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  1. true this feature is really bothersome, i agree with the above
  2. i want them to fix recurring problems before any more open worlds, but i hope and speculate that the 3rd open world would be infested related, we have the corpus and grineer already, so why not delve further into the infestation? I feel they really have alot about them and unfortunately always feel like the awkward 3rd faction, i dont want them to be like that, they have alot of potential.
  3. i got something similer to this. my frames colors all automatically went to the A loadout, but weapons stayed normal.
  4. wukong hasnt seen much tennogen in a long time, it would be nice to see something done by you also atlas and nezha I think would be good candidates as well 🙂
  5. old frame reworks? (mainly vauban please save vauban) deluxe skins and cosmetic info updates? cant catch the dev but looking forward to checking in on it afterwards 🙂
  6. that is not the case, it stays stuck at the entrance of the cave and there is no scat at that location, its either sunken into the map or something, its a bug.
  7. ive been having the exact same issue, also possibly unrelated, but ive only ever been able to find sentinal stovers, i have caught 12 so far. i havnt even seen any other kinds of stovers, just bad rng maybe?
  8. looking forward to finally see round 14 in game!!! thanks for the hotfix!
  9. any news on tennogen? ty for the hotfix
  10. tomorrow maybe????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? jk as long as its this week thats cool, yall need rest
  11. since we are getting a server upgrade on the 5th, i wouldnt expect it between now and the 5th, sometime after that most likely
  12. i'd love to see you guys finish up deluxe skins for the warframe's who haven't gotten one yet before moving on to the ones who have already had one in the past, ex: equinox, wukong, mirage, titania, ivara, atlas, harrow, zephyr, limbo, gara, etc overall just looking forward to seeing new fashion 🙂
  13. any idea if the new dojo decor would arrive before fortuna? or possibly after? anyways fantastic stream always looking forward to future info 🙂
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