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  1. So I keep coming up with new ideas for my Dojo decorations but the one thing that's bothering me are the default stairs. I'm not against having them, I would just like the option to remove them so that we can use other ways of movement to get up there(for example using the Venusian Rock Arch(whatever it's called)) so that the decorations also have a purpose. Not much to talk about, just an idea for a big upgrade(at least it would be for me).
  2. So i was decorating my dojo and it turns out there's a 2m difference in order for my starting room(the one you spawn in) decorations to be symmetrical. Is it possible that DE can implement a feature where we select a decoration(preferably more of them) and select how much we want to move it and in what direction? It would be really handy, and thanks in advance DE if you're reading this.
  3. You never ever see dust in your life, but you get ant invasions every couple of hours. I wish to not have to study, know everything, and never need it, also live the way i want.
  4. Granted. They also become positive and acceptive of bad game design(e.g. Hema research) I wish for you to wait for me because right now i gotta go.
  5. granted but it's due to jovian concord never arriving to console i wish that this conversation never ends.
  6. Granted but now you have crippling depression. I wish to be the most popular person and no you don't get to kill all other humans or transfer them somewhere away from me.
  7. Wish granted. Heat damage is now the most powerful damage type because all other damage types got their dmg nerfed by 90%. Also corrosive no longer strips armor, but rather adds it. Same goes for other damage types. I wish to be able to make a million wishes and all of them have a default that i set. So once i make a wish only the things i wished for happen and the default circumstances are just there.
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