightwave and still get to rank 30? I didn't do 1-2 weeklys and 3-4 elites before.
  2. I tried the one from Nezha's deluxe bundle and that seems to look good.
  3. No, they said Duviri is an open world planned for next year. They'll probably come with Empyrean or with a slightly smaller update if there's one untill then.
  4. My take on fire/magma monkey Problem is I had awesome fashion with both regular Wukong and the Prime and now I have to remember to switch the fashion every once in a while. If only we could have a setting to let the game randomly switch between fashion slots when entering a mission
  5. Thing is OP... You don't like it. Other people do. Stop trying to act like it's a universall thing.
  6. Any plans for weapon types? Maybe a spear?
  7. Harsh dude. I agree it would be great if they could do something to let europe participate too, but accusing them of not valuing us is a bit too far
  8. 🎵If you feel discriminated clap your hands If you feel discriminated clap your hands Cause that's 3 in the ducking morning And I have no way to watch it If you feel discriminated clap your hands🎵 Don't get me wrong prime time is great but the twitch drops idea really isn't. If they could do reruns that give the drops for people that want to watch but are in a timezone that makes it impossible that would be great.
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