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  1. Hildryn would like a word with you
  2. thats better 😄 i don't really have any other suggestions or complaints, how much do i owe for this?
  3. omg love the expression on the chicken! 😄 the body of the chicken became alot more cluttered than i thought it would be, maybe make it a bit more simplified? the wing and tail kinda meshes together, the head i think is perfect, the feet as well, i think we can take the endo out completely and put the chicken more in the center. the border and background turned out great!
  4. Clan/Alliance Name: Ayatan Chicken Preferred Payment Type: PayPal (Advance have been paid) Design Details: Round, Golden border, the background, either sky blue (like example bellow), or maybe a purple nebula, cartoonish ayatan sculpture shaped like a chicken laying a piece of Endo as an egg, Ayatan Chicken in the Tenno Font(Same colour as border) Links to reference images: quick dirty example i made: https://imgur.com/a/3aaM2El Ayatan and Chicken in Orokin Script: https://imgur.com/a/7uBlj77 Additional Comments: none
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